News - Warzone: New Top 5 Best Rebirth Meta Loadouts To Use. Warzone Season 3 Meta

New top 5 best rebirth meta loadouts in warzone season 3

New top 5 best rebirth meta loadouts in warzone season 3

Rebirth is, of course, back here in War Zone season 3. With that, today I wanted to go through the top five best preliminary loadouts you want to be running on Rebirth SL Resurgence. For the start of this season, we obviously saw a pretty significant meta update with the launch of season 3 as well, so today we got a handful of the top tier options you want to be using, post update considering all the new changes and all the buffs and nerfs that were we're starting first with an absolute beast of a setup, we've got the SOA subverter, as our primary here when we pair this with the striker 9 SMG, which appears to be invisible because why would the game usually load in things as intended real quick perks and equipment?.

Best rebirth island/resurgence meta perks & equipment

This is going to be the same on all the setups here today, as far as my perks go. Mountaineer double-time-tempered Flex is still my go-to across the board, consistent, reliable, and kind of helps you out in pretty much all scenarios here, throwing knives. Obviously, you want to get those quick instant finishes so we can get the pings on our radar smokes provide the instantaneous, pretty self-explanatory.

Warzone best soa subverter & striker 9 loadout

Warzone best soa subverter & striker 9 loadout

As far as as the SOA subverter goes, this is relatively low recoil, and it hits like a clutch attachment to have. We got the cast break compensator on here, which helps attack that horizontal bounce and also gives you some better firing aim stability. We got the Dozer 90 long barrel, which helps out with range velocity control and even some firing aim stability as well, just really increasing its efficiency across the mid to long range.

In general, as a primary, this is a clutch attachment to have. We've got the 50 Ric Cinemat pretty basic, All Things Considered, but it's obviously needed for pretty much any squad size. I go for the 2.5 times. Eagle Eye Optics works great again for the mid- to long-range, and then the heavy stock on here just helps out with some general control across the board and makes the gun a tad bit easier to use, so if you're fighting 40 50 60 70 M, this thing will put players down really, really easily and really quickly.


You pair that with the striker 9, and it is a great combination. This has got you covered for all your close-range needs here and sort of indirectly better because of some of the Nerfs that took place to other SMGs. Initially, the z35 compensator on here helps out a little bit with the control but doesn't really hurt anything else.

All that much is a little bit of ADL speed and a little bit of V, but that's not too crazy. I do go for the long barrel; this is going to have better range, and velocity just brings that efficient ttk that effective damage range out further, so you're going to kill quicker at a further distance up close.

I don't love the irons here, so I just go for a basic KN r223. Nice little yellow dot if you like the slate more; if you like a glassless more, use whatever optic you are most comfortable with. I got the 50-round drum on here pretty standard, then also no stock on here as well to increase that mobility across the board a ton.

The recoil here is pretty easy, so the cons that are associated with that here aren't really a huge deal, especially for the close range. This just feels phenomenal.

Warzone 3 best sva 545 & hrm9 loadout

Warzone 3 best sva 545 & hrm9 loadout

Next up here, we have the combination of the SVA 545. Still a super reliable rifle. We pair this with the HRM 9, arguably the best SMG in the game now, post-update. SVA is not really changing all that much; I would be using this in semi-auto mode here so I can hyper-burst the app with basically no recoil.

I do go for the spirit fire suppressor this was slightly nerfed you know there's going to be more of an ads and Sprint to fire con here not a huge deal for the mid to long range though we got the Precision Barrel better range velocity control some added aiming idle sway which makes it even easier and better in semi-auto at the faster reentering, there ruin heavy support will help out mainly with the firing aim stability and aiming idle sway again better reentering, speed just more consistent, there at the semi-auto burst 60 round mag and the 2.5.

Times Eagle ey optic and even though I am personally using this in the hyperv, mode I'd use this exact same setup for full auto as well just because the gun is that easy and that straightforward, it's just one of the most reliable options we have in the game at the moment then the HMR 9 build that we've got here I love just because it is crazy fast so aggressive, and it kills crazy quick up close too so again we got the z35, compensator on here I go for the thorn 90 barrel increases that ads speed Sprint to fire Sprint speed just makes this a lot faster across the board.

The Dr6 hand stop is also going all in on mobility speed, movement speed, and Sprint of Fire, just making it a lot more aggressive. Even more mobility benefits with the light stock speed up the movement speed. the strave speed, the ads speed yet again for very minimal recoil cons, then just the basic 50-round cinam mag here.

Warzone best mtz 556 & fjx horus rebirth loadout

Warzone best mtz 556 & fjx horus rebirth loadout

We've got the MTZ, 556. Another indirect buff to this thing in a sense is that because of some of the other rifle Nerfs, this thing's now even more competitive, and I pair this with a brand new Horus SMG. This thing is super aggressive. Its mobility stats are crazy, and that makes it a ton of fun to use.

In my opinion, it's the same setup that we talked about in yesterday's article. Just going all in on the tack Sprint speed and the mobility here, so z35, compensator, yet again, no surprises here. We've got the ruse 90-light barrel on here once more, just speeding things up across the board, so more snappy, more aggressive Dr6 hand stops again.

Same deal there only a 48 round mag extend mag here the fire rate's pretty crazy so you do burn through ammo even with the 48 round extend mag on there so just be mindful you will be reloading. Pretty frequently, then lastly. Ripper light stock, even more mobility benefits our attack. Sprint speed is crazy fast; you will get around the map so quickly with this thing, which kind of throws players off.

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