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Gemini here, back with another article. In today's article. I'll just be covering my wish list or wish picks list for War Zone Mobile in the upcoming update on April 3rd, which will be the next update for War Zone Mobile and War Zone in general. I think there will be a season 3 update at that time. I have a small but very critical list of things that definitely need to be fixed that I would really love to be fixed on that date.

A lot of these issues have been overlooked because there are so many issues coming in and flowing in at once, and they need to be grouped so we can know if it's an individual thing, if it's platform-based, whether it's Android or iOS, or if it's a region-based issue or device-based issue, so make it direct, make it short, and make it spicy.

Let's get straight into the most critical item on the list, as I've spoken a million times about how it affects everyone, and I don't have to ask about this one. It's an overheating issue even on my M2, but my device still overheats at times, even though the time span it takes to overheat and start twitching or start glitching out is a lot.

warzone mobile android fixes

Longer now, it's still an issue—still a major issue—that definitely needs to be fixed because I shouldn't be getting that issue on a brand new iPad that I have, too. I have a cooler for it, like a very powerful cooler that I use, so that issue still needs to be addressed, and I think that's an issue that everyone is currently facing.

It's currently number two on the list, and I've been having this issue for so long, and as you can see right here, it's the button glitching. And I got the bug, so essentially, what happens for those who don't know or haven't been tuning to my channel is that as soon as I go to hit a plate or plate up and I run over an item and it auto-picks up that item, it glitches out everything and cancels the plate.

My tactical sprint button doesn't work. Heres doesn't work; streaks don't work; specialist or field upgrade doesn't work. Basically i can't do anything, and basically I can't mantle an object as well, like legit can't mantle an object just run around like a bot, basically just normal sprinting. And it literally gets me killed, so in order for me to fix it.

warzone mobile android optimization

I would love to legit climb on somewhere tall or fight somewhere tall and jump off and basically knock myself, hoping that I could get the revive off before I get finished off by someone else, or I would just get killed and be bought back, and it would be good again until it happens again. If it happens again, I'm always playing with this constant fear that this is always going to happen, so I'm playing a lot more passively now instead of aggressively.

So whenever I'm trying to heal, you realize I always try to go out in an open space, which isn't always an ideal strategy for avoiding gunfights or getting killed out in the open when played, but it's what I have to do in order to freaking not get the bug, and it's so annoying I have to legit keep it in the back of my mind that okay if I try to play it up in a house full of loot or just some random loot lay around even just a single mustache, even just a single amach, as soon as I click that plate and I accidentally run over something, and even as aach, it glitches out my entire game.

warzone mobile big update fixes everything

I don't know what's going on. I don't know if I'm the only one having this issue. I've legit tried everything different in HUD. I'm going to continue reporting spam until they address this because it's so stupid and it's so disadvantageous. For me, I have to keep it in the back of my head, and every time it happens, I'm literally at a major disadvantage on the topic of buttons glitching out.

This is a very small one. But I've seen people actually report it if the movement, joystic, just stops working, like you're just sprinting or you're trying to move, and the movement, J, just glitches out. My finger is still on the movement, Jassic is still pushed forward, and there's just this huge delay or touch; no responsiveness is happening, and it's.

It's so annoying, like every time I have to basically just ping my finger on the freaking screen, and it's a brand new iPad, and it has been happening. Red Zone That's so blinding. It's blinding for the player who has the iPhone screen in front of them, literally trying to see in this red zone. I don't know who let blood cook, but blood did a bad job.

warzone mobile fix lags and bugs

Blood almost burned down the kitchen with that one. I'm not going to lie. I don't know who came up with this idea and thought it was okay. It was a good idea to make the Red Zone impossible to see through because I've never seen in any Battle Royale game in my entire life a zone like this. But I've never seen this stupidity in my entire life, so they definitely need to address that.

I don't think it was intentional. I doubt it was because there's no way they look at that and say. Okay, this is a good thing. Ain't no way boy, ain't no way man, no way they saw that and thought it was a good thing, so that definitely needs some addressing and some tweaking, maybe making it a little bit less.

To be honest, no one asked for this, moving on to the last but definitely not the least. I also think I speak for everyone when I say this is also annoying and you're going to see the game play; it legit gets me killed. I literally got killed on a hot streak—you know, a hot 18-kill match. I could have won that match, and because of this gas mask.

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I lost the match, and it's so annoying, like sometimes the guest mask works, so it's intended that as soon as it enters the zone, it basically takes off your gas mask or puts on your gas mask, and once you have entered and exited the zone, as soon as you've exited the zone, it takes off the gas mask, but at the same time, you might be doing it really quickly, like Zone catching up to you, you're basically trying to finish and escape a gunfight, or you know.

Escape getting shot or killed, and. There's a huge delay with the gas mask, and the gas mask chooses to come off as soon as you're in a gunfight, as you can see. I'm legit exiting the zone. There goes the gas mask coming off my face. I have to hit fire because animation basically cancels ads and basically throws off your entire A, and it's literally annoying.

warzone mobile season 3 fixes

He got me killed, and he got me so pissed. I was so heated. I'm like, this is so stupid. They have actually fixed this issue. They have actually fixed this issue in War Zone 3.0, or the new version of War Zone, where you can manually put on your gas mask and manually take it off. So what you're going to do is basically, as soon as you pick it up, you can opt to put it on, and you can just run around the gas mask on your face right until it expels, and you have to get a new one.

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