News - New Warzone Mobile Update Finally Fixes Graphics And More Issues. Warzone Mobile Patch Update

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After the past patch updates for War Zone Mobile were a disaster and caused further problems, instead of optimization, the developers have finally managed to release a new patch update that, for the first time, has actually fixed some of the current problems, on the other hand, a new 28 megabyte in-game update was also released the day before yesterday in the Google Play store which has a size of about 27 megabytes and on the other hand a new 28 megabyte ingame update was also released which is already available for most players, if you have not yet received a new update you should not worry because the update will soon be rolled out for other devices that are being tested.

a new war zone Mobile update was also released the day before yesterday for the iOS devices which is also currently only available for certain device series and will soon be rolled out for other devices that are being tested, after installing the new update on my second phone the Oppo Find X3 Pro I assure you that the graphics are slightly improved, according to the information a small Improvement in texture quality has been made with this mini update which I noticed directly on my Oppo Fine X3 Pro with Snapdragon.

888, here is a gameplay recorded with the Oppo Find X3 Pro before the new patch update and as you can see it is full of lags but after the new update was released the game play was much smoother in my opinion, due to the recording the game play looks quite laggy but I assure you that the game play was much smoother than before the new update.


I also had an average of 38 to 42 FPS on the Oppo Find X3 Pro when there was no enemy around and an average of 28 to 30 FPS in heavy fight, after PS you can see on the screen but it wasn't just on my Oppo Find X3 Pro that I noticed the new optimization for Android devices I also noticed much smoother gameplay on my rck phone 6 without any lag at all, when there was no enemy around I had an average of 52 to 60 FPS on my rck phone and during an intense battle I had an average FPS of up to 49.

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FPS, despite this good news it now takes much longer to find a lot after the new patch update regardless of whether it's Battle Royale mosh pit or rebirth Resurgence, which is why the pain issue has not yet been fixed, also some players are now having more problems after the new patch update was released so we will have to be patient until the developers release further patch updates that really optimize the game, other problems such as overheating, penish or crashes were not fixed after the new mini patch update, even though there are still a lot of issues to be fixed and the current Graphics are still blurry and not really sharp after the new patch update I'm more optimistic that war zone mobile will soon look and work the way we all imagined it when we first downloaded war zone mobile full of anticipation, we can definitely expect a major update for war zone mobile at the start of the new season 3 on April 3rd which will hopefully fix the biggest problems for Android and iOS.

War Zone Mobile runs better and smoother for you after the patch update than before the update, and that's it for the article. Bell Don't forget to check out my other articles on my channel. Thank you so

New Warzone Mobile Update finally fixes graphics and more Issues! Warzone Mobile Patch Update. The new Warzone Mobile patch update for Android and iOS has finally fixed some issues and achieved a noticeable improvement in graphics.
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