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New weekly update live in warzone & modern warfare 3

New weekly update live in warzone & modern warfare 3

It is Wednesday, and that, of course, means it is update day. Well, at least partially updated day here in War Zone and Modern Warfare 3. Today we have sort of a routine weekly update now live with a few other additional things available, as well as some mini update patch notes. We have a brand new event available as well, so there's lots to go over in terms of what changed in today's update.

New mw3 update patch notes revealed

First things first, as far as the update for today goes, in the past 24 hours we've actually seen a couple of new sort of mini updates go live that Call of Duty updates over on Twitter communicated about, and each of them are actually pretty cool updates. All Things Considered, so initially here they posted saying an update for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is now live.


Team Deathmatch and Kill confirmed score limits have been increased to 125 on small maps and increased to 150 in 12 V12, so if you're playing on, you know, meat, shipment rust, so on and so forth, those smaller, more fast-paced maps we are going to end up having 125. Is the total score for those, and of course, if you're specifically playing in the 12 vs.

12 mosh pit, 150? For the end game, I honestly really like this update a lot. It's something that has always taken some time. It seems like in the past, the score counts increased for modes like TDM and kill confirmed, and this is now the second time we've actually seen this increase specifically for the small maps here, but now it's nice to see that it's also being upped for 12v12 as well.

And then the second new update that we got over the past 24 hours is honestly hilarious. I love that we decided to go through with this Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer update here as well as players illicitly accessing the ray gun in multiplayer. Will now inflict self-damage upon use, so if you didn't know, with the upcoming Vortex mode that's dropping in multiplayer, the best player in the lobby starts off with you knowing the ray gun, and then whoever kills that person then gets the ray gun.

Whoever kills that person gets the ray gun, and so on and so forth. That's like the boss to the lobby that's already in the files, and players have found a way to cheese it so that you can actually glitch the ray gun onto your loadout for a normal match so you could drop into, you know, a subbase, team death match, and be using a ray gun, and obviously that's cheese; it is cheating.

You're going to get reported and probably shadowbanned at the very least, but players have been using and exploiting this over the past couple of days. But now if you're doing it, if you shoot the ray gun once, it's going to just get you down; it's going to knock all your health out, which is hilarious. I love that they're trolling the people trying to cheese the system there and abuse the ray gun where it's not supposed to be intended, so definitely a funny update there for.

New mw3 & warzone aftermarket update & challenges

New mw3 & warzone aftermarket update & challenges

Sure, today we also saw a brand new set of weekly challenges go live, so if you go through the weekly challenge tab now, you'll have all the week 2 challenges up, and this week's reward is going to be the Jack Bullseye Optic conversion kit.

You have to complete any five challenges between multiplayer, zombies, and Battle Royale to unlock this, and then once you do unlock the Jack Bullseye, you get another progress towards the coherent camo, which is going to take 8 weeks to fully unlock here, but for the challenges this week again, you'll only have to complete five of these between the three modes for multiplayer.

The challenges are to get 30 operator headshot kills with a recommended weapon, which is basically every single MW3 gun in the game; it'll have that recommended flare on it in the gunsmith. Get 30 operator kills while aiming down sights with a recommended pistol. Get 30 operator kills while aiming down sights with a recommended Marksman rifle.

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Get 20 quick scope kills with a recommended sniper, so obviously quick scope kills you're barely adding. In addition to getting that initial kill, get 30 operator kills while aiming down sights with a battle rifle. 30 oper kills while aiming down sights with a recommended assault rifle, and then the same deal but with a recommended lmg, so you're just going to have to do this between various different weapon categories, but honestly, you could probably get multiple of these done in one match of, you know, shipment, rust meat on any of those small maps like that for zombies.

The challenges for this week are going to be to get 500 critical kills with a recommended weapon. Get 250 kills with a pack-a-punch, recommended pistol get 250 kills with a recommended pack-a-punch. Marksman rifle get five special zombie kills so manglers. The de Les mimics the de Les with a recommended sniper, gets 250 kills with a pack-a-punched recommended battle rifle, the same deal with the assault rifle, and then gets 50 armored zombie kills with a recommended weapon.

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Overall, pretty straightforward. Again, you can get a lot of these done in one game if you have enough funds to continuously Pack-a-Punch, or if you have some ethereum crystals, and then lastly, for Battle Royale in War Zone Urzikstan. Open up 20 legendary or normal chests in the northwest region, which is Resort Power SE Port, so on and so forth.

It's going to be the same deal for the southern region as well. 20 normal or legendary chests complete 15 total contracts. That's pretty easy, and keep in mind that you can do this in plunder as well, even though it does say Battle Royale. In the war zone, get 40 operator kills or kill assists with a recommended weapon.

We're going back to the 20 normal or legendary chests in the central region, which are Oldtown and Lowtown. We also have 20 normal or legendary chests in the eastern region, which is going to be a military base or farm, so just a lot of map navigation, but again, plunder makes this super easy. You know spamming different scavenger contracts or Intel contracts there will fly through some of these and just opening up those chests there, so overall pretty straightforward, a little bit more tedious and monotonous ones this week, but you can definitely unlock that Jack Bullseye pretty quick.

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