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best gun in mw3 zombies

So I recently posted a article talking about the WSP. Swarm is the best weapon in the game because of how reliable it is, with 400 rounds and 200 rounds on each gun. Now I have friends and people in the community telling me that I should use this weapon because it's absolutely OP. But I will confess.

best mw3 gun

I completely forgot about rank 9 being in the season 2 battle pass, so what we did was level up this weapon, and we're going to go ahead and test this weapon to see how we stuck up in level two. And the redone and the dark ether, so we're going to do we're going to test this weapon multiple different ways so we're going to pack a punch one and put a Epic tool and test this on the level one zone and then we're going to test it just like this on the level two Zone, just to see how this weapon actually handle that so after that we're going to go ahead and head to the Red Zone and we only going to put a legendary, tool and we're going to keep Pack-a-Punch level one just to see how overpowered, this weapon is and then we're going to go ahead and Pack-a-Punch, level three and then head to the dark ether and see how this weapon actually handle that now as you can see right here we destroy the mimic with no issues now we going to go ahead on the level two and fire another mimic, now one of the things I like to do is always aim for the head because you're going to be getting that critical heat damage especially when you fighting some of these mini bosses or if you're getting a lot of zombies.

Always aim at the head, especially with a weapon like this one that has a higher fire rate. You're going to be getting that critical heat damage, and you're going to be able to drop a lot of zombies very fast, so after testing this weapon on the level two zone with a pack-a-punch one and Epic tool, it seems like this weapon has no issues with destroying the zombies and the mimic, and any kind of mini boss in here, this weapon is absolutely overpowered.

best mw3 zombies class setups

Now essentially the test is all about if this weapon, can actually stock up with the other metal in the game we talking about crack the top five even the top three and get on the conversation for the number one spot gun in mwz, we talking about the best weapon in the game get on that conversation so since level two Zone did not have any challenge we going to how to be on the level three as you can see we're going to go ahead and Pack-a-Punch one and we're going to go ahead and have a Epic tool on the three Zone and we're going to see how good this weapon is now so far right now I'm hitting zombies, it seems like it's almost the same thing as actually the level two which is I'm able to melt down the zombies like nothing especially since this weapon has 100 rounds with a high fire rate and the way I have this weapon set up which by the way we will put the class set up at the end of the article we got three bills for you guys one has 30%, extra bullet velocity while the other one got 15%.

Damage range, minimum damage range, and 50% bullet velocity, so you guys get to choose which class you actually like. As you can see right here, it's a mega-abomination. If you guys ever go to the weapon stash and you see a mega-abomination and there's a lot of zombies chasing you, I recommend throwing a decoy grenade.

best mwz gun

Getting here, activate the weapon stash. If you do get trapped like this, like I did, go ahead and activate your ability because it's going to save your life. Ability is one of the best ones because you're able to escape every situation. Now, because there are so many zombies in here, we're going to go ahead and test the legendary two with a pack-a-punch.

As you can see right here, there are a lot of zombies, so it's kind of pointless to keep running an epic one with an epic legendary two, with an epic pack-a-punch one basically. So we're going to go and switch it up now if you guys don't have Pack-a-Punch 3 and you guys want to come here with a legendary 2 or Pack-a-Punch one.

Now you can see that you're able to handle these zombies, which is absolutely insane. Look at this; I'm able to melt these zombies now. I was already doing it. I was already doing it now. Basically, we got the Raay Gun ES schematic, which is absolutely insane, so now we're going to go ahead and pack a punch.

best ram 9 class mw3 zombies

One Epic Tool legendary tool was doing some work; it was doing the damage, but if it's a whole bunch of zombies, we're talking about 30 to 40 50s. I do recommend actually Pack-a-Punch 3 and a legendary too because it's kind of pointless to you know keep doing the extra work if you find this you know circuit board make sure you guys pick it up especially since it's going to come in handy when you fight the mega Abomination, or to clear Zone zombies also we're going to use in the dark ether we're going to be going to the dark ether right now because as you can see right now we're testing this weapon right now with a legendary tool Pack-a-Punch level three, and it's absolutely instant kill.

dark aether contract locations

I mean, this is absolutely insane. I did not know how great this weapon was until now. By me testing this weapon right now, this is definitely one of my favorite weapons to use right now. We're going to go ahead and grind for some of the camos for this weapon. Now the build that we got that we're going to show at the end of the article, we got two different camos, and both of those camos are really nice.

So now it's time to test the Mega Abomination. Let's see what we can do with this Mega Abomination, because this weapon is a laser. The good thing about this weapon is that the fire ray is so high that it reminds me of the WSP Swarm. And on top of that, you got 100 rounds, so the WSP Swarm do have 400 rounds, 200 on each, but this weapon man, you are able to aim down and shoot whatever you want to shoot is absolutely insane, the Mega Abomination.

There's no chance we didn't use the sental gun; usually I use the sental gun, the circle board tee, or something like that to actually help me with a mega abomination. I don't always do it, but I like to make my life a lot easier. So, talking about making my life easier, we got to get some of these perks, especially to be able to, you know, reload a lot faster.

dark aether mw3

I didn't make a high-speed call; I don't know if you guys noticed, so it was taking me a lot longer to reload. So now that we head to the dark ether, it's time to test this baby in there and see how the greatest weapon is in the dark ether. Also, one of the things I like to do when I go to the dark ether is bring a few things, like the LT 53.

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