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It's your boy. I'm just coming back to you with another Banger article. Today we're going to be going over the duplication glitch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Zombie. This duplication glitch is the most popular thing popping right now and having everybody going absolutely crazy, so get on this wave with me and let's hop into the article.

Without further ado, let's get into.

Filling up your rucksack.

All right, everyone, so the first step is first filling up your rucksack with whatever items you want to go ahead and duplicate. This is typically the type of backpack that I like to have whenever I start my duplications, mainly because for a while I was duplicating all plates and bones.

With the crystals and the tools, I would do two crystals and two tools. Two blades, a plate, a bone, and the Scorch in your case—that's what I would use as time went on. I started running lower on crystals and lower on tools, so I just made my backpack with nothing but crystals, tools, and blades to kind of stack up a little bit more on these.

Basically, you just want to fill your bag with whatever you want to begin to duplicate because you can always reset your Tombstone. If you start filling up on, say, these items right here, you can always go ahead and change. The items you know you just have to reset your Tombstone as all, and you basically just follow the process we're doing right now.

Load into a game and grab tombstone

Load into a game and grab tombstone

So this is what I'm going to be taking, and we just load into a game, and we're going to get a tombstone can. Right, exactly what we want in our tombstone.

Acquire as much essence as you can for your tombstone.

A lot of times some players will be doing their Tombstone glitch in the game, and sometimes we'll be offering money, so when we're setting up our Tombstone, we want to just set up with the maximum amount of money that we possibly can definitely want to make sure we have at least, enough to be able to buy a three-plate and a large rucksack the following game at least, because since we're going to be setting our Tombstone, we're going to be filling ourselves in the game to set our Tombstone, so we definitely want to make sure that we have enough money to buy that.

Gather 30k essence minimum.

call of duty

The next game, so we we've got we've got our 30, 000 Essence on our person right now, and that's I've deemed that that's basically just enough to go ahead and start the Tombstone glitch process, so I'm going to go ahead and unequip my self-revive.

Unequip self revive if you have one.

You have to make sure that you don't have a self-revive equipped with your.

Loaded into game and select your preferred loadout.

Body, next we go ahead and take our fall damage fully give up, next step is to go ahead and wait for the countdown to end for the plea and then the game will automatically end on its own so in doing this in this game we've gone ahead and set our Tombstone, so it will show Squad eliminated, then you can go ahead and leave the match, all right now that we're back at the lobby after setting our Tombstone, you can go ahead and equip any weapons that you like to go in with if you're just doing the duplication glitch via this method here this is the method that is, mainly just meant for duplication purposes only it's not really meant to save any progress you know I.E.

Camo Progress; I.E. Mission Progress; it's mainly just meant for duplication purposes.

cod mw3

Select act 4 mission if ␜bad signal␝ if you haven␙t completed it already.

One thing that we want to make sure that we do before we load into our next game when we are going to pick up our Tombstone is that we want to make sure that we activate the bad signal contract. This is the act for Mission, which you see here on the screen.

Now if you're a player who has already completed this contract in the storyline, you don't have to activate it again because this portal, the bad signal portal, will always spawn for you, just like all the other X Fields spawn for you once you've completed Act 1. Act 2, and Act 3. That being said, if you are a player who has not completed the Act for Mission, then you need to have this activated at all times if you are only worried about duplicating.

Your items—this bad signal mission right here is 100% guaranteed to get you your items—which is why I'm saying if you're only worried about duplicating your items, then this is a mission for you because you're just going to go to your tombstone. Just go straight to that fill. You follow the steps we show you here, and it's a 100% guarantee that you're always going to come back with your items when you come back into the game, and your tombstone will always be there.

See your tombstone in the next game? (you␙ve set your tombstone correctly).

See your tombstone in the next game? (you␙ve set your tombstone correctly).

Now that we see our tombstone on the map, our first objective in the game after we set our tombstone is to go and collect our essence.

If you already have an operator with a large backpack, you can go straight to your Tombstone, get all the items out of your Tombstone and your s, and then go ahead and go straight into the duplication glitch. However, most people sometimes don't have another operator that has a three-plate vest and a large rucksack already on them, so the same operator that you died with now spawns in with only a one-plate vest and a small rucksack.

So after we go to our tombstone, our first step is to just collect our essence, so that way we can go and buy a large rock sack and a three playay vest.

Collect your essence out from your tombstone.

So we're coming up here in our tombstone zone. Like I said, the first thing we're going to get is we're going to get our essence, then we're going to head into the red zone to get a three-plate armor vest and a large rucksack. If you have enough essence, if you put enough essence into your tombstone, then you can get whatever else you like—if you like to buy parks, if you'd like to buy a selfie, and a durable —that's completely up to you.

Acquire large rucksack and a 3-plate armor vest via a friend or in the red zone.

Acquire large rucksack and a 3-plate armor vest via a friend or in the red zone.

All right, we got our large rucksack and our three plates. Now it's time to get out of here.

How to find the ␜bad signal␝ portal.

My next step is to go to the Act 4 portal, the Bad Signal Portal. This is where our duplication, glitches, and magic happen, so we're going to make our way over there. The way you find the Act 4 portal on your map is going to be an xfill. Over here, it's always going to be right here in this area on the map F6 grid, and it's always going to be marked like on the map, like it is right now.

You see, xfill looks like an xfill but with a star on it, but you have to make sure you go through that portal.

Identifying the ␜bad signal␝ portal.

You'll see over there that there'll be other Xs with stars on them if you have them completed. But the one that you want to go through is the bad signal portal, which is this one.

100 GUARANTEED Easiest Fastest Way to Duplicate your Items in MW3 Zombies! Full Walkthrough.
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