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I unlocked the new Mastery camo. Interstellar interstellar, let's go. You got it; I did. Let's go and some of the camo challenges were quite tough, so in this article, I'm going to tell you some tips I wish I knew before I got interstellar camo. Stay till the end to see the best way to get penetration kills for the lmgs and the cat AMR sniper.

Let's get into it.

Tip 1

Tip number one: level up your weapons and unlock all weapons. This is priority number one. All the camo challenges are locked until your weapon is Max Level, so you don't want to do the camo challenges until you can do all of them at the same time to be efficient and save time.

You can either play hardcore small maps and frag out for XP, or you can go into zombies and do the Outlast strategy to unlock all the weapons using the armory. You have to do all your daily activities, and then you unlock a quote unquote hidden daily to get wins, and one win equals one armory point, so you want to try to win your games when possible.

As long as you have all the weapons unlocked in the category you're in, you shouldn't have to worry. prioritize unlocking a whole section and then unlocking perks you're going to use for all the classes, like covert sneakers. Marksman gloves ghosts Advanced UAV. Those are the main ones that I use.

All the vests unlock with level and overtime. The only ones that are viable, in my opinion, are the infantry vest, engineer vest, and overkill vest, and the new assault vest doesn't unlock attachments in the armor. All the main ones unlock with weapon levels, but there are some hidden attachments to check out that are worth it, like the laser optic site and the snake round shots.

Tip 2

Tip 2

The second tip is to play hardcore for most of your challenges. I say most because of weapons like knives and snipers. For the assault rifles, you need tack Dan kills and three kills with one mag. The SVA is usually the first assault rifle people use since it's in the default class, and tack stand skills are easily done in hardcore.

Like all the other challenges due to low time to kill, some other challenges that include fast time to kill include kills while affected by tacticals for SMGs, long shots kill shortly after sprinting for shotguns kills without releasing the trigger for LMGs, and one shot kills with marksman rifles.

A Kimbo pistol kills without enemy shooting; you fully auto-kill for the battle rifle. Hardcore just makes all these challenges easier to do and a lot less of a challenge.

Tip 3

Hassle Tip number three The magnification and scope kills for the battle rifles seem like you have to use like six times the scope.

But it's really as simple as putting on the Red Dot site. Any site in the game counts as magnification, so don't be putting on some goofy-looking scope on your battle rifles.

Tip 4

Optical work tip number four: five kills without dying for the melee weapons in other cards; this was on every weapon and needed five bloodthirsty to count.

But in this game, it's a little bit different. This challenge is bugged, but not in a bad way. This challenge is only counting the kills that you get, not the metal. So this challenge is really to get 25 kills. Making this easier than getting three kills with one mag in a single life , Tip five Take your time on your shots for the marksman rifles.

Tip 5

Tip 5

It is a challenge for every gun to get headshot kills; all marksman rifles take one shot to the head, meaning it only takes one bullet to kill while the enemies need to shoot four to six, giving you extra time to hit your shot.

This tip will help with aiming in general. Aiming for the fastest way to kill will raise your skill cap by a lot, so make sure to take your time.

Tip 6

Hit the head-aiming higher tip , Number six Focus kills with the sniper. This simply means to hold your breath. You should be doing this every time you're sniping, so there's fewer inaccuracies when shooting because of scope swing.

Most snipers do this as a habit because of the older Call of Duty. This will increase your accuracy tenfold. Also, the challenge says to get focus kills x times with all snipers; this isn't them forgetting the place, putting a value there, or anything. X means 10.

Tip 7

In Roman numerals , tip seven is that for the launchers, you have to destroy 25 enemy equipment for the Forge Camo, but this challenge is only tracking proximity mines and Claymores.

This challenge is the most annoying of all of them because nobody uses either of them, so to get them to use them, you have to gas them up in game chat. So, this tip is that communication goes a long way, especially at high levels in the pregame. Lobby simply tells enemies to use claymor; most of the time they're also stuck on this challenge and would love to not worry about it.

Another example of communication being useful is when you have a friend going for a nuke that needs to call UPS, but make sure your communications aren't too noisy and are straight to the point: none of that over there; he's right there; none of that BS.

Penetration kills tips

Penetration kills tips

So The final tip I'm going to show you is the best way to get penetration kills in Modern Warfare 3. Go to these maps and lobby surf until you get them. Terminal highrise and scrapyard: I'd recommend filtering to only do a hardpoint so people move more on Terminal. You can shoot through a window with glass, and it'll count.

Then, after all the glass is done, come down underneath the plane to this fence. This spot looks directly at the B flag, so it's a highly populated spot. It also looks directly into their spawn, but you don't have a direct line of sight next to Highrise. Go to the underground and go to the staircase.

There's going to be a fence here that you're going to shoot through. This spot is next to the B flag and has a hardpoint spot next to it. Finally, on the scrapyard, you're going to go towards the B flag and go to this fence. You can either be in B, shooting at the spawn, or vice versa.


TIPS I wish I knew BEFORE UNLOCKING INTERSTELLAR. MW3 has its Mastery camo grind and I completed it. This video shows you the BEST TIPS and the FASTEST WAY to UNLOCK INTERSTELLAR camo in Modern Warfare 3! Songs used in this video.
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