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Today I wanted to take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about Modern Warfare 3 zombies and just kind of fill you guys in on some things that I know some of the community may have been missing. I truly do appreciate everybody stopping by the article today. If you guys are into zombie content or anything Call of Duty, please do consider dropping me a like.

We had a huge goal of 10,000 subscribers, and lately you guys have just been absolutely killing it. One of the first things that I want to talk about is that there is actually a dead-drop dumpster here in Modern Warfare. Now, this works just like it did in the DMZ. If you just lost some of your insured weapons and they're on a cooldown timer, what you can do is find this dead drop dumpster and drop in your essence and some other items, and what that's going to do is it's going to reduce the cooldown timer of your insured weapons.

The only downside of this thing is that the only one that I know of is going to be in the dark ether. Don't think that there's any of these inside of the main map yet, so if you want to access this, you're going to have to come in here. No, I already know what you're thinking. No, it does not reduce the cooldown timer on your schematics or stuff like that.


I think that was such a missed opportunity. Now moving on to our next thing. Well, you can actually install them. Items are in these things, and the items will not disappear. If you're looking to clear up some space inside of your rucksack, or maybe you want to come back for these things later, or hell, you just want to leave a surprise for a random person that's getting ready to put in an ammo mod into one of these things, you can fill up the turrets, but a stash boox would be really cool.


Next up, I want to talk about the ether blade. If you guys are coming in here with an ether blade, you can actually duplicate. This thing for your entire team or to just go around and drop a bunch of them to people in the lobby, unfortunately, you can't fill. With this thing to bring it back in it's just for the use in the match but it's still pretty cool what you're going to want to do is find one of those ammo refill station, stand right next to it throw your ether blade open up your ruck sack and you're going to notice that as soon as you refilled, your ammo your lethal slot's going to be full with the ether blade again and if you Dro that one before the one that you threw, came back to you that one's going to be on the ground and your lethal slot's still going to be full now you can go ahead and Stow the one that's on the ground in your ruck sack and you can go ahead and do this as many times as you like next if you're playing solo and you find yourself inside the dark ether and you don't have a dog bone don't worry we got you covered as long as you can find yourself a few chunks of Flesh there's always a dog house that's in the same, exact spot in the dark ether, put the map up on the screen, right here thanks to mwz.

Hub and as you guys can see, it's tucked in nicely in the corner down here by the docks. Next is a little ability that comes with the vr11; here in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, essentially the vr11, It gives you free stamina. Perk: even if you don't have the perk, you should be able to match the speed and be able to take care of zones like the Red Zone with no problem.


Next, if you're playing Modern Warfare 3 zombies and if you just really need to walk away for a second, maybe you got to go to the bathroom or answer the door and get something for your mom. These are mainly going to be on top of the cranes, on top of the radio towers, and stuff like that. I'm going to pull up the map just so you guys can see all the exact locations.

So if you guys ever need to take a small break or just walk away for a second, you guys can rest your mind at ease knowing that you will not lose any of your stuff. Now, this next one is for you guys that want to set up the red worm boss to fight Easter eggs really easily while skipping a bunch of steps.

Sincerely, I'm going to put this map up on the screen here, and it's going to show you where all of the USB locations are. Instead of going to the first building and looking at where all four locations are going to be, just immediately start checking all of the spots where the USBs should be, and the UAV towers are really easy to spot.


They say only four of these things spawn in four different locations. Per match, but I don't know, man. I seem to get really lucky whenever I check for these things, and I seem to find them all the time and really quickly. The only thing that I would recommend before you guys really do this is to check and see where the ether storm is going to be, make sure it's in the first tier zone, and that your boss fight is only going to be in the first or maybe even second tier zone.

So yeah, guys, I think that's honestly going to be about it for now. Hopefully we mentioned something here in the article that you guys maybe didn't know about Modern Warfare zombies, or hopefully it helped you out. Yeah, I greatly appreciate all the support that you guys have been showing me lately.

Thank you very much.

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