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In this article, I'll be bringing you the super guide for the MW3 Zombie season 2 Easter Egg. We'll be going over how to complete the Act Four mission countermeasures as well as where to collect and upgrade the four new artifacts in order to unlock the newest dark ether rip, granting you access to the three new schematics.

If you find this article helpful, be sure to leave a like. And subscribe, as we're closing in on 90k. With that out of the way, let's get right into it. The first thing we're going to be going over is the new Act 4 mission titled Countermeasures. The completion of Act 4 will unlock the Monkey Business weapon charm (10, 000 XP), the drum that can be used to open up the new dark Ether Portal, and the new season 2 story Cuts scene in Act 4 is pretty self-explanatory.

As she'll be entering the dark ether similarly to the bad signal Mission from the last season before you head in, though I'd get stocked up on your perks. A legendary gas mask and pack-a-punch or weapon to at least Pap two. Once you do enter the rift and teleport into the dark ether, you'll be greeted by Raven.

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You two then have to follow the indicator to free some of the Terminus soldiers that are trapped in the building. From there, you'll have to activate the ACV and escort to find Fletcher's last known location. About halfway through the escort, the ACV will be knocked offline by an EMP. This happens when you go near the carnival rides at the UAV Tower.

Once you turn it on, an EMP mimic will reveal itself that you'll have to take down in order to continue the ACV. An escort shortly after the ACV will ramp into the top of a neutralizer. All you have to do from here is just wait until the dialogue stops, and then continue on with the ACV until it eventually begins to move again.

The ACV will continue until it reaches the infected. Mall, enter inside, and locate the 15 infected spores that are scattered throughout the mall. This is where the legendary gas mask comes into play because it's kind of hard to find some of these; they're really hard to see even with death perception, but in the top right corner of the mall, you'll actually find an ammo crate where you can replenish your gas mask should you run low.

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Like I just mentioned, death perception also really helps during the step because you can see some of the spores through the wall once you clear out the entire mall, return to the ACV, and wait for Fletcher to meet up with you and Renov. The ACV will then travel to its last location, which is the concert area, and you'll have to complete an Outlast contract in order to boot up the P& and open the portal back to the Overworld.

Just before entering, you'll be greeted by the season 2 boss. It's really just a Tier 3 mangler. Bounty, except he has an EMP charge. If he gets too close to you, it's super easy to take out, but just be careful because the EMP blast can make you freeze up and die pretty easily. Once you kill him, though, you can xill, but before that, make sure you hit the reward portal and grab the drum, because you'll need to open up the second Elder Darkether for the new schematics.

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You've got some explaining to do; you're hurt; I have had worse; I don't doubt it; or I wouldn't have to if your file wasn't a black hole in my file. How did you break the locks on a few called-case CIA files from a CIA terminal? Not exactly a challenge; you're making a mess of that. Give it here you are.

requim Yes, what happened to them? Maxis son sacrificed herself to end the outbreak. We promised we would find a way to rescue her, and when we failed, it was a blow. Some of us took it very hard. We vowed never to let this happen again, so you're zero for two on those promises, but I am still here.

Am I not Dr. Johnsen i am still fighting, and here's the thing you shouldn't be doing: 30 years ago, look at you. I have good genes; that's a Croc, and you know what was the focus of Ream's ethereum research. Dr johnson, AA Perhaps when the outbreak is contained, we will talk of the old days. Fine, if that's how you want to play, but if you won't help me, I'll find my own.

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Answers, , Eva your parents would be they, are, they are so very proud of, You. It's now time to find and upgrade the other three artifacts that you'll need in order to offer them to the sacrific pedestals. All three artifacts can be found in the new dark ether, and I'd suggest grabbing them while you're completing the Act 4 mission so you can get them all in one go and don't have to go back to that area.

The first of the artifacts is the boxing gloves, which can be found in the Shipwreck area of the dark ether. To activate the obelisk, pick up the instant kill and get about 10 melee kills. This will charge up the Obelisk and open up a reward portal with the gloves inside of them. The second artifact is a target and can be found in the village area behind the stage where you fought the boss, Mangler.

For this obelisk, all you have to do is get about 10 head shots, and the reward portal will open with the target in it. The last artifact is the mirror, and this is the hardest one of them all to complete. In the foggy, dried-up river area of the map, you'll find the last obelisk. When you activate it, four alternate ammo tablets will spawn.

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You have to use them to get 10 kills with a corresponding zombie. The first wave of zombies will be emitting a red mist. Use the Napal burst attack on the red zombies until their mist turns blue, then pick up the cryofreeze, ammo type, and get another 10 kills. When the zombies stop in gas, pick up the dead wire and get another 10 kills.

Lastly, the zombies will turn green, and you'll have to get a final 10 kills with brain Rod Upon completion, the reward portal will open, revealing the mirror for pickup. In order to upgrade the object, you'll have to exit the dark ether and re-enter the Overworld with your items in your inventory.

The first relic we're going to upgrade is the boxing gloves. Head to the boxing gym in F8 and then interact with the boxing ring. Once you offer up the gloves, run over and melee the punching bags in the right corner of the room. Once they're all emitting a miss, quickly run back into the boxing ring and melee the zombie that spawns into death.

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The faster you do this, the better because a ton of zombies are going to spawn along with it once you rough them up, though they upgrade. The boxing gloves will spawn on him. The second relic to be upgraded is the target for this head to the firing range; that's an h8. Interact with the target, and it'll spawn a few more targets that are glowing purple.

Do them with any gun until they turn red. If you're missing a few, check behind the big wall that's behind the targets and over by the second firing range that's closer to the water. After all the targets are shot, a zombie will spawn, and you'll have to head-shot, and once that's complete, they'll drop the upgraded target.

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