News - New Ultra Skins, Free Operators, Secret Changes, More. Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded

Huge new mw3 leaked revealed!

Huge new mw3 leaked revealed!

Welcome back to a brand new article. The season 2 reloaded update has been live for around 24 hours. I hope you guys are enjoying it. It seems like a lot of new content has been leaked as well, which will arrive at some point during this update. We're also going to talk about some secret changes and updates that they made that they didn't really talk about or mention in the patch notes, and we just have a lot of news and information to cover in today's article, so if you find it helpful or informative.

A quick reminder: I double-uploaded. Yesterday we covered the hatch notes as well as the brand new content, all the free rewards, and the items that you're currently able to get with day one of the update, so if you missed that, definitely check it out. It covers some things that you may be missing out on or just don't know yet about anyway.

Kong yeet finishing move updated again.

The first thing that we have is another look at the Kong finishing move. This is going to be a part of the Godzilla Kong new Empire Kong Tracer, pack operator, skin. It's set to probably arrive towards the end of this update because we know that the movie isn't going to be released until around the 29th.

So that's probably when you can expect this bundle to drop. That's just something quick that I wanted to share with you guys now that we're jumping into.

Airborne map early first look

Airborne map early first look

On the next topic, it looks like we got our early first look at the Airborne. Map: This is going to be a new version of Terminal, coming in with the decay's realm event once again. The decay's realm event is going to be the final event that will take place during this update, so it's not going to happen until the end of this month, but here's an early look at the map: Shout out to Bob for this; he gave us, like, around a minute of footage; it looks very similar to Terminal.

You can see that there's some pretty big map changes. Cosmetics have been fully altered, and the weather on the map has also been changed; now it's a little bit foggier. You'll notice that when he steps outside, it's not like the usual Sunny Terminal that we have. You can also see the goo and the random storms of locust flying around, the dirt, and pretty much all the icky stuff going on around with this map, but there's also going to be the version of Skid Grow, which we'll be seeing soon.

The swarm of locusts actually gets insane once you get outside, and it may block the view if someone calls in a UAV. You probably won't even be able to see it. This is just a little early showcase of what that map is going to look like anyway. Raven ended up posting a calendar for the entirety of the Season 2 reloaded update and all the playlists that are going to follow , and not many players are happy with this at all, so they mentioned it right here from March 6th to the 13th.

Warzone modes & rebirth island

Warzone modes & rebirth island

This is the playlist that we have. As always, we remain committed to fostering a community-driven environment and appreciate the ongoing feedback from our players as we continue to fine-tune.

The massive game that is War Zone, so for example, if you want to play Fortress Keep with Friends as of right now, you literally can't do that; it's only available in solos, and that's what has players a little bit mad; they can't play the map that they want with their friends, and they would have to.

I guess they compromise; they would either have to kick players or maybe they'd have to jump into quads or something like that if they want to play Vondo, and they'd rather play solo, so it's like they're not really giving you the opportunity to play what you want and remember. We have a rebirth island coming soon.

It's been rumored for season 3; we actually got a loading screen photo of this, so this is going to be the new version of Rebirth Island that we will be receiving, considering they're already adding stuff here in the reloaded update. For like an entire two weeks, just rebirth Island alone, but we'll talk more about that once we get a little bit more solid information.

First person finishing moves

First person finishing moves

Let's go ahead and talk about some other new features that are currently in the game that you may not know about, so they added finishing moves first. The very first one that we have is a built-in finishing move for the soul render melee weapon, and if you use the heavy strike, it will activate it.

The craziest part is that it actually goes through the riot shield, and it's not a bug. Sledgehammer has confirmed that this is an intentional thing, and it should be able to go through shields and eliminate players by activating this new finishing move. There's also another one coming in, and this is going to be probably from the Warhammer event because it uses the chains sword, and as you can see here, it has a different sort of animation, but it's first person as well.

We did see leaks of these in the past, and he talked about how at some point there will be first-person executions. That will be added either alongside bundles or as a part of normal executions, and it's looking like maybe this is the start of them; they might include these more into the future depending on how well people like them if they look good.

They might start including them a little bit more often, speaking of different bundles and blueprints.

New metamorph ultra skin bundle

The metamorph ultr skin Tracer pack is actually going to be a little bit crazier than we thought, so this is one of the weapons, which I believe is for the XRK stalker, and as you get eliminations, it slowly evolves the weapon blueprint. Although it has a pretty crazy reactive effect, this is not a Mastercraft blueprint, but it's actually only an ultra skin that will be available with the metamorph, operator bundle, and this is a photo of it for those of you guys who don't remember and also talking about operator skins.

Free konig operator skin leaked

Free konig operator skin leaked

There's another one that has now just been added to the files, and this is a new operator skin for Conic.

The thing is, this operator skin was free to get on War Zone Mobile, but it was only exclusive to that platform, but now they've surprisingly. I added it to PC; maybe for those of you guys who are lucky enough to get it on War Zone Mobile early, you'll be able to use it here on PC. I have no idea if it will be available at some point during an event during a reward or how that's going to work out, but the fact is that they have added it to the PC version as well as the console version, meaning that it should be available for you to unlock at some point anyway.

Let's talk about some new features that you may not know about: apparently stems now restock.

Secret update patch notes

By default, without using any perks or vests. After 25 seconds in Modern Warfare 3. I'm not able to confirm if this works in the war zone or not, but if you take a look here at the footage, he ends up using the stem.

NEW ULTRA SKINS, FREE Operators, Secret Changes, MORE! Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded.
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