News - This Coming To Warzone 2 Zombies Could Change Things Forever Leaks And Rumors


Today I kind of want to go over some of the things that have been leaked, rumored, and speculated about. As of recently, we have talked about these things here and there on the channel, but just briefly, and I kind of want to go over them just a little bit more in depth and kind of give you guys more of my thoughts.

The main thing that I want to talk about here today is PVP: Coming to Modern Warfare Zombies. Yes. I know this is definitely a hot topic within the zombies community, but just remember, these are only opinions; nothing about this is set in stone yet, and I just want the best for whether it's going to be traditional zombies or the open world mod of zombies.

I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. We just hit 15, 000 subscribers. I cannot thank everybody enough for all the insane support on the channel lately. You guys mean the world to me. We're going to be jumping right into this, but first, I want to give a huge shout out to the sponsor of the channel.


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I like the way that Jay God said it, like he would prefer if he would prefer if he loaded into Modern Warfare zombies and not saw a single soul. I understand that's how I am with zombies as well, but is it really wrong of me to think that PVP in this style of setting and mode would actually be pretty fun?


Like, just think about this if somebody came up to me and told me, Hey, there's a new. Game that's coming out, and it's an arena-style shooter, kind of like Call of Duty or Battlefield, but it's an extraction-style looter shooter. With zombies walking around and not only zombie bosses, you're also going to have to PvP with other people and try to stay alive, or you could join up with other people that are walking around, try to befriend them, or betray them.

I mean, if that was brought to me as just a concept and they said, Hey, would you be interested in playing with this? I would say that sounds awesome, but I think it's because it has Call of Duty branding on it and because we've been so used to playing zombies. And in a certain way, over all of these years, this is just what we've come to expect from the game mode.

Not only that. Call of Duty: Zombie has always been like this style of game mode for some people, where it's kind of a relaxing thing where they can just completely turn their brain off and they're just headshot in zombies the entire time they don't really have to think about anything or anybody shooting back at them, or you know, it's just a completely different style of less stressful game mode than a PVP game mode.


Now let me just ease your guys' minds right now if this actually does end up coming with season 4, like the rumors have been saying it can almost 100%. Guarantee, there's going to be a separate mode that we're going to have to queue into, and it's going to be a limited-time mode mod or it's going to be something that we're going to have to complete, like in the match, where I have a feeling that certain players are going to have to agree to PVP or do something to PvP with other players.

I think a lot. I think they know that a lot of the zombie community wouldn't like that, and a lot of them probably wouldn't be playing it, or let's say that they introduce a new contract, like, let's say there's no PVP in the match unless you activate a certain Bounty contract, where it'll select a certain squad on the map, and then there will be PVP between those two squads.


I think that could work pretty easily. You could have like a little yellow circle that'll give you the general area of where your Bounty is, and then your Bounty will also have like a threat level on them. I don't know; I really don't want to be closed off to them trying new things. There was a point in time when I heard about the outbreak, and I thought that idea was terrible, but then I played it, and I actually really enjoyed it, and then we got Modern Warfare zombies, and now I kind of hope that open-world zombies never go away.

I actually really like this style of zombies; it's really fun, but I also really do love the traditional, round-based style of zombies, and I think that we definitely have room for both, and I think with how vocal the OG Zombie Community is about, you know, round-based and everything like that. I don't think that's going to be going anywhere, and I also think the open-world zombies have definitely been successful.


Enough that they're going to keep it around as well now round-based zombies they've been doing for so many years they have that down to an absolute formula like Treyarch has been pumping out just Banger after Banger games even some of the other Studios like Infinity Ward with space and zombies and Sledgehammer.

After doing their thing a few times, open-world zombies for Call of Duty are still somewhat in their infancy. And throughout the last, like, three or four years, they've been kind of molding it into these different modes and experimenting, with things whether it's outbreak and Cold War, and then we had the Hub mode style of world with Vanguard, and now we got Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and they've all been slightly different variants of this different style of open-world zombies, and they're still trying to kind of curate and master this style, with how popular and good that war zone has been for the Call of Duty brand in general.


You guys are a fan of the mode or not, you know, with cheaters and everything else. Maybe the game's just not for you, but it is very popular and one of the most played games in the world. It does make sense why they would try to make a zombie mode that is very similar to War Zone because zombies are a big part of Call of Duty.

I think if they can kind of perfect this open-world style of zombies just within the next few years, we could possibly see them ending up launching a free-to-play zombie mode in Call of Duty, and hopefully it will see that kind of similar success that War Zone has. I remember when DMZ came out. I honestly wasn't too big of a fan of DMZ, to be perfectly honest.

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