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This is how you can do the stash glitch after all of the patches in season 2 in light of the new solo Tombstone duplication glitch. A lot of people have said that they cannot store items that they duped into their stash, and I mean a lot of people, so I'm going to cover the stash glitch once again.

I want to be very clear about this article from the jump. This is for anyone who has been doing the new duplication, Glitch, and cannot store more items in their stash because it prompts them to destroy items. The article that you are about to watch is audio and gameplay from season 1. All of the information in this article is still good and applicable after all of the current updates.

First, I need to mention that this is going to be slightly different for everyone because everyone has a different amount of items in their stash and different amounts of real items. As you can see for me in my stash, when I'm trying to unequip an item, it says that I have 12 out of 10 items, which means I'm going to need to find three real items to delete from my stash so that I can force new duplicated items into my stash.


For some of you, this number may be different, like 16 out of 10 or any other number out of 10, but it'll work just the same. I want to begin with stopping some misinformation. About this glitch, the old method of using the items from your Rewards or purchase tab to swap the duplicated items into your stash no longer works.

I've seen other articles saying that if you specifically use Ammo mods, it'll force items into your stash as well, and that is also false. There are only two ways to do it after the patch, and I will show you both of them right now. I've seen a bunch of other YouTubers saying that you need to go and find the real items in your stash, but nobody shows you how to actually do that for me, and probably most of you watching this will find it nearly impossible to sort through every item that you have trying to find the real ones, but I'm still going to show you how you can do it even though the easier method is coming up later in the article.


With that in mind, I will first explain how you would do this for the viewers who don't have as many items in their stash and where this would actually be feasible. If you equip an item into your backpack and try to press unequip, it'll show the number of real items somewhere in your stash, so for me again, that number is 12 out of 10.

You can keep swapping out this item for different ones in your stash until that number for me now shows 11 out of 10. If you want the new MW3, camos hard unlocked bot lobbies, all the best schematics, the brand new nuke skin, or even instant delivery pre-made accounts, check out {539}. They are 100% legit, with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code gray for 5% off.

My backpack, so now showing 11 out of 10 means that I have found a real item when I put it into my backpack, so now I'm going to destroy that item and repeat the process until I get that number to say 10 out of 10. I spent a lot of time trying to do this and sorted through my whole stash to get this to work.

season 2

As you can see, after I destroyed that wrench, the number went to 11 out of 10, then on the next one I tried, it went to 10 out of 10. Once you have gotten your number to 10 out of 10, when you finally find another real item, it won't let you try to destroy it from your backpack. As you can see here I have two golden wrenches, one is a duplicate and one is a real item if I equip the real one into my backpack which is the one on the left and then equip the duplicate into my backpack the one on the right when I go to unequip the duped one first it will go into my stash and then I can put the real one into my stash as well however if I unequip, the real one first which again is the one on the left then it won't let me put the duplicated, one the one on the right back into my stash so I have now found the real item that I need to get rid of it may be hard to know for certain which item in your stash is the real one when you want to destroy it when you unequip it from your backpack so instead you can just keep it in your backpack and then load into a game now all you have to do is drop that real item out of your.


Assuming I'm one of the people with a high stash count and a high real item number, the much easier way is to just fill your back pack with rare items that you want to keep and set a new tombstone. With that, I can duplicate those items later. I am not going to explain the tombstone setup in this article because I've already gone over it so many times before.

I don't want to waste your time, and by now almost everyone knows how the tombstone glitch works with duplicating items and using the portal to bring items out of the game. Of this article so that you can go to that tutorial, so now you should have a tombstone. Set it with your nine most rare items, and then you're going to fill your gear with another nine items from your stash.

By doing it this way, you will be able to keep 18 total items when clearing out your stash, which is more than enough when trying to keep the ultra-rare items in your stash realistically. You only need to save 10 things, and those are going to be what you are going to duplicate later in the future.

warzone 2

18 will be the maximum number of items that you can save from your stash, but 10 items is all you really need to keep the ultra-rare ones. These would include the Eldersigil gold armor dog bone. Aether Blade, a legendary tool Flawless Crystal Wonder, vr11, ray gun, and scorcher. After that, you can pick eight other things to save, like perk hands if you really wanted them, but I'm just going to leave them blank because the ray gun was the last item that I only kind of cared about keeping in my stash.

Now that you have like 200 items that you wanted to save in your Tombstone, plus a few more in your backpack, you can go through and delete your entire stash. Doing it this way will save you a lot of time. Instead of trying to find the real items in your stash, especially if you have like 200 items, you can just spam delete everything in your stash since we put everything we truly wanted in a tombstone and in our current backpack.

warzone 2 zombies

Later, you will be able to duplicate all these items again to fill your stash with ever more of the items that you saved. Once your stash is cleared, put all the items in your backpack that you currently have back into your stash, which for me is just the one ray gun. Now my stash only has one item in it.

This is how you can store unlimited items in your stash after all updates in MW3 Zombies.
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