News - Activision Is Screwing Us So Hard With Warzone 2 Season 3


I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have to go ahead and dive deep into season 3 here because Activision is doing something once again that is just absurdly scummy. You know, they keep upping themselves. Time and Time and Time Again: first it's $35 bundles, then they take that back and it's $60 bundles, now it's $80 bundles, and now they're going to go ahead and do this as well.

I do want to state, you know, that I personally believe Sledgehammer is about to do a banging good job when it comes to season 3. I really do, and you know they might not, but with the amount of content that's being introduced within season 3 and the amount of perks, Variety. I'm having better expectations for this one, you know, compared to having worse expectations, but that is not going to stop Activision whatsoever when it comes to them trying to scheme every last penny out of your pocket.

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modern warfare 3 blackcell

Over on Kick, we're going to be live around 1 to 2 p.m. All you have to do is complete the battle passes. Within Call of Duty, one of my personal favorite things about them is the fact that pretty much all you have to do is complete the battle pass, and you're guaranteed the next one for free. It's probably the best thing about Cod you know in a world where everything is so schemy and you know Activision is trying to get every last penny out of you.

The battle pass has been probably the best thing for the community. Guaranteed content means that no matter what, you never have to cough up more money unless, of course, you use the Cod points you earn within the battle pass to buy bundles out of their store. Then yeah, you're going to have to buy the next battle pass, but as long as you don't buy anything, you don't buy a single thing within their game, and all you do is simply grind out the battle pass.

modern warfare 3 season 3

You're guaranteed the next one for free, and I really do enjoy that, but we've had problems with the battle pass content in the past, and I feel like they were trying to scheme us out of the battle passes because they wouldn't really give you anything good; they wanted you to buy stuff out of the store, but Modern Warfare 3 Sledgehammer has been doing a really solid job when it comes to the base content that comes within the battle pass.

I've actually made points time and time and time again that the base content looks better than the black-out bundles; it has more creativity; it looks more unique; it actually stands out. You know, I want to use them because they look different compared to the black cell bundles, where it's all black and gold; it's the same basic-looking skin rebranded and reskinned across the body.

And they've been improving slowly but surely with the black soul bundle; they've been trying to make it more unique, but overall, the base skins in the battle pass have been far superior, but this time around with season three. Activision just could not help themselves. Guys, the black cell skins look really good this time around.

modern warfare 3 season 3 battlepass

I'll be honest, I still don't support it. I'm never going to buy a black cell bundle a day in my life, and I still highly discourage anybody from purchasing that bundle because it's the biggest waste of money and the biggest scam known to Call of Duty history. But I can't lie, they look a tad bit better this time around compared to their previous versions.

They actually have a little bit more variety across the board with how they look, and you know the variety across the board with character models and stuff of that sort. But in return. The base skins look horrible this time around in season 3, and I know for a fact I know for a fact this is not a sledgehammer problem.

This is Activision's doing; they know they know; like I said, it's obvious if I can sit here and see that the base skins look better than the black cell skins. I'm sure everybody out there can witness the same thing as well. You know, everybody out there can look at these skins and say, Yeah, you know, the base battle pass skins have more variety than the blacksell.

modern warfare 3 season 3 blackcell bundle

They know this, and they have intentionally done it. I made these skins as bland as possible, guys. Look at these skins. Man, look at these skins. this, let me let me show you the Tier 100 skin. In the past two seasons, the Tier 100 skins were all animated for the characters you have ghosts flaming up and you have.

What's that one villain? I forget his name, but he's flaming up as well, and it looks pretty dope. I'll be honest, I love those skins. I use them all the time. This right here is the Tier 100 skin. This right here, guys, this right here, is Tier 100, Skin. What is this compared to the previous versions?

I don't want to grind for this. It's just mind-boggling because you can't put something as cool as the ghost skin, for example, and then literally drop 10 tiers down to something that looks like this, you know, and this is the other tier 100 skin you know you're going to play as. I guess, a wolf.

modern warfare 3 season 3 blackcell content

I don't know. I don't know. I feel like some people are going to be really furious about this, but whatever. At the end of the day. I'm going to show you guys the other skins within the battle pass here because the Tier 100 skins are, you know, whatever, but the rest of them are completely put to shame, as you can see right here.

This is one of them. It is absolutely basic, you know, with not much variety to it. It looks like you know a base skin that would be in the OG days of, like, Call of Duty 4: World at War, probably Black Ops 1 or something of that sort, you know. Nothing too fancy, just your base operator. Nothing really too crazy here; you know you got Snoop Dog for the 50th time, and you know the black cell skin is actually him.

That dog, honestly, to me personally, isn't too bad. I find that pretty funny, especially if you know you're an OG Snoop fan and know you moved on here. Macarov is just the very basic skin of a macaroon. Even though you know we purchased the game for $70, that's another funny thing. We purchased this game for $7 to $100, and you can't play as the main villain in this game.

modern warfare 3 season 3 blackcell review

You had to wait three seasons. You either had to get sorry for the $100 edition or get it for $70 because I got the base edition. You don't get to play the villain. Okay, you have to pay $100 in order to unlock Macrov, and if you don't pay $100, you have to wait three seasons to get him, and it's even more basic than any of the other versions.

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