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You can see right there that my controller has stick drift, so I'm about to teach you how to do the best work around that so you can eliminate that. This goes for any controller; make sure to watch the whole article so you don't miss any of the steps. This method applies to the invisible controller, the PS5 reflex control, and the Xbox control regarding Des own thick, Drift.

What you want to do is go ahead to your settings and go to controller. Okay, so go to controller settings, And then here all you want to do is navigate to the input device, so here is going to present you with many different settings, Here Okay, test it. Dead Zone is going to tell you which of the sticks is actually moving okay, so if I turn it on right here, as you can see, the right trigger right there is both kind of moving.


As you can see, it's not really in the center, so you could tell it's already off balance. So what you want to do is turn it off for now, and these are my actual settings right now, which are that the left stick is dead zone 2. And I have this one to as well; don't worry about this to the 99. I always leave it as default, so Dead Zone to here and Dead Zone to here, so as we know, the lower the Dead Zone you have, the faster response time you are always going to get in the game, so the better performance, so you always want to have it the lowest that you can, but now if you cannot go as low as me because now this control is already, kind of messing up, as you can see.

I have to bump it up, so what I'm about to do now is I'm going to bump it up until it stops moving on its own, so let's see if we could do three, for example, let's see if we could do three, we go back and test it. Right here, if I leave. See, it's still moving, but now it's moving a little bit. Less now that we go back to it, let's put it at four.

Now it's barely moving. It's still moving. It's still a little, it's still moving a little bit, but you could barely see it, so now you're kind of fixing it already. Let's go to Five. Let's go to Five. So once I have it on Five, it is pretty much the default that you always get your controller at.

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So at this point at Five, some people have bad stick drift even if it even though it is at Five. If it is at Five, you will have to even bump it up to Six or Seven. So let's see on my situation if this one could fix it so 55 desel Now let's see. Let's see i'm putting it right in Target right there.

Right there, this is pretty much the default that I get. As soon as I get the control, a 55 is pretty good, but as you can see, he's still moving a little bit. If you look closer to his shoulder, he's still moving a bit; see, he already passed his shoulder on the. Target, see that, so it's still kind of a little bit messed up, but obviously you can work around with that, so it's completely fine if you get a stick drift that much because it's not something crazy now.

If you want to even fix it even further, then you will have to go to Six. If you want to test it out in here as well, all you have to do is just click right there on the Death Zone test and see now they're both right there in intact. I'm going to put it right there, right in the center; see, now it's not moving at all.

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At all now like I said The Dead Zone might be messed up already at 5'5 for some of you of few people so like I said you will have to bump it up to either six or seven or sometimes even eight because I have another control, that my dead zone is messed up at 5 and I had to bump it up all the way up to kind of like 8 or 9 now once you do this already that you already have the dead zone set up you will have to do another step which is to change your sensitivity, and I say this why because once you the more you bump up this The Dead Zone the slower the response is once you're about to move you know remember what I said the lower The Dead Zone the faster your character is going to move the higher The Dead Zone which fixes the stick drift the slower, the response is going to be once you're about to move to be able to counter that you will have to go to your controller.


And bump up at least your sensitivity. Maybe by one more, so if you play on 77 like me, I would recommend that you play on 88. And then give it a try like that; that way you can match what you fixed previously; that way you could be kind of the same matching as you had it before; that way you don't feel off balance; that way you're not missing shots or etc.; and also, another method that I have seen online as well is, if you have an old controller, just make sure to pop this ring right here, take out the stick, and make sure to clean the inside with a blow duster or whatever it is that you have or with a qtip; and then you just put it inside and make sure to clean all the debris inside; and after that, if you want to go even further, you could also hard reset the controller.

Which you can calibrate your analytics. With a certain method they have, they also have that on YouTube where you can look it up, and it's also pretty effective now. I will always recommend either 55 or Dead Zone, which is the default one, or lower. That way, you get the most response from your controller, so for example, if you get a brand new controller, take it all the way down to two or even one dead zone and see if it moves.


If he moves a little bit within the fire range or whatever or you see like he's moving slowly, make sure to bump it up a little bit, maybe to two or three, but that's if you have a brand new controller; just put it as low as you can if you made it this far. I really, really appreciate you making sure to hit the like on this article.

Now, this method that I show you right here also goes for the Envision control. Whoever has this controller, as of now I've already been playing with it for, like. I guess, two months or so, and yo, it's still hanging on really, really well, but on this one, you pretty much have another advantage since you have the IQ app, so with this one, if you have a stick drift within the game, you can also change the stick drift in the ingame settings and control and also on the IQ app for the invis controller.


Let's say if you are having problems the same way that I was just explaining it with the other controller, and let's say if you are having problems the same, step that I was just explaining it with the other controller, and let's say you go to The Dead Zone and you play on two dead zones right. What you want to do is do the same step that I was kind of showing you in the other one, but this one has an app as well, so what you want to do is just go ahead to your app and then go to thumbstick right.

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