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The new version of War Zone comes with some significant improvements. And no, I'm not talking about the things you already know about from Call of Duty next, like the changes to water, the zip lines, and everything else that's already been mentioned. Today, Raven Software detailed over 50 quality of life improvements that they have made to Call of Duty War Zone, and today I'm going to bring you the best of that list.

If you want a full, extensive rundown, keep an eye out for the patch notes when they are released. There are some really substantial changes here that fundamentally improve how War Zone works. Now, generally speaking, I would say that although War Zone 2 ended in a somewhat decent state, there were a number of underlying frustrating things about the game that made it less enjoyable.

It created scenarios where you were punished for doing things that weren't necessarily wrong and scenarios that just made you not want to play, and this extensive quality of life improvement is going to fix a lot of those things. And before I dive into the details. I will just generally say that this patch note list of things that they've improved and fixed genuinely reads like a development team that understands the problems with War Zone and plays the game fairly religiously.

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It's nice to see a development team fairly in touch with the good and bad things of the game that they are a part of, and this was a really refreshing thing to see. I would also like to touch on the play count because this is something that has been confirmed by Raven Software: 100 players, but they said they are open to moving that number up or down.

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The reason for going from 150 to 100 players is actually down to the fact that they've reduced the duration of a game to about 20 minutes. A current game of War Zone lasts somewhere around 25 to 28 minutes. We're now looking at least 6 minutes off that clock, faster circles, and more intensity. And potentially a different gameplay Dynamic, they've said at the moment that they feel like 20 minutes might be a little bit too short so expect to see some changes in the duration of games and also potentially the number of players on a server fairly soon so let's talk about these big quality of life improvements and the first one is the gas mask now you'll be able to equip this manually as per Cod next but per feedback they've decided to change it so that the gas mask is always the first item in your inventory, meaning that you can quickly tab into your inventory to get the gas mask off and on when you need to move in and out of the game and they've also made the gas mask clearer when it's on your face obscuring your vision less.

Next up, while the player count is definitely lower at the launch of 100 players, one thing they're hoping to improve is the midgame, and the way they've gone around this is by bringing in more goolag entry tokens alongside redeployable flares. You will find more goolag entry tokens on the map; you will find more of them for completing certain contracts, and you can even stack goolag entry tokens now and provide them to your teammates.

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This should boost the number of players alive in the mid- to late game, which will make the game feel far more intense in those moments. There is now a small duration after you've won a goolag where you're going to be given the opportunity to loot before you load back into Ukhan. You're going to be given a couple of seconds to run around the goolag and scoop up as much cash as possible, or potentially any weapons that happen to be sitting around.

This should make the goolag more effective at regaining entire teams and providing more cash. It's obviously cheaper for Res teammates now at $33, 000 as well, and that is going to be a huge combination that could hypothetically boost the midgame too. This next one is without a doubt one of my most complained-about things in the current version of War Zone, and that is BU station behavior.

Stations will always deactivate 30 m into the gas; it has to be 30 m into the gas to deactivate, and it will disappear on the TAC map if it's no longer available. This is going to bring back those clutch moments of running into the gas and having an opportunity to buy back a teammate. Without necessarily compromising the game by having all of them available all the time, it's a good change.

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A change that's welcome and a change that honestly never should have happened in the first place from the original war zone, but now we know 30 m is the maximum, and we also know that they will only deactivate based on the distance into the gas as opposed to how much time they've been in the gas. If it's less than 30 m into the gas but it's there for an hour, it won't deactivate.

There is also a new UI for bus stations to make them easier to navigate and have less trouble on that front. Sliding in the game has just received a buff and a nerf as well. You will actually slide further or less depending on the incline or decline of the object that you're sliding on, so if you slide downstairs, you will slide further.

If you slide up a hill, you will slide less, or if you slide down a hill, you will slide more. This doesn't appear to affect the momentum of the slide, and you won't necessarily slide quicker or faster, but the amount of distance that you cover in that slide can be greatly increased or reduced. The smoke grenade meta in the war zone is finally being addressed.

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Now I've always felt the smoke grenade guns were necessary in the current version of War Zone because of the lack of movement, but we're getting movement back, and with that, we're getting a smoke grenade. Nerf, the amount of duration a smoke grenade now lasts has been reduced by 20%, and this should make smoke grenades less spammy and less prevalent in the map.

This should strike a really nice middle ground between having good movement to allow you to escape gunfights and smoke grenades that aren't too overbearing or too overwhelming in combat situations. If you're somebody who hates zones that end up randomly in the oan for no apparent reason, there will now be less extreme first circles in all versions of War Zone towards the end of Al Mazra.

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It honestly felt like we spent most of our time fighting in the ocean or fighting vaguely on a coastline. That has now changed; there should be less extreme first circles and more general variation in where those circles go, much like the buy stations. You're going to see a huge change with redeploy drones if you've ever been in a situation where you've run up to a redeploy drone and it randomly just disappears or gets rid of the cave.

The New version of Warzone is releasing, but Raven Software dropped a new list of changes that the call of duty modern warfare 3 variant of Warzone will be fixing! - Here are all the changes and fixes coming to Urzikstan.
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