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Mw3 season 3 early access download & file size

Mw3 season 3 early access download & file size

Welcome back to a brand new article today. We have a couple of topics to go over, including our first look at the Black Cell, the new trailer that Call of Duty dropped, and we are also going to talk about Early Access for the season 3 update, a brand new update that went live today for April Fools, and some free rewards that you'll be able to claim right now.

So we'll go over all of that in today's article. Also, a quick reminder Be sure to check out yesterday's article. We went over all 150 plus free rewards that are going to be available in the MW3 season 3 update, and these rewards start with some that you can actually get right now before season 3: live, everything else to expect with Camos operators, and all that good stuff.


The update is going to go live on April 3rd, which is this coming Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard time, starting around the day before we're going to get access to the early download, depending on the platform that you are on with the last couple of title updates. It looks like Battlenet was the first to gain early access over the other platforms, around 24 hours before the update would go live.

battl net would have a pre- early download to pretty much start and complete it and usually what would happen is PlayStation would end up getting it around midnight so, like around 6 to 7 hours before the update itself actually goes live PlayStation would start seeing it and then Xbox and steam wouldn't really get that early access until the update itself, is fully out for those of you guys who are on PlayStation and battl net you will get to download the massive part of the update first and then there will be a simple playlist update requires restart type of thing that will happen at 9:00 a.

m You need to do that and then you'll be able to access the game in terms of the file size we're expecting it to be anywhere from 15 to 30 gbt it really depends on the platform I know Xbox sometimes gets outrageous sizes where it's like 70 to 100 GB. That usually only happens when they're trying to shrink the file size of Call of Duty as a whole.

They'll sort of make you like redownloading the entire thing to shrink it down a little bit, so it saves you a little bit of storage. If that is the case, then it's probably going to be around 70 to 100 GB. If they don't do that, then it's similar to the other updates that we saw with season 2 and season 1, and those were around 20 to 25.

In terms of early access gameplay, I do remember if you were on PlayStation, and they gave you that early pre-download. You were able to go offline, play, and actually get to try out the new maps as well as the brand new weapons. Although your level doesn't progress, you're not able to play online, and you're really not able to do anything other than simply try out the weapons on bots and inspect them.

I'm not entirely sure if they still do that. I do remember Modern Warfare 2 giving you access to that, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it with Modern Warfare.

Mors sniper early gameplay showcase

Mors sniper early gameplay showcase

3 In terms of Early Access content. I did find a bunch of different articles that showcase some season 3 weapons as well as maps and things like that early, so I'm going to go ahead and showcase that for you guys.

The first one that we have is the sniper rifle. They showed it two different times. The first time, when they did an Intel drop for Rebirth Island, they showcased a little short clip of what the weapon looks like in first person, as if you were holding on to it, and then over on Twitter, they ended up dropping a little short clip of what the brand new sniper rifle is going to sound like and the differences.

Between the MW 3s and the one we had from advanced warfare, let me go ahead and let you guys hear this. I definitely think that they did the more sniper rifle Justice; it sounds like that hard-hitting sniper that I remember from AW. And it is going to be a one-shot weapon, but they ended up providing an additional photo.

Slammer actually tweeted at Jeev and said, Yo, Jeev, this one's on the house, and this was actually a bolt attachment. They posted a photo of a quickbolt; it says a lightweight bolt that improves rechambering speed, and you can see that it has two rechambering speeds, but then it lowers the rechambering.

Accuracy: Based on the feedback that this tweet got, so many people were so excited about it that it actually ended up getting more likes than the original Sniper being showcased. We were scared that they would probably ruin some of the original weapons. With all these extra changes that they make, it may not even feel like that same weapon anymore, but that's what you need to know in regards to early footage and early access for that sniper rifle.

New season 3 maps early gameplay showcase

New season 3 maps early gameplay showcase

On top of that, they ended up showcasing some other clips, which I don't think are as insane, but we have Rebirth Island being showcased. The New Remastered. Pois. What it looks like now on top of that, we also got some early-look photos of the brand new maps earlier this morning. They dropped a new blog post, and this one pretty much went over the new maps and the content.

These photos that you're seeing right here are pretty much the blog post. Usually, what they'll do is, on Mondays, they'll drop the battle pass information, and on Tuesdays, they'll drop the map information. This time around they switched it around. I'm guessing because today's April Fools, and I guess it's not a good idea for them to market it, but instead they actually did give us a little short sneak peek of Black Cell, and this is a little 30 second long trailer that they ended up dropping to showcase what Black Cell is going to contain.

Season 3 blackcell early trailer showcase

cod update download

We're obviously going to have a little bit more details tomorrow, but this is the footage that we have right here for the first time ever. It doesn't look like black cells are going to have that weird-looking aura that they usually have, like black smoke or golden smoke. I know many people are fans of the black cell, but they just don't like that little aura that they put on it, but this time around they're not doing that.

You can see here that they have, like, a little Nano. Microballs, or something like that, that are flying around the entire operator are filled with There's also some just floating around their heads. I guess that's a little animation aura that they're doing for this one, but then you notice in the very beginning of the trailer that it's glowing a goldish and a little bit of blue, and then towards the end it's also glowing once again, not as bright as you would expect.

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