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Yo here today with the ram 7, on Modern Warfare 3 season 3, and we got a new class seter for you to give a try, and we're going to show you a little bit of what that looks like before we get into that right. Here.

Ram 7 class setup

All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go ahead and get into the RAM 7 class setup.

The first attachment we're going to go ahead and get into is going to be the X10, FL 3 heavy barrel. This barrel is an attachment that is going to help out the recoil control tremendously, but your mobility and handling will go down because it makes that gun heavier. The second attachment is one of my favorites for all my weapons, the Zen 35 compensator flash hider and muzzle.

best class setup modern warfare 3

This muzzle is going to give even more recoil control to your weapon, making this thing an absolute beam with a little bit of a decrease to your range and handling. The third attachment is very simple: the 40-round mag. This gun and most other weapons, when they have the default clip in them, are not enough ammo, or I feel like I'm reloading too much, so I always throw on an extra 10 or 20 bullets so I can get extra kills in a clip.

The attachment we have on here today is the Honker 5 stock pad. This is another weapon that is going to do some recoil control boost, but this time instead of to the horizontal vertical, it's going to be to the recoil, gun kick, and then you have a little bit of other things that go down, not too much.

The fifth and final attachment we have today is the retortor. 90-grip tape This is going to do even more to your recoil control; horizontal and vertical, all these attachments stack up, making this thing an absolute beam at pretty much any range, so you can get easy kills with little to no effort.

Put on these five attachments. Try it out for yourself. We also have a back pocket. Retti pistol stung grenade frag grenade ammo box scavenger gloves I like to do this combination so I never run out of ammo on my streaks. Covert sneakers I keep saying convert sneakers. I did get corrected, so I saw that I have a really bad habit of saying convert covert sneakers, which makes you run around the map silently, and then EOD padding going to help you survive any explosives.

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South Park has these new Kenny control freaks. If you guys were wanting to try out any new control freaks, these ones are some of the coolest ones I've ever seen, and you should definitely give them a go and cop some. Let's go ahead and get into this nuke gameplay. Make sure to drop a like.

Ram 7 class nuke gameplay

On, I got it. I'm calling him right now. GG's, nice that's back to back, let's go kill confirm that the game was about to end in like nine tags or something, so way to move a little quickly, GE freaking.

the META RAM 7 in SEASON 3 MW3! Best RAM 7 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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