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Ladies and gentlemen I think these are my favorite kind of articles to make, and the reason why I say that is because they tie together two really interesting Easter eggs that have been hidden in the season 3 trailers. On top of that, I post things along those lines, and on top of that, I combine the story of Call of Duty, which is what we'd like to do on this channel.

There's a lot of these little Easter eggs hidden throughout the trailers, and most of them stem from the Rebirth Island trailer, and we kind of talked about some of them, but what I wanted to do in this article was go over these three-ish, different things that's a little bit more than that are hidden within the trailer and show you what they mean for the story of Call of Duty moving forward, because some of them have some really, really big implications.

Bigger than you may believe, and of course, once the season 3 cinematics are in the season and we get the Easter eggs within the season. I will be able to make an even more detailed article on each of these things. I think each of these things we're going to talk about today kind of deserves its own article.

atlas corporation modern warfare 3

I just don't have all the information yet, so let me show you what I'm talking about. Clearly, this has fallen off the side of the room, and this is a giant plate for, of course, Pereus. Now, really, this logo being here shouldn't be a surprise. We know that Rebirth Island in the Cold War was used for Nova 6 gas, and Pereus was kind of the one behind it.

Perseus was working with Dragovich and Steiner to create Nova 6 Gas, and alongside Stitch, they did so on Rebirth Island, so to see this logo fall off the side is no surprise whatsoever. But I want you to pay close attention to a couple things. In this logo, you have the spinning atoms going around the outside.

You have, of course, the percussive kind of logo in the middle, as well as the toxic symbol in the middle. This is going to come back in a minute, just to be clear. The Percus logo from Cold War is this one that you were looking at here; it's that symbol with the kind of shield patch. Right here now, there was also another logo introduced for Rebirth Island.

atlas corporation mw3

Back in Black Ops Cold War, and it is this one that you can see here; it kind of has the hammer and sickle; it has the atoms going around the outside to combine like nuclear, with of course Nova 6 and the whole backstory. So this Pereus logo that we see on the floor here is a combination of Pereus as well as the Rebirth Island logo.

Now, my prediction for what is going to happen with Macarroov is that I've said this over a year ago that I think Marov is actually a member of Perseus, and that is where his story is going moving forward, and this actually gives us more evidence of this because by the very end of the trailer, we see this logo.

Now I couldn't figure out what this logo was at first, but if you take the Rebirth Island from Black Ops Cold War, you have the spinning atoms on top of that and the stars in the corners there, and then have a look at the Coney Ultra nationalist logo, where they have the snake head specifically, with the sword down the middle and the red and black.


Combine the two together, and what do you get? this logo, so we know that the Con Alter nationalists are on Rebirth Island, and we know that they have now combined their logo with the Rebirth Island logo, meaning Coney Alter nationalists are most likely making Nova 6 gas. Originally, when we saw the first trailer for Rebirth Island and Macarrov was making a return, my guess was that he was going there to get his hands on Nova 6 gas and use it in a certain way that's going to progress the story forward, maybe framing years EX.

stand, and just to be clear, we do see this logo all over the place; it's on the computers throughout the trailer, and I think we're going to see it more and more in that combination of the Cony Group Rebirth Island logo, and clearly they are working on something here. Okay, so that's not the only interesting thing that we've seen through these teasers.

There's another really big one because when we got the blog post, we got to see all of the weapons that were being added into the game, and a lot of them are actually from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. But here's the interesting thing when we saw the image of the Bal 27. There is a logo that you may recognize on the side, and that is Atlas Corporation.

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If you're new to Call of Duty and you don't know what Atlas Corporation is, it was essentially the main group from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, the same game that Batt 27 was from. They were the weapons makers; they made a bunch of things like EXO suits. Don't worry, we'll come back to that one, but seemingly, what this means is that Atlas Corporation from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is now in the same universe as Modern Warfare.

However, there's a really big problem with this. I've had a ton of people tweet at me since this came out, saying that this means that Advanced Warfare is canonically in the Call of Duty Cinematic Universe and a part of the overall Modern Warfare in Black Ops timeline. However, there's a very big problem with this, and this deserves its own article.

huge season 3 secrets revealed

Don't worry; we'll do that. But the thing is, Atlas Corporation, as said in Advanced Warfare, wasn't founded until the year 2035. What that means is that this timeline is not the same as the original Advanced Warfare timeline. This means that yes, the characters in Advanced Warfare might be in this timeline as well, but the game itself is not the same; the timeline does not add up, which means that yes.

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Advanced Warfare could be in this universe, but it won't be exactly the same as how they rebooted. Modern Warfare with this Modern Warfare Trilogy the same characters different timeline different story but Atlas Corporation is 100% a part of that so we have one more thing hidden on that rebirth Island trailer in this trailer they're showing off several different locations showing what is there and we see some changes that have happened since the Cold War on rebirth Island now we get to a specific location called the control center and inside it we see a bunch of different things but if you take a closer look at one point what we see inside of a bunch of glass containers besides some computers are none other than EXO suits from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare the things that made you be able to hippity hop around and boost jump and things like that yeah they are hidden on rebirth Island now originally I was going to say that hey maybe this means that there's going to be an event coming to Modern Warfare where there is Boost jumps because keep in mind Sledgehammer the people that are behind Modern Warfare 3 right now were the ones that made Advanced Warfare therefore they would know how to implement this kind of pogo stick movement that I like to call it from Advanced Warfare.

Today we look at some huge secrets hidden in the Season 3 trailers for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. When these secrets are revealed they will show Perseus, Atlas Corporation and more in Modern Warfare 3. I hope you enjoy.
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