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bandits breath blueprint

This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about some exciting new content that you guys have been waiting for in Modern Warfare 3. Drop a like, and as a big reminder, today is a brand new episode of the Bomb Show podcast. Depending on when you're watching this article, the episode may have already been streamed live here on the channel, but in case you're watching this article right as it goes up, the live stream should begin in around 90 minutes from now. Also, as a reminder, a couple days ago.

Icymi: sbmm ␜turned off␝ ??

Icymi: sbmm ␜turned off␝ ??

I posted a article talking about how a component of skill-based matchmaking has been turned off for select players around the world, and that is the fact that some players are now getting a prompt to stay within the same lobby. After their match is over, that literally turns off a part of SBMM, which is crazy and goes against what we did learn about matchmaking a couple of months ago when Activision put out a statement.

Spmm will obviously be in every single Cod moving forward, but it's cool they're experimenting with turning a component off with their new system, which I think is still a good step in the right direction. Now, we of course have plenty of brand new content going up over on detonated decom for those that want some article coverage of multiplayer.

Loadout CDL. War Zone, and zombies-ranked Loadout CDL. War Zone Mobile, plus plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated.

Free camo for winning high trip.


Twitter Now, as we reported a couple of days ago, there were some data miners on Twitter who did claim that with the brand new high trip revival mode, if you completed a game and then won a game, you would get two different rewards.

With one of them being a pretty cool-looking Universal camo, it's actually the same camo that you can use for free on the blueprints you spawn within this LTM. For whatever reason you don't get anything for completing a match or winning a game of this LTM, there aren't any secret challenges that the community has discovered either, but funny enough, some craters that I know did reach out to Activision and asked about whether or not there are meant to be any secret challenges.

And they actually responded by saying that they're working on a fix for what appears to be the ability to unlock a camo by winning a match, so definitely expect an update with this LTM, maybe over the course of this weekend or even later today. I'll be streaming this LTM again at some point soon, whenever they do fix that, but it was a ton of fun playing with friends.

It's obviously a very sweaty mode if you're jumping in solo. You guys probably saw my experiences on stream, but either way, it's still a cool little LTM to experience for the next 12 or so days now.

Free bandit's breath blueprint & more

Free bandit's breath blueprint & more

There is a brand new blueprint known as Bandits Breath, I believe, for the LG, and this is only available through War Zone Mobile. There is an event called the Assassin that just went live as of last night, and I made a Wars mobile article yesterday for those interested in the brand new keep system.

It's kind of like how lucky draws work from Cod Mobile; it's definitely a system that is here to stay, and it's essentially the new version of gambling since supply drops haven't been in Call of Duty in many years. This is like the new version of supply drops but for mobile, and there's a pretty cool event that did go live, which is actually free, called the Assassin, and you have to go and get, and you have to go ahead and get 150, 000 event points, but like I mentioned before, with previous Wars of Mobile events, the way in which you get event points will be different with each event.

modern warfare 3

I know Operation Day Zero requires you to go ahead and complete a bunch of contracts; the event a couple weeks ago, known as the recruit, required you to get kills and do damage against enemies, whereas the event that just started yesterday does require you to go ahead and use kill streaks, complete scavenger contracts, and even get assistance, so again, every single week with the new Wars of Mobile event, you have to do different tasks to unlock different event points.

New modes coming to mw3 & warzone

Now With the launch of season 3, a bunch of leaks did surface on Twitter in regards to upcoming Modern Warfare 3 content, and I think these leaks do warrant an individual article, so obviously we'll recap some of this info as we get closer to season 4, which is when I think most of this content is going to drop, but first off, a new playlist for multiplayer.

We have Operation Fusion, which I believe is a brand new war map. We have the exposed Mosh Pit, which I believe is some type of LTM for rebirth that I guess allows you to spawn in with a bunch of visibility items, like a spotter grenade or something along those lines. I'm not exactly sure how the mode will work, but I'm guessing the ground loot and your inventory you spawn in with will be unique in this LTM.

We then have what is called 9v9, War, which is really exciting because, for whatever reason, in Modern Warfare 3, War mode is a 6v6 mode when it feels like it should be something like 9v9 or 10v10. Luckily, that's a mode that's coming at some point, and I think that's appropriate considering we have some good war maps in this game right now with another one that's reportedly on the way, and lastly, we have the barebones MOs pit.

I'm not exactly sure what will be featured. I'm not exactly sure what's going to be in this barebones playlist, but it sounds like it is going to be for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, not war.

Ims killstreak returning to mw3 multiplayer

Ims killstreak returning to mw3 multiplayer

Zone What's also interesting is that the IMs kill streak from the original Modern Warfare 3 (2011) is set to make a return in this new iteration of the game, so it looks like it'll probably end up being an armory unlock either midseason 3 or probably the start of season 4.

I think anytime they add in new kill streaks or equipment, that'll be through the armory unlock system, which requires you to go ahead and complete some daily challenges to get armory points, which you'll then automatically unlock. Whatever item you have in your queue. I believe if you don't have any item in your queue in the armory unlock system, it'll just auto-unlock the item as you complete daily challenges or complete matches.

mw3 advanced warfare season

So that's going to be pretty cool and a very likely easy unlock, but the IMs were a pretty frustrating killstreak back in the day if you guys happened to walk near them. I think the cluster mine itself is kind of like the new iteration of it for this game, but the classic IMS is set to return to MW3 multiplayer.

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