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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about everything we know so far about the season 3 Battle Pass for Modern Warfare 3. Drop a like, and also, as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new content going up on {657} for those that want additional coverage of multiplayer War Zone and zombies, plus we get plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated.

Now I've had plenty of news roundups about season 3 thus far, and I'll be making even more articles like that once we do learn more information, but I posted a concept art road map based on all the information that we know so far for our third season and made a dedicated article just about zombies, then the operators.

And I got some other content for War Zone Mobile also on Deck, as that game does globally release this Thursday, March 21st.

Upcoming trailers, blogs & marketing

Upcoming trailers, blogs & marketing

But in terms of upcoming marketing for season 3, it should be around March 27th, which is when we end up getting a full road map and blog post reveal for our third season. It might be a day or two after that; it depends. Since the Vortex event is scheduled to go live on March 27th as well, that probably won't affect marketing for season 3.

They'll probably just drop randomly while the marketing is going on, but just in case that affects something, we could be getting marketing as late as maybe the 28th. But yeah, that should be around an exact week before the start of season 3, which is April 3rd, but as far as battle pass marketing goes, we typically get that a good day before the launch of a new season, so definitely expect a battle pass dedicated blog post and trailer on around April 2nd.

It could even be a bit sooner than that, but this should be when we get some cosmetic type of marketing.

Free blueprints & rewards (major 2)


For an upcoming content drop , but I also want to remind you guys about Major 2 for those that keep up with the competitive scene. CDL Major 2 does begin on March 21st and does end on March 24th.

As per usual, there's going to be drops, and you have to make sure you link your Activision account to your YouTube so that while you're watching CDL Major 2, you're clocking in those hours, and that's progressing you towards unlocking a bunch of different rewards. It's pretty easy to go ahead and get these, and if you guys are maybe gaming in the background or working on something else, just have CDL Major 2 up on a different monitor, and in no time you'll get all these brand new rewards, and there's of course going to be a couple of other Majors after the second one up until five, and then you can go ahead and get even more free blueprints.

Double XP tokens, emblems, calling cards, and possibly even charms I'll keep you guys posted with more information about the CDL as we learn more. But now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {657}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or banable methods and will actually help you play the game.

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3+ operators in the season 3 battlepass

3+ operators in the season 3 battlepass

Jumping into the season 3 Battle Pass, there's actually a decent amount of information known about what may be featured in our third pass here, so first off, as I mentioned in a previous article talking about season 3 operators, as of now, it's looking like a major season in terms of crossover skins.

Not much is known about the actual original operators coming to the game; there are code names that were discovered, such as Romeo Summer and Fall. It's unclear if all three of those are for season 3 or if just one of those will be because, as we've seen with modern warfare 3's past two seasons, we'll end up getting one to two new original operators in our featured battle pass, and then season two brought us the idea of a crossover skin.

modern warfare 3 season 3

Within the pass itself, and that was Rick Grimes last season, so in terms of season 3, we could be seeing Romeo summer or fall again; those are code names; we could be seeing one of those individuals. And maybe it's somebody that we've been waiting for that we wanted to become playable inside of the mod Warfare series or a brand new character entirely.

Snoop dogg or cheech and chong

On top of that, when you look at the crossover operators coming, we know Devin Booker could be ruled out since he's been leaked out as a season 3 Reloaded content drop, so that's going to be at some point in May. We talked about that a little bit in a previous article, so he won't be in the battle pass, but what about Chichin Chong or Snoop Dogg?

There may be a 420-type celebration in Call of Duty or something bigger than what we've ever seen. I think it's possible that one of those collabs could end up being a part of this battle pass. I think if it was going to be anybody else, that probably would have leaked by now, but I'm sure they could either do Chich and Chong as separate bundles, or we end up seeing both of them in different sectors.

That would be a crazy way to step up the collaboration we just got into. Rick, we did get some zombies and Walking Dead-themed cosmetics throughout the season 2 battle pass or things that at least felt like fit in the Walking Dead universe, but we then had that one sector for Rick; he was an instant unlock upon tier zero, and then you could of course get a black cell variant for him.

Maybe Chichin Chong will end up being in some different sectors, or they just go with Snoop Dogg considering that we already had him as an operator in Vanguard, and then in Mon Warfare 2, he carried forward from MW2 to MW3. So they're probably not going to have anything major for Snoop in season 3. I don't think it's going to be a separate operator; it's probably just a skin or an alternate look for the operator that already exists, but if you didn't buy Snoop last year, then this would be your only opportunity to then buy.

Crossover skins in all battlepassses ??

Crossover skins in all battlepassses ??

Snoop Dog So I think it's certainly possible that we end up getting maybe a new trend moving forward, where with every new battle pass we get at least one of the new operators is going to be somebody that's part of some licensed collaboration.

That's probably what Call of Duty wants to do moving forward, but there's.

Blackcell abolisher getting another skin

There is also a rumor that, in terms of how many skins are coming in season 3, one of those is going to be for the abolisher. And that would be pretty odd because I don't think we've seen a black cell skin or a black cell operator get an alternative look in a separate season.

Apparently, he's getting a new look, and it's unclear who the new black-sell operator is going to be for our third season. I mean, is it possible they just end up bringing out a different look for an existing black cell operator?

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