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Now we know the exact release date of season 1 reloaded, and this is actually going to be next week, on the 17th of January. Without further ado, let's just dive right into the information, keeping in mind we're not going to be talking about war zones just for anybody that may be here for that. I don't play War Zone.

I don't cover the war zone. This is all about multiplayer.

New 6v6 map (rio)

New 6v6 map (rio)

And the first thing to point out here is that the new map Rio is coming to the game, and I've actually got a little bit of gameplay on Rio from when I got to visit the Sledgehammer Studio just before season 1 launched, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing this map.

I think I only managed to play like a game and a half on Rio, so I do want to get some more.

Game modes

Hands-On time with that next we have game modes that are coming with season 1, and most of these modes have at least been mentioned in passing in the past, so they went into a bit more detail. The first mode that's coming with the reloaded update is team gunfight.

And instead of it being 2v2, where you're limited to the gunfight maps that were made specifically for gunfights, this is actually going to be a 6v6 version of gunfight on the regular 6v6 maps; now with this, all of the players will be spawning in with the exact same loadout, and it will be randomized.

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Loadout at the start of each round, and those loadouts will rotate as you go throughout the match as well, and essentially from there, it's just like gunfighting: you have to eliminate the enemy team before they eliminate your team, and it's a round base mode. Then, it looks like headquarters is going to be returning as a mode, and this is a mode we've seen for many, many years in Call of Duty, but for those of you guys that aren't familiar with headquarters, with this, the objective point will rotate around the map, and essentially, once that objective point becomes active, you have to capture that objective, and once you do, that's when you start getting points for your team.

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However, the moment you capture it, your team doesn't get to respawn until the enemy team recaptures it, either from you, kind of destroys it, or just stops the headquarters. And it is worth noting that the other team can continue respawning, so you kind of just have to cap that and then hold it for as long as you possibly can until your team is WIP wiped out, and then once that current objective is destroyed, it will move to a different location, and it just repeats itself till the score limit is reached.

And then finally, for the modes that are coming with the season 1 reloaded update, we've got infected. And with this, we didn't really get any additional details as to how they plan on handling infected, but this is going to be the standard version of infected, not like that holiday version we had where the infected players had snowballs.

For me personally, I always really look forward to being infected. It's always nice to go to that place where it's just super chill. It doesn't matter if you get infected or if you survive; at least in my experience. I like playing as both, and it's just a nice laidback experience where you don't have to be focusing like you're on the main stage of a tournament.

Now, in saying that, infected seems to swing wildly between games; in some Call of Duty games, infected plays incredibly well, whereas in others it just isn't the same sort of experience and it doesn't play very well, so I'm definitely curious to see how it ends up playing out in this game. I'm really hoping we get more than like two or three set loadouts for infected, like we had last year, but I guess time will tell, and I am looking forward to checking this out once it drops.

The boys event & limited time mode

The boys event & limited time mode

And with this, the part I really like is that there are a bunch of event challenges that are specific to this mode, and if you complete all six of the challenges, you end up getting a special LMG blueprint.

And the challenges are as follows: The first one is to get one operator for heat vision elimination in that special mode. The next one is to deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using DOS, and then we have to get four operator eliminations using the MTZ 762. Get two operator eliminations in a single life with the overkill vest equipped five times, then you have to get 15 operator akimbo eliminations, and then finally you have to get seven operator eliminations using lethal equipment.

So all of these seem like pretty simple challenges to complete; anybody can easily hop on and get them done, and personally. I really like events like this, especially ones that have unique challenges instead of just earning a certain amount of XP, which is the current event that we have right now.

This one actually requires you to think a little bit about what you're doing in order to complete that challenge; it's not just going to get completed by playing the game normally, so that's pretty cool. I'm definitely looking forward to.

Ranked play confirmed!

Ranked play confirmed!

Next, let's talk a little bit about ranked play. Ranked play is coming with season 1 reloaded. However, it won't be available unless you've reached level 55, which I think is a good thing. I think you should at least have the basics mastered, and generally people can do that by level 55, and this is just a proper rank-play system.

As far as I can tell, it looks like it's going to work pretty similar, if not the same, as the Modern Warfare 2 ranked play, which honestly, I think is great. I think last year's system was one of the better systems that we've ever seen in the Call of Duty franchise. When it comes to a rank-play system, my only really big concern here is the cheating situation.

They really have to get that under control, especially in those higher ranks, because with rank-play comes an increased incentive for people to cheat.

2 new guns & how to get them

But then finally, with the season one reloaded update, we're getting two new guns and the HRM 9 SMG. And they describe this as having a high fire rate, excellent handling, and mobility, so presumably not dealing a high amount of damage per shot, but you get a high fire rate, and it's very mobile.

With this one, they have confirmed that it will be available with just an armory unlock challenge, and then for the second gun that we're getting with season 1 reloaded, this is the TAC evolver. And this is a multi-caliber LMG, so you can swap between 762 and 556. It looks like just one attachment chain, and with this one, it's going to be unlockable with a weekly challenge.

Another broken weekly reward.

Another broken weekly reward.

Speaking of weekly challenges, the new weekly challenge was activated today for the AM9. It's that double barrel kit, and unfortunately, just like with the Tier aftermarket part from a few weeks ago, this doesn't actually unlock once you complete the challenge.

Season 1 Reloaded for Modern Warfare III was officially revealed and is coming next Wednesday, January 17th. Today, I wanted to share all of the important details of this big update.
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