News - Warzone 2 - Free Mirror Weapon Unlock (30. Limited Time Rewards)


There are over 30 new, limited-time free items you can get for Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare zombies are war zones, and some of these items you only have one day to get, and if you miss that day, you'll never be able to get them again. One of them is this mired SMG, a blueprint that looks pretty cool, and a bunch of other different items.

So starting off, let's go over the Twitch viewership rewards. For these, you have to make sure you have your Activision account linked with your Twitch account. That way, when you claim these rewards, they actually show up in-game for you. You've got to watch a Twitch streamer who's currently live, playing in the correct mode, and has drops enabled.

I'm going to be streaming a ton in both categories. This time the rewards are a little bit different because there's two separate categories, meaning depending on whether you're watching someone play in Call of Duty War Zone, you're going to be unlocking different rewards than what you would get if you're watching Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

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So in War Zone, this one's a little bit different for some reason. All of the rewards you get are anime-themed, and this one doesn't have any blueprints, whereas the other rewards have blueprints in them, so if you're an anime enthusiast, these rewards are going to be pretty; I guess they'll be great for you if that's what you're looking for.

However, these rewards seem to be bugged. I've already gone out of my way; I've unlocked all these, and these rewards don't show up in the game yet. They should hopefully be fixed at some point in the future, but if you're trying to unlock them, don't be surprised if you go and get them right now.

If they're not usable in the game, here's a better look at the rewards you get, and to get all of these, you have to watch the stream for a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes; that doesn't have to be consecutively. You can watch for an hour now, then come back and watch for a few hours later. In total, if you want all the items, it's going to take 4 hours and 30 minutes of watching.

Each milestone is going to get you a different reward, so one of these you're going to get for 30 minutes, another one you're going to get for an hour, and all the way up to 4 hours and 30 minutes, there's two calling cards, two emblems, a weapon vinyl, a loading screen, and three different charms here.

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It's a very interesting set of rewards to be for the season 1 set of War Zone watch rewards, but hey, if you want any of these items, that's how you get them. You get to watch someone who's playing with drops enabled, streaming on Twitch in the war zone category. Next, we've got the Modern Warfare 3 set of Twitch viewership rewards, and this is the same deal.

You have to watch someone who's live on Twitch with drops enabled. But this time they have to be playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There's only three rewards you get for this, but in my opinion, these are better for watching 2 hours. You're going to get the charm for 4 hours, which gets you the weapon vinyl.

If you watch the stream for 6 hours, you're going to get this blueprint right here, and all of these rewards work. As soon as you get them and claim them, you can use them in the game right away. This is what the blueprint and charm you get look like in the game; it's not terrible but pretty basic.

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Here's how the camos look on the blueprint, and they look fairly interesting on it now to clear up confusion. Even though some of these rewards can only be gained from watching a war zone stream, others can only be gotten from watching Modern Warfare 3 streams. Once you unlock these rewards, you'll be able to use them in both modes, so even though you have to watch a Modern Warfare 3 stream to get these items, once you've unlocked them, you'll be able to use them in the war zone and vice versa.

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Once you unlock these rewards, you'll be able to use them in Modern Warfare 3. So when it comes to the Twitch drops, there's one last thing you have to do after you've watched to unlock the rewards: you have to claim them, so you have to click on your profile up here and go to drops in rewards. I'm not sure why they make you claim them, but if you just watch and don't claim them, you're not going to get the items, and if you wait too long after this event ends if you haven't claimed them by then, when they eventually time out, you're not going to be able to just save them up there and claim them forever, so make sure to go and claim them right after you get them.

This event lasts all the way until January 2nd, so you have till January 2nd to watch a Twitch stream to get these rewards, and after that point in time after January 2nd, you'll probably never be able to earn these items again. We're going to be streaming a ton, and we're going to be switching the category back and forth so you can get all of these items just by watching the one Twitch stream.

Moving on to the next set of limited-time rewards. We've got the CDL major viewership rewards, and these ones you have to watch on a specific date at a specific time to get, and if you miss this time and date, you probably will never be able to get these items again. For this, you've got to watch it on {341}.


It's not Twitch this time around; this is only for YouTube. How it works: You have to sign up. You have to have an Activision account. If you're watching this article, you probably have an activis account. Then you've got to link your accounts. You have to link your YouTube account with your Activision account.

You have to click this button. It'll take you through the different steps. If you haven't done that before, then you earn rewards, so you got to watch on these different dates and times you have to watch. YouTube. Com/Cod leak It can't be any YouTube streamer; you can't just watch a YouTube stream; it specifically has to be {341} Cod League, and you have to watch the live broadcast.

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You can't watch a random article on this channel; you have to watch the live stream now for the rewards you can get on Friday, December 88th, starting at 12:00 p.m. PT If you watch for 1 hour, you'll get a 60-minute double XP token. Watching for 1 hour in 30 minutes is going to get you the clutch or kick emblem; watching for 2 hours is going to get you the shoot frag celebrate calling card; and you don't have to claim these; you just have to watch for the required amount of time, and it's automatically going to be added to your account.

You only have to claim rewards on Twitch on Saturday, December 9th, starting at 12:00 p. M pt, watching for 1 hour is going to get you a 60-minute double-weapon XP token. 1 hour and 30 minutes is going to get you the Galaxy Brain Calling Card. Watching for 2 hours is going to get you the Sh animated emblem.

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