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And my concern is with this. As you can see, it's going to one-shot zombies like a normal shotgun would in Tier 1 zone from up close, especially with a head shot, but as you can see, it only comes with about 20 bullets in the magazine, which really isn't ideal. And I'm going to test if we can actually pick ammo up from zombies like this bit of ammo here.

If we pick this up, as you can see, it didn't go towards the shotgun ammo on the gun, which is a little bit frustrating because it means every time we want to reload this or we run out of ammo, every time we want more ammo for this thing, we are going to have to head to an ammo crate that is scattered around the map, but it's not ideal because, of course, if I'm fighting Mega Abomination or I'm fighting some of the bigger zombies.

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I don't want to be running around trying to find ammo crates in the middle of these big fights, and as you can see again, the ammo stuff just doesn't go towards this shotgun, which is why it's probably not going to work against the Mega Abomination. But that does not mean we are not going to be trying out and trying it against some bounties, and then also going through Pack-a-Punch and upgrading in the rarity of it and just seeing how good this thing really can be once we do Pack-a-Punch it and up the rarity of the gun, because I've got a feeling it's going to be pretty solid.

However, just like the flamethrower attachment, you can't get more ammo from this unless you actually visit an ammo crate in the game, which is slightly frustrating. We're going to see how we can get on with this and just how well it will work, so Step One is, of course, trying to get this thing packed and upgrading the rarity.

And then we can start testing it to see how good this thing really can be once we have gone through the ranks with it as well. It had some really good feedback on the last two zombie articles I have done like this, where we just go ahead and try out a different gun, we pack-a-punch it, and all that sort of stuff, and then give it sort of good tests.

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I'm going to go ahead and complete a couple of contracts to get this thing packed and just see what it can do, so I also just picked up some ammo. I think I had three ammo in my thing, and I've just gone and picked one of those ammo crates up, and I've only got four more bullets for it, so I don't even get the full thing replenished.

It is literally only going to be a couple of bullets that we do get, which is why it's going to make it very difficult to take against a mega-abomination. But we're still going to test it against the tier 2 zombies and things like that and just see how good this thing really is going to be, so we put out the shotgun tier 2 zombie with full health; it's going to be a one-shot, two-shot.

It's not looking strong already. I mean, obviously, it's not pack-a-punch. The Rarity hasn't been upgraded at all, so you know we do sort of need to do that to actually be VI viable against the stronger zombies, so we're going to do that. Now I'll complete some contracts, get some money, and need to give Pack-a-Punch it and see what we're working with.


Okay, so we've just pack-a-punched this bad boy, and now we're going to see what it can do against a Tier 2 zombie this time around and see if it's going to do any more damage than it did last time you saw it took a lot of bullets in the last time without it being pack-a-punched. So now let's see with it being pack-a-punched so it's going to be a two shotg an armor, and a one shot against a normal zombie so it's pretty solid so far it does actually as you can see upgrade with Pack-a-Punch is and upgrading the Rarity of the gun and stuff like that so our main objective is to go through loot as much as we can get as much money together as we can get this thing all the way up to the Pack-a-Punch take it into the tier three Zone and just see if it can do any sort of damage to a mega Abomination or anything in the tier three zone, so already one thing I will say is this doesn't seem like the most viable option to run in Game of course because it doesn't carry that much ammo however if you're using a gun that can have this as an under Barrel attachment it can be very useful.

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And the reason for that is that if you do end up running out of ammo and you have a lot of zombies around you, you can quite simply switch to them and then just shoot your opponents with four extra bullets, which is going to make it much easier to actually get out of situations. With how strong this shotgun does seem to be, it should actually make this much easier, and it should also be very viable to have as a secondary option rather than pulling out your secondary.

Okay, so we've now got enough cash to pack-a-punch it to tier 2, and as you can see, we've got it up to a rare rarity, so we've managed to get the rarity up a little bit just from a tool that I found throughout doing some contracts, and then of course we've got some cash together to about to go and pack-a-punch this thing up to level two, and then we can finally see what it does to tier 2 and see if it is going to absolutely start melting, especially in the tier 2 zone.

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It was one shot in anyway, so we need to sort of test this in the Tier 3 zone already, which is kind of crazy to say I'm going to go Tier 3 with a Tier 2 pack-a-punch because normally. I like to be nice and prepared and have a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch. But I don't think we're going to get the cash together that quickly, so I think we might just run into the Tier 3 Zone and see how we get on with this in the Tier 3 Zone without any other upgrades.

And again, like I said. I would try and take something called an AER bombination in a normal situation where I've got a different gun that carries a normal amount of ammo, but given that this gun carries a maximum of 20 bullets, it's going to be quite difficult to take out a mega abomination with this gun, simply because it's just not going to do enough damage, and then I'm just using the hoger, like there's no real challenge using the shotgun part if I'm just using the hoger for the majority of the fight, so I'm not going to bother because I know I'm not going to be able to kill it within that minimum amount of bullets.

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I'll try and find one and see what sort of damage it does if I can find one on the edge of the zone and just see how much damage it would do against the mega bombination. Sure, we can try it out, but if it looks like it's going to take a long, long time and way more than 20 bullets. I just won't bother doing it because it's going to take me way too long and I'm just not going to be able to manage it.

Yeah, like I said in a normal situation, if I were using a different gun, as you guys have seen from my previous articles. I would actually try and take out the entire Mega Abomination and just take it into tier three, try and do some bounties and things like that, and take up some higher-value targets.

In this video we take a look at what happens when you pack-a-punch the shotgun blueprint in mw3 zombies! Pack-A-Punching the shotgun in MW3 Zombies This Happens. Pack-A-Punching the shotgun in MW3 Zombies Best Weapon.
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