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Ladies and gentlemen, today is the launch of the final season of Modern Warfare 2, and this year in Warzone 2, it was Warzone 2. It's not the final season of Modern Warfare 2. So season six comes with a bunch of new things, and I have to say I've skimmed through the patch notes; they are absolutely massive.

Ridiculous, and speaking of which, it comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can always find something that matches your personality, but that's not the only thing they have; they also have the ridge key case, which essentially works exactly the same, but keys you push down at the bottom and your keys pop up at the top once again.

You don't have to walk around with that jingling in your pocket, sounding just completely silly, but for a limited time, there's actually a way to turn this into, well, this. That is the Hennessy Bronco. But as far as what you need to know really quickly, the overview of the season is the 27th; that is, today we get season six on October 5th, we get the Call of Duty next live stream starting October 6th, we have the beta for PlayStation exclusive, and the cross-play one the following weekend.

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The Haunting in-game event starts on October 17th; that's the day after the beta ends; the campaign comes out on November 2nd; and then November 10th is the full launch, so that is the timeline that we are kind of looking at over the next few months. Then we have the battle pass. I didn't last season because I was away, but we're going to continue this season.

You guys tend to like those articles, so we're not going to go too far in depth with that and black, so we will talk about all of that when we get to that article. However, as far as the new operators go for the season, we have Valeria and This one is weird; she's like half human and half robot; it's very strange; she also has a robot dog; it's really going far into the future; we also have spawn; of course, this is kind of the theme of this season; and later on, we have Lilith and Anarius coming from Diablo 4.

We also have Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2; we are probably saying this, but Alucard, from Helsing, as you can see, a lot of these, especially with the haunting event, are going to be licensed operators. We also have Skeletor from Masters of the Universe, which, speaking of which, brings us to season six.

modern warfare 2 big changes

Event: So this is the haunting. It does not start until October 17th, so it's a little weird that it's not starting at the beginning of the season, but it makes sense with Halloween and the timeline that we just talked about. If you want more details on this, I have a separate article on the haunting event.

It sounds really fun. It sounds like the best event that we're going to be getting overall within Modern Warfare 2, so I'm looking forward to that, but they don't go too much in depth with it here because we kind of know what's going on with it, and it doesn't directly have to do with the beginning of season six, speaking of which the new weapons for season six are the tr-76.

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Geist, it is an assault rifle. This one is essentially a harder-hitting, slower-firing assault rifle. We don't have too many of those in the game, so it should be interesting. We also have the ISO 9 millimeter, which is a very high fire rate and high maneuverability‚ÄĒnot really a lot of range. So generally, when they release those ones, they do really well in Warzone up close and personal, so we'll have to wait to see how this works.

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We also have the dual commas; this is the melee weapon, of course, and those are all obtainable via the battle pass there's. Also, we have a new attachment for the Lockwood 300: the mailstorm. Dual triggers it says it's cool to forge dual triggers that fire simultaneously. With devastating results that's pretty cool attachment it's going to be a probably a long one-shot kill it'll be interesting to see how it plays but of course you have that longer reload so you got to make up for it now you know the weapon balancing if, you know how this works I try to go through it as quickly as possible saying whether a weapon is a buff or a Nerf and the way this is going to start is with Modern Warfare 2 only and then move into Warzone so first of all the Lochman Shroud has reduced damage, in Modern Warfare 2 only the mini back actually got buffed in both the damage range and the close distance damage, so big buff there the cast of 762 I think overall got a Nerf however the mid damage range got buffed, however the close damage and, on top of that the close damage distance got reduced so I think overall a Nerf the FR advancer, this one got a damage range buff Cronin Squall got increased damage range the Lochman 762 got increased damage range the So14 got increased damage range and attack V got increased damage range so all of those are Buffs all Modern Warfare 2 only Bryson 800 got a Nerf expedite 12 got a buffed and the MX Guardian got a Nerf all in Modern Warfare 2 only Marksman already those are the final ones that got updated within Modern Warfare 2.

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Tempest torrent got a Nerf the Lockwood MK2, got a buff the Sab 50 overall, got a buff and the SP-208. I got a small buff as well. Now that this moves us into the war zone, the Chimera is going to do more damage to the legs, the FR advancer is going to do more damage to the limbs, and the iso Hemlock overall got a Nerf to its multipliers to the neck and upper torso, so a Nerf overall for that one overall.

The cast-off 762 is going to have a damaged Nerf, so it's going to be worse overall, but they did increase. Slows damage range, but overall, this is a Nerf for the m13b. You got overall quite a large buff, similarly with the X12 as well. However, with the nine-millimeter Damon, I feel like I always say that wrong.

Multipliers got decreased, so Nerf overall, and the 50gs got a buff to their overall damage as well. Quickly through the shotguns, we have the Bryson 800 with a small buff; we have the Bryson 890 with a large Nerf; we have the Lockwood 300; this one is a buff overall; and the MX Guardian with quite a large buff here again.

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Quickly through the snipers, we have the Carrick 300; this one overall got quite a large buff. Which is pretty cool, then we get into our gunfight, Maps King. This one's coming back from Modern Warfare 2019, and on top of that, we have Fight. This is a new one; it looks a lot like Shoot House but is smaller, so pretty straightforward there as well.

We also have bug fixes and ranked play. Supply Box Loop Behavior: We've improved the behavior and visibility of additional loot that drops on the ground out of supply boxes. This is like something they worked on at the very beginning of War Zone 2, but here we are. There's just some changes with the buy stations for the medic plate carrier, which cost $4000, and the reinforcement flare price has been increased.

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