News - 25 Huge Changes Just Added To Warzone 2 Zombies This New Update (season 2 Patch Notes)

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25 pretty big changes were just made to MW3, zombies, and now, of course, content like the Dark Eternity Rift location, new schematics, a warlord, and much more will all release in season 2 reloaded, update, but for the launch season 2, you still did get a lot of stuff that will break down in today's article.

Mastery camos, and much more. They have a bunch of stuff over there. Use code M for the extra 5% off. A bunch of YouTubers had a creator call where TR revealed a lot of upcoming secrets and stuff going on in zombies right now. The first main one is this from Mr. D.J.D the Tombstone glitch has officially been patched in MW3.

Zombies following the season 2 update, so of course we've heard rumblings of this in the past to where the season one reloaded update TR were trying to mitigate this glitch in some way so that you were still able to duplicate, but you weren't able to put all the items in your stash; they were just trying to find ways to nerf it, and I don't think they fully nerfed it until now.


Although there will be a new way to duplicate, potentially it will involve Tombstone. Maybe it'll be a new version of the Tombstone glitch. Will there be a different duplication glitch with a different method? Potentially, it's definitely possible, but at least as of now, it seems like the Tombstone glitch has finally been fixed in MW3, Zombies, which is good to see.

It does ruin the fun of duplicating all your items, but people duplicated for a reason because the grinding was way too much. The stash size, in my opinion, is a bit too small, and for most people, it's more fun when you're overpowered. Items, all the rare unlocks, all these different things you get from the dark ether zone from Tier 3 contracts, and stuff like that—it's more fun when you have all of them at your disposal.

Now, obviously, is it fair? No, but what would be a better fix here is to, okay, you know, end that Tombstone glitch, which is fine, but also increase the rewards you get. the rarity of the rewards you get from tier three contracts, especially because when I'm in a tier three zone and I'm doing a contract, I don't need a rare ether tool.

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I mean, sometimes they give you the absolute worst items, where if you're in the Tier 3 zone, you don't need a rare ether tool. If you're there, you're going to probably have better weapons, and you know better-packed weapons at that point, so why would you need that? I mean, they should be giving much better rewards there, which would incentivize players to actually not duplicate and just go into the Tier 3 zone, fight more zombies, and play for longer.

New weapons introduced in season 1 have been added to the loot pool and can be found in lockers, crates, and the mystery box, which is pretty cool for Wonder Weapons. Here, this is a pretty big change. We have increased ray gun damage for both the base weapon, and when pack-a-punched, a pretty big deal of base projectile speed has been increased by 60%.

With further increases when pack-a-punched, 110%. To reduce the damage the ray gun will deal to its owner, players will now enter a down state after eight shots of the ray gun. Also really cool, and for the scorcher as well, the time between pressing fire and the scorcher charging up direct impact plasma damage has increased by 333.

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Lingering plasma length and diameter now increase with each charge, and lingering plasma damage has increased by 428. Lingering plasma duration has been adjusted. The lingering plasma damage duration for the initial charge has been decreased from 2 seconds to. 5 seconds the lingering plasma damage duration now increases by 1 second with each charge, and the total duration is now longer by 4.5 seconds with this charge, so I did some testing on zombies.

I actually made a separate article on this on the Zombie Channel. More matters; be sure to check that out. We'll be doing MW3 zombie articles, but of course a bunch of other old zombie games as well, a lot of COD 2024, and new Black Ops Zombie content. It's going to be a ton of fun there, so be sure to check that channel out, but I made a sep article going through the ray gun and a little bit of the scorcher.

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The ray gun definitely is a lot better, but the scorcher is still not the best wonder weapon for traveling around the map quickly, but in terms of actual pure damage, it's just not as efficient and ideal. Is it much better than you thought it would be? I mean, I think it seems better, but I just want that OG ray gun back from the beginning of Cold War Zone zombies.

If you guys don't remember, in the beginning of Cold War Zombies, the first two weeks, the ray gun was by far the most powerful wonder weapon of all time. Honestly, that thing was insane, and I love when the ray gun, a classic wonder weapon like that, is the absolute best weapon. I feel like it's deserving of being the best weapon they used.

Nerf it a little bit; it was still good in the Cold War, but the launch of the Cold War, specifically D. Machina I don't know if I still have gameplay of it, but it was so insanely good, so obviously, is it like that in MW3, zombies? No, but making the ray gun the most powerful wonder weapon, I feel, is something they should do in most TRA games.

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It's just a classic, iconic weapon, and it should be the most powerful wonder weapon in the game. Will now hit and deal damage to ether worms, which is pretty cool now. I didn't get to do any testing on that in my More Matters article, but it's pretty self-explanatory. It can now deal damage to ether worms.

I mean, that's that there, but for more changes, see SMGs. The HRM 9, just an issue that prevented players from unlocking the HRM 9 via X filling, with the weapon in their inventory, so a lot of people have been saying that this is still a glitch here and this is not really an intended feature, but no, this is a legit way to get weapons, so if you guys need a new DLC weapon, an old DLC weapon from even MW2.

I'm pretty sure this works as well. All you have to do is give your friend the weapon or have someone give you the weapon you don't have xill with that weapon in your inventory, and you should automatically unlock it. That's it. If you guys still need DLC weapons and stuff like that cool feature there, but for other changes.

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Marksman rifles for the crossbow, address an issue that prevented players from infilling with the OS blueprint, okay for mil weapons dual kadachi, address an issue that prevented players from infilling with the Chris knife blueprint in game for kill streaks. Here, the Juggernaut addressed an issue that prevented players from switching weapons after using a juggernaut kill streak.

25 HUGE Changes Just Added to MW3 Zombies in This NEW Update This FINALLY Happened. Sub to More Matterz here.
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