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We just got some new updates here in MW2 and War Zone, some more free rewards as part of the haunting event, and the final animated Mastery C: The Gly Camo is now unlockable.

New rewards now available + unlock ghoulie camo!

In the game, we'll go through how to get that and much more. Be sure to subscribe for more Cod Update articles like this first up here.

The Soul Capture event has been updated, and we have a bunch of new rewards to get here. First up, for 15 souls, you could get a snake-eye emblem; for 30 souls, you can get a from-the-dead charm. 30 Souls as well; it's a boot-time weapon sticker. 60 Souls, you could get an Aidia calling card; 90 Souls, you could get a tier skip; and 1, 000 Souls, we have the animated Mastery Ghouly camo, probably one of the best, if not the best camo, free camo for that matter in MW2.

Crazy stuff is here now. I went through in previous articles how to get a thousand souls fast, but I'll tell you guys here pretty quickly.

How to get animated ghoulie camo fast!

modern warfare 3

The best strategies by far are to go into the war zone, either land directly at the go ghost train in the new alaz or go there if you could get there first, open up all the crates there, and you're going to get a ton of souls.

Pick up a weapon and kill the enemies behind you. You're going to get the maximum amount of souls (20 souls) immediately. Back out the souls will still count toward your tally. It's much better to do it with a squad of players, so you don't die from other squads attacking you. With all the different souls open and all of them up, you're going to get a lot of souls there, kill some players, hit that 20 Max back out, and try to do this as fast as possible.

MP is a strategy you can play, but they actually extended the matches of shipment, so if you play, you know, multiplayer, you're only going to get eight souls, 12 souls per match, and some of those matches last a while, so you're better off doing it in the war zone. Overall, it's not a bad grind, and regardless, you guys have a couple more days here.

We have a week until this Soul Capture event ends. I would say try to grind every day to get the souls; if it's fast or slow, whatever the gly camo, I would say is 100% worth it here, and once it's gone, it is gone forever. It will also be usable in MW3, which is so cool, so be sure to go for this camo, but now let's break down a bunch of other updates here in MW2.

New surprise mw2 updates & patch notes released!

New surprise mw2 updates & patch notes released!

Let's break down the new patch notes. Here in Modern Warfare 2's newest update for SMGs, this is all MW2 right now. The mini-back got reduced close range damage range and reduced close range damage amount the Vasnev got.

Reduced close damage range Lochman shroud reduced the mid- and far-distance range of the ISO 99, reduced the far-distance range of the PDSW 528, and increased the mid-damage range for the fenic. increased mid-damage range; the bass P increased the mid-damage range for assault rifles; here, the Tr76 Gist reduced the close-damage range.

Reduced close range damage amount reduced arm, leg, and torso location damage and increased long-range damage amount (cast off 762); increased close damage range (cast off 74 U); reduced close damage range that kind of sucks there increased long-range damage amount, okay, and reduced leg location damage pack 56 reduced close damage range I mean, that was kind of obvious there, but T-56 is still probably going to be really good.


VFR advances increase the close damage range and increase the mid- and long-range Dage amounts definitely deserve a buff. It's good to see the M16's increased mid-damage range. It's kind of unfortunate that the M16 used to be such a good weapon, honestly, back in the day, especially in trar games, but now it's just not good at all, honestly, so hopefully, for at least Try's next cop, the M16 is back to being like one of the top weapons.

Tempest razors back here increase the close damage range and increase mid- and long-range damage. The map for the M4 increases the close damage range. The lockman 5.56 here increases the close and mid-damage range for battle rifles. The Cronin Squall first increases the mid-damage range. The SO14 increased the damage range.

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Lockman 762 increased damage range. F attack recon increases the close damage range for shotguns here. Lockwood 300, the mousr dual trigger with 12 gauge and dragon's breath ammunition, reduced damage range. There was a little Nerf there that was definitely going to happen. obviously not surprising, Bryson 900, we have 12 gauge and Dragon Breath ammunition again reduced damage range here.

12 increase close mid-damage range interesting there KV broadside Let's see 12-gauge ammunition. The increased close damage range is interesting, and dragon's breath ammunition has a reduced damage range that is interesting. marksman rifles Now we have the ebr14, reduced damage range. Tempest turn reduced mid-damage range spr 208 increased mid-damage range lmgs Now we have RAMG increase mid-to-far damage range, and now for bug fixes here, fix an issue preventing split screens from functioning correctly.

mw3 beta

fix an issue where a crash could occur when starting the haunting content from the co-op Mission Lobby fix issue where exiting to the title screen and re-entering, the main menu causes the soul counter to display zero souls that'd be kind of scary you just like lost all your souls glad that was fixed there fix an issue where the reigning death blueprint had a placeholder image on the combat detail widget; fix an issue where the incorrect sound plays when navigating the Soul Capture rewards menu.

fix the issue where the chainsaw preview image would show the pickaxe when on the ground; fix the issue that could cause the red indicator above enemy operators to not display on some nights. Maps fixes an issue that could prevent the lotch, Ghost Skin, from unlocking correctly. I don't know if I'm saying that correctly, but fix the issue where the Skeletor operator staff was not aligned with hands in the operator select menu.

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Okay, war zone here. A bunch of War Zone weapon changes are actually for ARs here. Cast off 762 close to mid-damage decreased head damage multiplier decreased neck damage multiplier decreased and upper torso damage multiplier decreased; we have Lockman 556 head damage multiplier increased; TR 76 gist close damage decreased; Close mid-damage decreased; mid-damage head damage multiplier and limit damage multipliers all decreased; M13, be here, close damage decreased; head damage multiplier increased; neck damage multiplier decreased; and torso damage multiplier decreased.

There was a little mix there, but overall, I guess it decreased, right? M4 close mid-damage range increased east Okay, attachments are here again for the Lockwood 300: The Mousr Dual Trigger, 12 gauge Shell close damage range decreased. close mid-damage range, mid-damage range, overall, and U mid-damage range all decrease there.

Unlock The FINAL Animated Mastery Camo in MW2 NOW! EASY Ghoulie Camo Guide. Check out my most recent video.
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