News - Unlock Free Rebirth Camo & Keycard Rewards (biometric Scanner Easter Egg) Warzone 2 Season 3


This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the free camo unlock and even some secret daily challenges over on Rebirth Island.

Free blueprint & rewards from major 3

Free blueprint & rewards from major 3

A reminder Major 3 for the CDL is going to be happening from May 16th until May 19th, and as always, there will be some drops you can go ahead and earn if you go ahead and link your Activision account to your YouTube channel. We're going to look at rewards like a blueprint, a bunch of XP tokens, emblems, decals, calling cards, and I believe even a charm, but yeah.

Major 3 isn't that far away from now, but be sure to stay up to date with everything going on with the CDL over on, donated. To, coverage for multiplayer at War Zone and Zombies, best loadouts. War Zone Mobile, and even more.

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But also stay tuned towards the end of this article or skip to the time stamp if you want because I will be including some bloopers, from my last guide here on rebirth Island that I posted a few days ago I went ahead and made a full in-depth guide on how to go Ahad and unlock the redacted blueprints which is actually a pretty cool Easter egg but it took several takes because of the sweaty lobbies I was seeing so decided to put together some bloopers that you will see towards the end of this article, also as a reminder the Godzilla xcong new Empire event is also live in Modern Warfare 3 it's a pretty short event that does end this Wednesday as I predicted it only requires you to get around, 160, 000.

Biometric scanners & how they work

Biometric scanners & how they work

Who knows if they'll ever be added to another war zone map that's currently active? But as of now, they are only in rebirth, and the way it works is simple. Once per match, you can approach one of these scanners, where it'll produce a key card based on your identity, along with an XP bonus. So when you go ahead and grab your key card, you can go ahead and check it out in your inventory.

It'll have your operator's name, clan tag, and access level, and there will be a certain rarity tied to that key card, so the different rarities do include bronze silver, gold platinum polyatomic, and even Orion. You're probably familiar with those camo levels because we saw them over in Modern Warfare 2 2022.

But there are different loots that you can be rewarded with, depending on what your access level is. If you bring this key card to a buy station, you'll have exclusive access to a very specific sector of the buy station that only a key card can grant access to.

Keycard rarity levels & buy station rewards

For bronze, it'll give you random ammo cash armor plates, lethals, and tacticals; if you have silver, it'll also give you random ammo cash armor plates, lethals, and tacticals, but even a perk package; and now if you have gold, it'll give you the same offerings, but will also include a plate carrier and even a field upgrade.

So to my understanding, if you interact with the buy station with a key card, it'll just throw all of that loot into your character; you don't have to pick it up off the ground or anything. But then for platinum, it'll give you again random ammo cash armor plates, lethals, tacticals, a perk package, plate carrier fuel upgrade, and a kill streak, but for polyatomic, here's where it gets nuts.

Classified weapon unlock on rebirth island

Classified weapon unlock on rebirth island

You will get free equipment selected at the buy station and even a redacted weapon. You're going to see gameplay for that redacted weapon here in this article. It is a fully decked-out weapon with eight attachments. Yes, it's like a classified weapon that we saw from the War Zone 1 era, which you were also able to find by doing certain quests on Rebirth Island.

I think even on rebirth Reinforcement from the Vanguards era, lastly, there is an Orion Rarity key card, which does give you free equipment selects at the buy station, weapons, and additional redacted items, so I haven't really seen much footage of an Orion key card being found. If I do find the clip or screenshot, I will put that information on screen, but if you guys are like, wait.

How to get higher keycard rarity

modern warfare 3

How do you get a higher rarity key card and rebirth? Because I'm sure everybody out there wants to use a classified weapon with eight attachments. It's absolutely insane that I managed to get an HRM, which was by far one of the best weapons you can ever use inside of rebirth here, so if you guys are wondering if it's performance-based, it's not now.

I would have almost preferred if it were because then, in a way, you're getting rewarded for sweating a little bit. You know you can go get 10 kills, 15 kills, do a few contracts, and survive until what is almost the final circle. It would make sense to get rewarded based on your performance, but that's not actually how the key cards work.

Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {713}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any other common methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 barfi reviews.

You can use Qu Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order. Just confirm in the blog post if a squad M or multiple squadmates are next to you when you go ahead and interact with a biometric scanner. Then you have a higher chance of getting a higher rarity key card.

The rng for higher rarity keycards

The rng for higher rarity keycards

There's also a higher chance you get a better rarity if you repeat this process over the next several days, so if you just go back to a different calendar day and interact with these biometric scanners, there's going to be a higher chance that you get a better rarity key card. That's really how it works right now; it's essential, up to RNG, to get a better Rarity card.

I've had matches where I hopped in, went straight forward, got a bronze card, did the same thing in the next game, and got a polyatomic card, as you see in the footage here, and then there's matches where I wait till maybe close to the end of the game and I'm next to all my squadmates. I interact, and I get a silver card.

It is completely random, and there's no real consistency with it other than the fact that you will increase your chances if teammates are next to you, and if you do this across several different calendar days.

All biometric scanner locations on rebirth

Now In terms of where the biometric scanners are, it is confirmed in the blog post that there are around 10 locations.

For where these can be, they're not all that spread out; some are pretty close to one another. I'm going to show you some of the easier locations on screen, so you can see we have one over in the harbor.

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