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This is DK Dynamite for a quick guide on how to complete the brand new Rebirth Island blueprint Easter egg, which just got added here with the launch of season 3. There's obviously a number of other surprises that have gotten added to this map, which I'll be covering in some separate articles, but I've broken this down into three different steps, and I've recorded it in a live cutcom type format to make it a little bit easier for you guys to comprehend.

If you, for whatever reason, prefer to read an article about this, you can check out the brand new one going up on {703} in the next couple of minutes. There's also additional coverage for season 3 for multiplayer, Zombie War Zone Mobile, the best loadouts, and even CDL, but with that being said, enjoy the guide all right.

So in this Easter egg, you're going to be hitting up a couple of different locations: the factory, Harbor Chemical Engineering, and even the industry. So we're going to break this down into three different steps.

Restoring the power

Restoring the power

You can do these steps in any order that you want, but Considering our drop, we're going to start with the factory. You want to look for an ID badge located out of bounds in a wooden crate. Go through this window, head into here, shoot the crate, and there goes the ID badge. You want to take this badge to the harbor, this building in particular, where there's a secret room that you can open using the badge.

This is again all part of the first step. Keep that in mind. Sometimes there'll be a redeploy drone you can use to get to the harbor a little bit faster, and in this game, it's here, so we're going to go ahead and use it. Sometimes it won't be here if you die at any point with this ID badge. Make sure that you go back to your loot to pick it up, because if you don't, you can't proceed with the rest of step one.


Once you're at this building, head just up the stairs where you can use the ID badge, interact, head right on, turn on the power, and you can pick up a free UAV sitting there on the table. Pop that UAV to go PR on for the occupation scan, where we can start the next step.

Stabilizing the pressure

The next point of interest we got to hit on was chemical engineering, which, for some reason, everyone in their family is obsessed with today.

I'm not sure if it's because the Easter egg just got solved or if it's just our content creator luck, but if you want, go over to chemical engineering, where we're going to be looking for a couple of numbers. These numbers will be found next to some very specific symbols, which you guys might recognize if you played the raids back during Mod Warfare 2.

modern warfare 3

The symbols are Russian; the first symbol is right up the stairs, and I'm going to call it a The first number is one; keep in mind that the next symbol is just up the stairs, in this very specific room, and this is what I call the butterfly. The number next to it is five. Keep in mind that the third and final symbol will be located in a very special room that you guys might be familiar with if you played Blood of the Dead back during B4 Zombie.

I'm going to call this a The number next to it is eight, so keep note of which numbers you just found with the corresponding symbols you now want to take. The goal is to match the numbers we just found with the symbols that they correspond to. Now, each terminal in this room will actually change to a different number.

Here's the trick: through one terminal, you will do something in particular; as you'll see, that terminal changes two numbers at once at each end. Ground, another terminal will go ahead and change all three numbers at once, and another terminal will change just one number at once. You can use this button to reset at any time if you make a mistake.

The goal here is to first use the terminal that changes all three numbers and keep using that until the symbol W, or whatever you want to call it, matches with the correct number, which in this game is one, so we only need to hit that one time perfect, then interact with the terminal that changes the two numbers at once until the butterfly is set to the correct number in this game, which is five, so I got to hit this a couple more times.

Now what you want to do is use the last terminal you haven't interacted with to specifically change the a symbol to the correct number in my game; it needs to be set to eight, so I got to interact with this just a couple more times, only two more, and you'll be rewarded with some free durable gas masks when you do this correctly, as you can see the numbers now match what we found upstairs. 815 free durables, free squadrage field upgrade, and that was the second step.

Decrypting the code

Decrypting the code

The third and final step, or if you did this in a different order, it's up to you, but what I consider the easiest step of the Easter egg is this third part here in the industry building. Head over to this computer, and you'll see a bunch of numbers in the form of percentages.

You want to look at these from greatest to least, so we have 40, 49, 47, 11, 4, and three. You want to put those numbers in from greatest to least on this keypad, so we have 49 and 47. What else do we have? 4, 11, then four, the last number, and then three—that's from greatest to least. The code has been decrypted, and you can now interact with it.

This is part of the secret vault, and again, you could have done this first before you went to the factory or chemical engineering, but because you just did all three of those steps, all three lights are green, and you can lift the island lock down.

Lifting island lockdown

Once you do that, this part of the vault will open up, in which you can get the secret blueprint and an advanced UAV.

This is a redacted burst, AR, which is really solid for, I believe, the DM 56. And that is how you unlock the secret blueprint here inside of Rebirth Island season 3. You can now permanently use this blueprint in any mode of your choice, so be sure to share this article with friends if they're having trouble getting this Easter egg done all right. But once you're out of the game, head over to the DG 56 assault rifle, and you can find the redacted blueprint, which you can now take into any game , unfortunately.

Redacted blueprint unlock

Redacted blueprint unlock

Only the person who first grabs the blueprint will unlock it, which means you have to repeat what I just showed you guys for every member of your squad.

Hopefully this article was helpful so that you guys can easily repeat this, but obviously lobbies are the sweatiest throwing a launch window, so maybe give it a couple of days or maybe try it as fast as you can. Before more people learn about this and you see more and more enemies dropping at chemical engineering in the industry, things are going to get crazy.

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