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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the 15 plus secret challenges on Rebirth Island, some surprise rewards, and even more.

Icymi: rebirth easter egg rewards

Icymi: rebirth easter egg rewards

I previously posted two other Rebirth Focus articles following the launch of our third season. The first article was about a bit of a guide for the new redacted blueprint you could unlock by doing a very simple Easter egg that I'd highly recommend doing with a team, not solo. That was a fun article that was kind of an experimental one, as I did a live cutcom of sorts for the Easter egg itself; it was different, and I'm really happy with how it came out.

For the next 27 days. I think you can even get a free camo and some other goodies, so that's worth checking out again.

Secret challenge updates on detonated

Now, before we get to that, I want to remind you that if you guys want to stay up to date with even more article coverage on Call of Duty, we have you covered over on detonateddomcom.

As more information does get found in regards to rebirth Easter eggs, expect plenty of article updates on top of the additional content we're posting for multiplayer, zombies war zone mobile CDL, and loadout bundles.

3 keycard locations & rewards

3 keycard locations & rewards

The list goes on but I first off want to cover a bit of a bonus Easter egg that doesn't really warrant its own article but we do have the three key cards that have returned from rebirth reinforce that was the experience from vanguard's life cycle key cards known as Vicor which is actually Stitch's real name, pereus and even the forgotten key card so the first one is the vicer card over at the Grandma's house it'll be located on this spot in every single match that you play the locations never changeed for these Heat cards so be quick if you do come across them because other folks May steal them right at the start of a game we next up have the percus key card located in the post office here by the factory, always located here on this shelf and lastly we have the forgotten key card located on the opposite end of the map at bioweapons.

modern warfare 3

Specifically in the shower. I believe there was an Easter egg with the showers either in rebirth reinforced or in blackout Alcatraz back in the day, so I believe they've reused some locations for some of these key cards here, but yeah, if you interact with the shower, it'll spit out some money as well as this key card.

You can now take all these key cards to the stronghold POI back on the other end of the map, and you don't have to grab all three cards in one game; you can just grab one if you want. Go over to this room in particular, and using the key cards, you can open up these locked saves. You'll get items like a free loadout drop, an advanced UAV, and perk packages.

Cash is pretty cool if you want a bit of a boost to the start of your match before you wait for the regular loadout, before you save up for one, or if you just want to have some extra loot in your inventory. If the loot you found in some other areas just wasn't good, now when it comes to these secret challenges here on rebirth, some of them can't be completed as of yet because they require LTMs to be live in the game, which aren't going to be coming out until closer to the midseason.

But do keep note of the redacted blooper. Easter egg I made a separate article about it, which counts as one of the quote-unquote secret challenges for this map, and there is a mastery challenge for doing all of these, so you might want to do that as soon as you guys can, but. Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {716}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any banned methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 verified reviews. You can use Go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

Open 250 chests

Open 250 chests

The first challenge is to go ahead and open up 250 containers on Rebirth Island, so you obviously can't do this in a single match alone. I mean, maybe. With that, this will take several games to do, and by coincidence, as I was recording Boll for this article, I managed to unlock the challenge.

The reward is going to be a loading screen, as you can see right here. The usual leakers did post images of some of these rewards, while the majority of the community has already completed a number of them that we're going to go over in this article, so we do have some clear HD images of most of the rewards.

Get 100 headshots in resurgence

The next one is to get 100 operator head shots in Resurgence on any map. Funny enough, right now, as of recording, this rebirth is the only map you could play Resurgence on, but once they end up cycling back in Asika, vondo Fortune keep, you can obviously go ahead and get those head shots on any other map of your choice.

I believe even if you down a player regularly, if you get the head shot finisher, it still tracks, but if you guys can, just to be safe, get the head shot on the enemy initially before you wipe them just to make sure that things are TR tracking properly, but the reward for that will be the not 20 weapon charm.

Get 10 wins in resurgence

Next up Get 10 wins in Resurgence on any map, so you can do this right now on rebirth if you want, or you can wait for other maps to be live and kind of switch this up a little bit and get a few wins on rebirth, some on fortunes.

Avenge your squad 25 times

Avenge your squad 25 times

Docomo, and On, but next up Avengers Squad 25 times in Resurgence on any map, so the big theme of season 3 is no friend left behind, so that's why they have a lot of team-based challenges here on rebirth, so if an enemy does kill one of your teammates and you kill that enemy back, that will count as you avenging them.

It's pretty simple, so doing that 25 times really doesn't take that long if your teammates do die quite a bit in a single match. Play a couple of games, and I'm sure if you guys take out all the enemies that were hurting your team teammates, you'll probably get this done in just a couple of games, in all honesty, but the reward for this is the accessible emblem.

Complete 50 contracts in rebirth

complete 50 contracts on Rebirth Island. This one you could do at your own pace, but if you're a fan of doing bounty scavengers or even the new spy drone contract, then you can get 50 contracts done rather quickly. I mean, you could even do five to 10 contracts per game, depending on how much teamwork your squad really has.

You guys can all take turns doing some contracts in a single game and do a fair amount in just one match alone. Your reward for that's going to be his first-day weapon charm. This won't take you that long at all, but moving on to the next challenge, perform 25 Squad assembles on Rebirth Island.

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