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Merry Christmas, everybody. This is DK Dynamite, and today I have a fun article going over some midseason One content that is bringing some stuff back from DMZ. Definitely, stay tuned. Drop a like, and also as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new coverage going up over on detonated decom, expanding on all the content you see here on the channel, just in the form of articles for those who prefer those, and plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.

But definitely make sure that today you guys spend as much time as you can with your loved ones on this special day.

New preview of upcoming content

New preview of upcoming content

But a couple of days ago, I posted a article talking about all the new Ultra skins and mastercrafts coming during Season 1 Reloaded. And funny enough, the account that posted early previews of some upcoming packs, Medas, went and posted even more previews for some other cosmetic bundles coming during mid-season 1.

Update Now, keep in mind that the release dates of all these bundles are subject to change. Maybe some of these are being saved for season 2. Maybe some of these are releasing before reloading, which is on January 17th, so these could be dropping any day. Now, for all we know, since there are no release dates posted anywhere from Call of Duty officially about when these bundles are dropping or even from the usual data miners who have claimed that there's no longer release dates tied to any of these packs, we have the Blitz Bundle.


We also have one called hunting season. One called saddle up, and one called meta mirr. And funny enough, some of these bundles have been fully force-loaded into people's games already. For those out there that do data mining and use unlock tools, some of the folks out there have gone ahead and actually loaded these bundles into their MW3 applications, so you can get an early preview of all the other cosmetics.

As a part of these packs, there's also an iridescent bundle coming: one called Blighted Earth, which is a tracer pack followed by a bunny bon bon-looking bundle there, and even one called Robo Scale. And then, on top of that, as of today on Christmas, I guess there's a Christmas gift for those out there who love bundles.

We have one called quadratic flow and one called null and void, which is actually really clean-looking. I absolutely love the design of that one, called scareware, and the last bundle, called Corvis. So again, MW3. Season 1 certainly feels like season 7 for MW2. In regards to how cool the cosmetics are, they're jumping right into some of the crazy goofy stuff right out of the bat, which is awesome for those out there that do like cosmetics.

If you don't like bundles or care about skin, then it's all good. Skip over this time stamp. There's plenty more. We're going over here in this article now, following the season 1 integration between MW3 and War.

You can't level up your battlepass in this

You can't level up your battlepass in this

Zone DMZ fans were unfortunately left with the following statement, which confirms there will be no type of battle pass progression added to DMZ, meaning that you can no longer progress any future battles after the release of MW3.

While you guys play DMZ, now if you guys play MW2 multiplayer, you could, however, still level up your battle pass by playing that game, but when you hop in DMZ, there just isn't any progression tied to that mode, which is really odd. Now we're also not going to be getting any map updates or weapon integrations for the DMZ.

So for those out there who like all the MW3 content or even the movement, you're not going to be seeing any of that while playing DMZ. Unfortunately, with that in mind, DMZ is officially over, but you can still play it. I do wonder if maybe because of the benefit bundles where you can go ahead and spawn in with DMZ bonuses by using certain operators.

Did those bundles ensure the DMZ couldn't be shut down? I wonder if that's the case. Or maybe they just want to make sure that the mode is always preserved, and you can always go back to it if you so please. It's also your only way to play Alaza.

Dmz still lives on but with a twist

but the statement that they provided about the end of DMZ does confirm that they're using what they learn from the development of the mode and the player feedback for future iterations of any type of open-world Call of Duty experience.

And funny enough, Modern Warfare 3 zombies is an experience that came out around a year after DMZ; it's already a spiritual successor to both the outbreak in Cold War and DMZ from MW2. So the spirit of the MZ still lives on, of course, but now it's a bit zombified.

Weapon cases coming to warzone

Weapon cases coming to warzone

With that in mind, though, there are actually a series of features coming to War Zone in season 1 reloaded that will also keep the spirit of DMZ alive and may intrigue some more extraction-based players to give the BR a shot.

At least, that's what I'm interpreting here. So I do think hardcore DMZ fans who're looking for the return of the mode may have gotten something special under this tree. Season One Reloaded is adding in two new features that may actually go hand in hand, but maybe they don't. First off, we have a weapon case.

I'm not kidding. A weapon case that we saw from DMZ is being added to the war zone, and I'm hoping that the weapon case is tied to a quest of some sort where you have to do multiple steps. Hopefully nothing too tedious for a battle royale match. Then maybe you enter a secret area or defeat a boss, and then from there you'll find the weapon case similar to how we got the cases over in DMZ, right throughout the course of our multiple exclusion zones.

6 free rewards from weapon cases

dmz cancelled

It was always a series of going through some obstacles or some traps, fighting a boss that wasn't that hard to kill, grabbing his case, and running into an Xville as fast as you could before you got robbed. That's how that worked in DMZ, and I also think weapon cases just provide motivation to do a quest or to do a bit of extraction.

Multiple times, right? It encourages you to go in and get the case Xville and then go back in with hopefully a better strategy to get that case even faster or more efficiently. So this could be something that encourages you to play at least five six-game war zones to get all the cases right. It was one case found in typically the same location, but if you filled it out multiple times, you'd get different rewards.

modern warfare 3

I'm wondering if those rewards could include a blueprint or even an operator skin. To this day, the weapon case from Alaza, the launch map for DMZ, had the best weapon case right at the very end. You've got a blueprint, and you've got an operator skin that was crazy and that raised the bar pretty high for the cases.

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