News - First Look: The Warzone Season 3 Gameplay Update, Weapons & More


This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the War Zone season 3 update, a new preview of Advanced Warfare Weaponry, and even more. For those who want additional coverage of multiplayer War Zone and zombies, even War Zone Mobile Plus, we get plenty of tweets every single hour on Twitter.

As a reminder, this is actually a big week coming up, so on Wednesday, it's unclear if all this is going to happen on the same day, but we should be seeing some small patch notes at the beginning of week eight challenges for those out there that want to earn a free blueprint, and that Dragon Inferno, animated camo We should also be seeing the beginning of the Vortex Challenge event, which is also going to provide us with a bunch of free cosmetics and even a universal camo, and then we should be seeing the season 3 reveal.

The thing is, I don't believe they're going to do all of that on the same day, so I wouldn't be surprised if season 3 gets revealed either on Tuesday or Thursday. Wednesday is already jam-packed, but either way, we'll be live streaming every morning in case there is marketing, and we have plenty of challenges left to complete as we await the brand new reveal.

Zone 3 is open in wz mobile

Zone 3 is open in wz mobile

But speaking of reveals, they have just announced Zone number three over in Verdance to help us continue progressing with Operation Day Zero.

As a part of the community aspect of the event, we can earn another universal reward. As you guys can see so I'm going to guess we'll be finishing Day Zero by the end of this week maybe Thursday or Friday depending on what the Milestones are that we need to hit but make sure you guys do your part and play a little bit of mobile to help the entire Community, but at the beginning of season 3 which is going to be April 3rd we will end up getting a free war zone 4year anniversary blueprints kind of similar to the one that we got last year within Modern Warfare 2 that was a badass blueprint and this one honestly looks a little bit better so let's wait and see if there's any secret reactive elements for the skin itself but it should be a reward that we all get to claim for free, with the launch of our third season in just a week and a half's On top of , speaking of War Zone Mobile, there is a weird aftermarket part that did pop up on the x10 inless, namely, a six-time optic with a built-in laser for a significant boost to your accuracy.

Exclusive aftermarket part found

To my understanding, this amp was never announced for Modern Warfare 3, nor does it even work. I looked through the entire Gunsmith on both mobile and the main game and couldn't find this scope anywhere on any weapon, so I'm assuming this was a premature reveal of an upcoming aftermarket part that we are going to be seeing added within our third season; it'll probably be added via a battle pass sector, the classify challenge, or even just a random weekly unlock.

The rebirth season 3 update!

The rebirth season 3 update!

Now jumping into our War Zone season 3 update, though in particular with Resurgence Maps, we are going to be seeing the return of Rebirth Island. Now, a full HD screenshot did pop up of the loading screen that we're going to be seeing for season 3. Rebirth looks like the map is based on Rebirth reinforced from Vanguard's life cycle.

It's a pretty good iteration of the map, with some POI updates and some new features. It should be that version of the map with some tweaks, but based on leaks that are out there, it doesn't look like the map's going to get that much of an overhaul like Fortune's Keep Got, where you have an earthquake quickly erupting through the familiar points of interest.

It's going to be somewhat close to the version of rebirth that we had right before the map ended up being destroyed. It is a big question mark, though, as to whether or not the map is going to release with the launch of our third season or season 3 Reloaded. As of now, all the leaks that are out there do suggest it is a launch map, but take that with a grain of salt, and that is of course subject to change.

But there are rumors going around about Black Ops-inspired Easter eggs that could be featured on the map. There were a couple of those back during rebirth reinforced, like a stitch or percus key card secret rooms blueprint unlocks. It wouldn't be shocking if we end up getting some content like that as we get closer to the marketing and official reveal of Black Ops 2024.

Resurgence ranked on rebirth?

Resurgence ranked on rebirth?

Now considering we just got the introduction of resurgence, ranked for Fortune Keep with the start of season 2. I would not be shocked if rebirth also gets ranked support that hasn't been confirmed anywhere, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if one of the most popular maps, if not the most popular war map of all time, gets support for that mode.

I think there have been whispers here and there by The Familiar Data Miners on Twitter that is going to happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Also, being a launch experience, with the release of the map, they might end up holding off on that unless that content is just ready to go. They might ship all that day on April 3rd, and don't forget about that teaser from Raven over on Twitter confirming the specialist perk package is coming into War Zone.

modern warfare 3

The original image they tease of that package is actually on Rebirth Island, so what are the odds? This is also going to be a season 3 update, according to data miners. Though this is going to be a midseason 3 update, it won't be something we see at launch. But let's wait for the official blog post and marketing to know for sure what the release date is going to be.

Experimental playlists in season 3

We obviously saw Battle Royale pre, a bit of an experimental playlist added in to War Zone right during the launch window of season 2, and that allowed us to go ahead and earn a weapon case and a cover of Xville. These are features that aren't available in regular Battle Royale over on Ukhan.

mw3 new aftermarket parts

I'm still a firm believer that these features would be better inside of the regular experience, not an LTM, where that's the whole reason why people are probably going into that playlist, making it harder to go Ahad and grab the case and to cover Xville. It makes it a cool challenge but is a lot more hectic than DMZ ever was and a lot more hectic than what regular Battle Royale would be, but those are features that were initially going to be in the main game during season 1 reloaded but ended up getting pushed back, and now they're just in their own LTM.

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