News - The Season 3 Overhaul Just Made Warzone Better Than The Original (20 New Updates) Warzone 2


This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the incredible amount of updates that no one's really discussing for season 3. I'm still curious if any portion of V is going to be vaulted at some point. Please confirm in the war zone section of our new blog post that we're actually going to be seeing lockdown added to rebirth.

This is really good news considering the Vondo capture event last year. I actually asked Carl from boox, the individual you saw on the recent Intel drop. I actually asked him if we were going to see lockdown on any other map because I really enjoyed it during the capture event, and he did say they would look into bringing the mode to other maps later.

I didn't expect it for Alaza, but I'm like, what about Ashika? And what do you know? We're actually going to be getting that on Rebirth Island with our third season, and I think it makes sense considering Boox also developed the new version of Rebirth that we're about to play on April 3rd. But as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new content going up over on Detonated.

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Bots are coming to warzone?

Bots are coming to warzone?

Let's start off by talking about War Zone Boot Camp. There's actually quite a bit to break down here in this article. There was actually a lot of information about War Zone in our recent season 3 blog post. I think the most amount of information we've ever seen is for a new War Zone update, so with War Zone Boot Camp, it'll be a new mode that supports 44 players.

Infil strikes will change rebirth soon

To be honest. I don't really mind the Water Tower or the lighthouse being destroyed because that'll eliminate anybody camping and sniping up there, which could ruin your map flow, especially late game if the final circle is on the roof of the prison.

So I'm not opposed to these, but I could see why they want to go ahead and launch Rebirth in a classic state before experimenting with something like this, so let's see how the community reacts to these infill strikes once midseason rolls around.

Variable time of day rng coming

Variable time of day rng coming

I still think it'll be kind of rare to see these infill strikes, but speaking of rarity, there will also be a variable time of day update, so beginning with reloaded, there will be a chance that when you spawn into rebirth, it'll be foggy; it could be normal or it'll take place during sunset, so that's going to be cool to kind of keep things fresh and change the pacing in some of your matches, but they also mentioned in the blog that it'll be quite rare to see these variable times of day, so let's just see how rare they are and let's see if the foggy version of rebirth is as foggy as let's say vondal.

Because that gets pretty frustrating in matches of Vondal resurgence or BR, so let's see how that all works over on rebirth. Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {691}, where you can get assistance grinding Camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game.

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The new gulag & urzikstan update

now before we continue with more rebirth updates, if you're wondering what's going on with regular Battle Royale or the big map ukhan. Sadly, the map isn't really getting any updates with season 3, but I'm going to guess that's because the player count's probably higher on Resurgence, and Resurgence is honestly the future of War Zone, like it or not, so when it comes to ukhan, there will in fact be a new climb and punishment update to the gag, and what that means is that when you get to your gag, you have a chance of just climbing a ladder and leaving.

There will be two ladders at the ploy, and you and that enemy player could just choose to leave. You don't have to fight each other, so that'll be a cool way to just get back into your match of BR. but maybe a frustrating update for people out there that are a bit annoyed at how many ways there are to come back from death.

Let's see how that gets received, but we also have bunkers opening up during midseason, and it does tell us to take precaution when going back into those bunkers. I think there's about 13 total on the map. I wonder if zombies are going to be roaming around within them because we already got to see that there are zombies in various test tubes, including the one that did open up towards the center of the map, so let's see what that's teasing.

Is it something for Modern Warfare 3 zombies or something for Black Ops 2024? curious what that could be for, but back to rebirth, we have Champions and Quest being added to the map.

Champions quest update on rebirth

Champions quest update on rebirth

I'm not kidding, our very first Champions Quest on a Resurgence map is going to be launching with season 3, and it'll be very similar to the Champions Quest that we saw for Aza or Ukhan. You have to either get consecutive wins in a row, and it'll be very similar to the Champions Quest that we have on Ukhan, where you can either get consecutive wins in a row to activate the contract or you can count up a total number of wins for that season to also get access to that contract.

I believe Vondo also got the same quality of life feature with the ability to activate it without getting consecutive wins, but either way, rebirth is going to have this feature, and it'll be very similar to The Quest that we have on Big Brother. You have to go find, and defend three elements, and once you defend those elements and set off the nuke, you'll unlock a free operator skin called C Charm and even a sticker.

I'll try to go for this and make a guide for it once it does release with our third season.

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Heavy armor, spy drones & squad rage

Now we do have a really cool public event releasing called heavy armor, which may activate during infill. Again, there's a chance this can activate right as your match begins, and it'll last for the duration of the match, where it'll increase operator hit points from 150 to 200.

You essentially have four armor plates and really just an extra PL on whatever plate carrier you have. That's going to be something that, I think, really changes up gameplay quite a bit. I really wonder how many of these updates they've announced for season 3 are going to make it for the rest of the season, or even for the rest of the year.

Will some of the updates I mentioned here in this article get removed? After just a season of being live based on community feedback, that's always a possibility, but we then have what is called the spy drone contract, where it'll be a new contract that spawns only on rebirth, and you have to destroy a swarm of drones that are marked on your map.

The Season 3 Overhaul Just Made Warzone BETTER Than The ORIGINAL 20 NEW Updates - Modern Warfare 3.
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