News - Warzone: All Early Season 3 Update Patch Notes & New Gameplay Changes. Warzone 2 Season 3

All early patch notes & gameplay updates for warzone/mw3 season 3

All early patch notes & gameplay updates for warzone/mw3 season 3

Ladies and gentlemen. We are, of course, going to see the season 3 update go live in War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, and with it, we're going to see a ton of changes, a ton of new content drop in the form of new maps, modes, weapons, a new battle pass, all the usual stuff there, and with the update itself, obviously, we're going to have a handful of patch notes released for multiplayer.

Devs reveal early changes & patch notes for mw3 & warzone season 3

Sometimes they're glitched out, and you can't get out of them. You have to, like, restart your game to correctly get back into the main menu. Sometimes they're just not showing the correct data. I've had it where my after-action report just doesn't show anything or various different UI and menu glitches like that, so we should see some updates to that with season 3 and then a much more important one, the latency.

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Widget that appears in the top left you can obviously turn this on Console or PC, and see what your current ping is to the game that you're in well ever since season 2 reloaded across the board the latency widget has been broken it just says na or not available, now you can still go into your menu and go into I think it's like the account tab or the interface tab or whatever and it'll show you your ping to Any Given match that you're in but obviously you don't want to have to stop what you're doing in game and open up the menu to check your ping you should just be able to see it in the top left so that not being information that we've had for half a season now pretty obnoxious, especially if you feel like the Lobby's connection just isn't and all that great maybe you're kind of stuttery or you feel like you're lagging it's like okay maybe it's because I'm on 110.

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Ping, wait, I can't check. I could be on 110; I could be on 14; I just don't know right now, so that's definitely one that should be updated here with season 3, and it'll be nice to actually have that back now. Looking at some of the multiplayer, specific issues that they've listed on the Trello board are still on the ranked play menu.

Tracking timers for how long you've been on any given hill can be buggy, so that's still being investigated here, but Treyarch is usually on top of the various different ranked play updates, so hopefully that'll be fixed here with season 3. They're still looking into an unintended object in the tank garage on Quarry in particular, and they also have a guaranteed fix scheduled for players becoming stuck after firing a wheelson, so just a heads up: if you are using the wheelson streak right now, it can be buggy, and if you've run into that, have no fear that one is going to be updated here soon.

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The zombies tab, I'm not going to lie, doesn't have too much going on, but what is on it is very important. Unfortunately, this one's just been here forever; they're monitoring that some players are losing their acquisition stashes after an xfill or when you go into the zombies menu, and the fact that they've been monitoring this for like, well, over a month at this point is concerning because of how detrimental it is when you lose your entire stash, so hopefully this changes from you know monitoring to being fixed released with season 3.

Here, they're also still investigating player containment levels being knocked back or reset at certain points. Another pretty big issue there is that it does affect gameplay in a pretty drastic way. Obviously, player containment levels being a relatively new thing, it probably takes some time to figure out the exact cause of that bug, but season 3, again being a major update, should have a lot of zombie-related patch notes, and I'd expect to see mentions.

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Of both of those issues, we now jump over to the war zone side of things, and again, they do have the global tab listed here, and it's the same latency issue with the na ping in the top left. They're also always investigating crashes and stability reports. I'm not sure why that's still on here because it's something that we see in every single patch note update anyway, but the more specific Battle Royale Resurgence plunder and lockdown tab does have a handful of things that we should see updated here in just a couple of days.

There is currently a bug with weapon swapping, plating, and pretty much doing anything with the triangle or the y key bind on your controllers. When you go and try and interrogate, an enemy player, if you stop it, sometimes prevents you from swapping weapons or putting on plates it's kind of a really obnoxious, but super Niche bug, that one should be up to here soon in the kill cam, and you're aware that smokes are not showing up correctly but this also goes for just a glitch with kill cams there will be a smoke in game and say you got shot through it you're like how did this guy see me and you look at the kill Cam and you're like wait he's not seeing smoke why is that it's just a glitch with kill cams they don't show smoke.

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It's been a problem in several cods before, but they are aware of that in the final kill cam specifically. It might be making players look a little bit more suspenseful than intended there, so they are looking into that on PC. In particular, there's a whole issue where your game kind of just starts looking like Play-Doh.

I get this all the time; it's a low texture issue where like the bushes don't render in the trees and don't render in the entire ground, which is all pixelated and messed up, which is really annoying to run into for sure, so they are going to update the graphics there, and there's also another huge armor plate just not dropping.

You can sometimes loot them out of chest correctly; sometimes you'll have a few drops from enemy players that you take out, but for the most part, especially on ö exan, armor plates are not dropping the correct amounts. A player that you take out could have 15 armor plates, for example, in their inventory, and they drop three.

As a squad, it's really rough trying to go through and push through squads when you wipe them. Okay, let's armor up anybody who has any extra plates. Not really i only found like two of the four bodies that we just looted, so another big problem.

New gameplay updates, new features, & more confirmed updates in warzone/mw3 season 3

New gameplay updates, new features, & more confirmed updates in warzone/mw3 season 3

You could obviously betray someone if you wanted to, but that'll be an interesting event, for sure. Also, they're going to be adjusting their health with a new public event as well. This will be specifically for rebirth and reurgence modes, but there's going to be a public event known as heavy armor, which basically gives you an extra plate.

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