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Fastest way to complete blaze up event challenges

Fastest way to complete blaze up event challenges

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, I'm going to show you guys the fastest way to complete the brand new blaze-up event. It took me around 2 hours to complete every single one of these challenges. I'm going to show you guys what you can do and how you can complete it without giving yourself a big headache.

What I'll do is split up the article into each reward being its own category, so that way, if you've already completed one of the challenges, you can skip that part and go on over to the next one.

Double xp token challenge

In this case, this one's getting 25 operator clean kills with Kimbo attack attachments, 50 hellhound kills with shotguns, or opening 20 loot caches in a single resurgence.

Match on Rebirth Island. This one is very easy to complete in War Zone, where I ended up landing. To get this done. I would go over to control, and that area has just a bunch of chests on all different types of floors, so the first floor would probably have like three or four, then you go over to the second floor, which would have even more, the third floor has more, and then the roof only has like one or two.

I would go open them up, and I would just keep running around looking for these boxes up until I got eliminated. Then I would respawn, try to land somewhere further, and redo it again. Usually the supply boxes get refilled, so you don't really have to worry about them running out or anyone else grabbing all of them.

That's why I think this one is the easiest one for you to complete in War Zone if you're to do it in multiplayer. Clean kills mean simply eliminating players without taking damage. That one straight forward you put on, maybe the Akimo WSP, Swarms, or something like that for the second challenge that we have that will unlock you the new weapon sticker.

Hot out the oven weapon sticker challenge

Hot out the oven weapon sticker challenge

It's either get 10 operator quick scope kills with stalker boots perk equipped, get 80 critical kills with sniper marksman rifles or battle rifles, or activate the boat horn near Factory on Rebirth Island.

The war zone one is the easiest one. In my opinion, follow the article here. I will show you guys exactly where you need to land. You'll need to land at the boat right next to the factory; it's going to be on the right side of the map, towards the front of the boat. You'll need to go all the way upstairs.

There will be a little control center, and right there will also be the steering wheel. Right behind it will be the horn. Usually nobody lands there, as you see here. I took my time to pretty much activate it, and as soon as you do, the challenge is easily completed as long as you know where the horn is.

It's the easiest challenge in this entire event, and now I'm showing you guys where it's at, so you should be good to go in terms of doing.

Weedson killstreak camo challenge

420 event rewards mw3

The following challenge after that to unlock the wison, killstreak skin in multiplayer, it's get 20 operat direct impact launcher kills 50 brain rot zombie kills or collect 50 gummies and high trip Resurgence in the war zone wasn't an option because, at the moment, this mode isn't available, but it should be tomorrow morning at around 11:00 a.m.

M so if you're watching at that time, this is probably the easiest one. You simply play the mode and collect all these gummies that are going to be around on the floor, and you should be good to go, but if you want to do it in multiplayer. I would recommend that you do it with the rgl and go into Close Quarter Mosh Pit.

Shipment was the best bet. I struggled with all the other maps, but shipment was the easiest one. You'll have to directly hit them if it does blow up. I notice that they won't count towards the direct impact kills. Another thing is that if you have the zombie mod, which is the brain RW ammo mod, already available in your stash, this is probably the easiest one to do out of all three.

All you have to do is load up zombies and get your eliminations. And then you can, and you will.

High as a duck charm challenge

High as a duck charm challenge

Be good to go. This is going to hit 20 operators with tiar gas and a tack mask perk equipped, complete four zombie contracts, or complete five spy drone contracts. When it comes to spy drones, those are usually easy to complete. The problem is that if you get eliminated while you are doing them, the contract will disappear, and you'll need to go reactivate a completely new one.

Most times, if you're looking up at the sky while shooting, it's going to alert everyone nearby, and you're just going to be a free elimination. So if you don't have friends to do this with, because if you do it with some friends and you get eliminated, the contract will stay and not disappear, and they can help you complete it.

You can also knock this all out together at the same time, so if maybe you and three other friends get together and you do these spy drones, that will be the fastest way to do it; if not. I wouldn't recommend you do a solo multiplayer instead, which is the 20 operators with the tiar gas mask. Make sure you put on this exact loadout that I have.

I went into the 10 V/10 MH pit. I just ran around and threw these tear gases at them, and it was super easy to complete. The only thing that I need to let you know is that if you throw both tiar gases at the same person, it's only going to register as one, so try and hit different players with it, and while you are doing this, it is probably going to lower your KD, and this is going to help you with the skill-based matchmaking in terms of the upcoming challenges. The next challenge we have is.

Seeing sound sticker challenge

Seeing sound sticker challenge

It is going to be the new weapon sticker called See Sound. To unlock this, you can use the stim or Battle Race tactical 15 times to destroy four vehicles, or during infill or redeploy, land in the gondola. What I would recommend is that you do the gondola one.

I tried to do the stim and battle rage. It didn't look like it was tracking properly. I tried in every way I used them. At the start of the match, I used both stem and battle rage. I even took a little bit of damage before using it to make sure that you know the effect actually worked out; it didn't track for any of that, so I think it might be bugged, and the gondola one is actually very easy to do.

Gondola is pretty much this moving thing that's right next to prison. What you want to do is land directly inside of it. I did test it out, landing above it, but it didn't track for the challenge. All you need to do is land inside of it while you are playing. You can do it when you redeploy or when you fully jump out of the airplane.

blaze up

As long as you get that done, it will take a second, but the notification will pop up. For some reason, it was a little bit delayed, but this was another very easy challenge that you were able to complete thanks to War Zone.

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