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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about a bunch of brand new rewards you can unlock that will transfer into MW3 from War Zone Mobile.

Icymi: week 7 update in mw3 today!

Icymi: week 7 update in mw3 today!

Earlier today, I did a live stream breaking down the brand new week seven update for season 2 reloaded. We went through all the brand new week seven challenges and the new aftermarket part known as the bassb lever action that's going to be the Outlaw 277 kit. A article breaking down the new aftermarket parts and what the easiest challenges are is linked.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game Mitch Cactus. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 verified reviews. You can use Go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

How people are playing wzm early explained

cdl major 2 drops

Apart From that, if you guys are seeing a bunch of early war zone mobile gameplay all over Twitter and even YouTube, here's how that's happening: for those that either downloaded the game early through the limited region testing that happened over the last year or for those that had access to the game, that way the servers seem to be going live little by little, as confirmed by the War Zone mobile team.

Just to make sure the global launch is smooth for tomorrow, you no longer need a VPN. To actually access the game, hopefully that makes sense, but if you go ahead and log out of your Apple ID, which does have its consequences if you're using iCloud, you might lose your wallet, credit cards, and some photos.

If you sign out of your Apple ID and sign into a different one that is registered under, let's say. Norway or a different region that currently has access to War Zone Mobile, you can then go to the app store without a VPN. Download the game, sign back into your Apple ID, and just play the game. Normally, there might be some lag considering the game isn't meant to be out worldwide yet, but hopefully that makes sense as to how people out there are accessing the game a little bit early.

The game was globally released on March 21st. It'll probably be 11:00 a. M central is that when it drops, I'll be live streaming a countdown and breakdown of the release. As of tomorrow morning, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Claim condemned ghost early for wzm

Claim condemned ghost early for wzm

Also crazy is if you have access to Wars Mobile right now. The Condemned Ghost Rewards are available to claim, so if you go ahead and claim those, you'll notice it does say that these pieces of content are designed for WZM. That means these rewards will not transfer over into MW3 in the war zone or even to W2 last year, even though they were initially marketed as a reward or a set of rewards that would transfer into the mainline series.

I'm not sure what the change is, especially considering there's leaked footage of The Condemned Ghost Skin being used inside of the MW2 operator menu. I'm not sure if they're going to end up selling this in a bundle or if there's a different way that we're going to be able to transfer this skin in the future.


Who knows what happened here, but as of right now, if you do claim those rewards, you can only use the condemned ghost and the various blueprints within War Zone Mobile. You cannot use these in any of the games. Finger crosses will change in the next title update, but we then got a brand new graphic that dropped in regards to Operation Day Zero.

All exclusive red rewards this week

This event does begin this Friday, March 22nd; it does not begin when the game is globally released tomorrow, March 21st. So first off, let's start with the individual rewards. There's even a little article teaser they put out on the wars of mobile Twitter about how the individual rewards work. It doesn't tell us what we have to do exactly to get these rewards unlocked, but there are things you can do in game this Friday to get rewards instantly for use in just war zone mobile, so it does confirm in the blog post that the individual rewards are only usable inside of mobile and will not transfer into MW3, or war zone.

These are the bloody Reaper and red-themed cosmetics, right? The red variant of The Condemned Ghost Skin is only going to be unlockable inside of War Zone Mobile. You cannot bring these rewards anywhere else, but some rewards do include a pistol blueprint. You got the hell Scrapper LTV skin, the last word charm, Pretty cool-looking unlocks that you can get again for free just by playing the game and doing certain tasks.

In terms of those tasks, we don't know, but they'll probably be relatively similar to what you have to do for the community rewards, which is go to contested zones around Ver Dan or the entirety of rebirth and do certain actions like open a loop chest, get kills, and buy things at a buy station. Revive another player.

Simple tasks like that probably have to be done just on a smaller scale to get the individual rewards, whereas they have to be done on a much bigger scale for the entire community to get the golden rewards. Right now, we have the Phantom Ghost , or the golden Phantom skin.

All gold community rewards for mw3

All gold community rewards for mw3

I should say, excuse me, that is the gold variant of The Condemned Ghost Skin, and then those gold-corresponding rewards will be community unlocks that only get rewarded to players. After the entire community hits certain milestones in those contested zones, it'll probably take a good week or whatnot before we can go ahead and get all these done.

I believe this entire event does end on April 3rd, which is the start of season 3, so these community rewards will in fact be transferable to MW3 in the war zone, so yes, all the golden-themed cosmetics you're seeing will work in the mainline Cod series, but also in the graphic, it does mention the contested zone, so there will be.

Contested zones in verdansk & rebirth island!

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