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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about some free operator skins for Modern Warfare 3, new content updates for War on Mobile, plus some other surprises. I posted a article yesterday, right before the new episode of the Bombshell podcast, talking about how to clear the air. With the three ghost event skins, there's been a lot of confusion as to how you get the condemned ghost, the golden phantom, and even the bloody Reaper look, so that article goes over all the details with how to get all three skins, how to claim them, and even how to transfer some of them into Modern Warfare 3 and regular war zones. The article was also just posted as the Operation Day Zero event had begun.

Zone 2 now available in verdansk

Zone 2 now available in verdansk

And what do you know as of late last night? Zone number two opened over in Verdansk, which takes place in the downtown point of interest, so if you go over to that zone and complete certain actions, you'll not only earn event points towards the progression of your individual rewards but also for the community rewards.

As of right now, Zone number two still has a bit of a way to go, so I'd assume Maybe by late tonight or early tomorrow morning we'll see the opening of Zone number three. It looks like the Wars of Mobile YouTube channel is going to be posting short trailers. Every time a brand new zone does open up, it's unclear when rebirth gets added into the mix with the zones because it's been confirmed that the entirety of the island is going to be a zone at some point during operation.

Plunder, ranked & training mode


Days zero might save the best for last to make that zone number six or something, but on top of , as of a couple of days ago, new icons were discovered for upcoming game modes inside of War Zone Mobile. You guys have probably noticed that the playlists have been updated a little bit with different squad sizes, and we got Shoot the Ship added to the small multiplayer.

That's cool and whatnot, but it looks like the leakers did find the icons for a ranked play, which is crazy. Obviously, that's going to be for, if I had to guess, maybe they'll do a ranked revival at some point later. They also found plunder, which isn't really a surprise since that was rumored for quite some time, and some other icons that we aren't too familiar with, but yeah, it looks like Wars Mobile is going to get some fairly regular updates, and I'd expect a bunch of new modes and other surprises to be added in with the launch of season 3, which isn't that far away from now on April 3D.

I'm curious if they'll mention Wars on mobile information in the main season 3 blog post for MW3, in War Zone, or if they will do a separate blog post for this, which is probably the better idea. Honestly, but I'll keep you guys posted on everything coming with our third season of content, now.

Godzilla jabber skin leaked early

Godzilla jabber skin leaked early

What was also discovered a few days ago, which I also find fascinating, is under the jabber oper. There is a skin that clearly has the wrong name tied to it. This is actually the beta reward skin from many months ago, but the name of this bugged out in War Zone Mobile, and it's called the tetanus, Godzilla.

So that again confirms that we're going to be seeing a Godzilla XCON collab inside of MW3. In the war zone, obviously, we have the King Kong operator that is about to release any day now, but a Godzilla one has been rumored for a minute since the finishing moves did leak out. There's a playay of a Godzilla finishing move, one for Shimo and one for Scar.

Those are all characters from the new Empire movie, which is also just a few days away from release. So, right now, there is some direct confirmation that a Godzilla operator skin is on the way for Wars on mobile, and the entire Cod series is definitely curious if it's going to be better than the one that we got over in Vanguard.

But certainly expect more mistakes like this, where things slip up on accidents within war zone mobile. They give us hints as to what's next for Modern Warfare 3 and regular war zones.

Surprise package from call of duty!

We got the AV adapter, which allows you to plug in an HDMI cord and then put that into an Elgato Cap card.

We also got a dual USBC connector for the wall. I mean, that's massive for keeping your phone charged and any other devices you need while you're playing mobile, because your battery will die if you don't have your phone plugged in. Keep that in mind, but what a nice surprise on top of some confirmation here that Wars on Mobile tournaments are going to be happening relatively soon.

I'm really excited to jump into those if possible.

Bonus rewards from hot pockets

Bonus rewards from hot pockets

They also confirmed a brand new collaboration between War Zone Mobile and Hot Pockets. You can get your hands on a Speedy Choms emblem and a Bombs Away charm. Now, people in my chat yesterday did say these were rewards from an older exclusive Ive Wars on mobile event, and they used to be free, so people are a little upset that now they're essentially locked behind a pay wall when you go ahead and buy Hot Pockets.

I would prefer if there was an older Wars of Mobile event that a majority of the world didn't get to play; maybe they could re-release those rewards. Through you know some free battle pass sectors or some other means, but to then put those behind a promotion like this. I think, could rub off the wrong way for the people out there that already have these rewards or people that knew about them and thought they were going to be free eventually.

mw3 campaign soap skin

It's a bit unfortunate, but I'd say at the very least, they're still going ahead and providing people a chance to get these cosmetics for those that may have missed out during the limited access that Wars Mobile had over the last year and a half, and what's really exciting is that if you text the word Striker to 29683.

Free skin for mw3 & wz mobile

You will get this Fender skin which is actually pretty damn cool it's a milsim operator but Sally is limited, to the United States it's not a North American offer, it's not an offer that works anywhere else around the world as of right now it is strictly for the United States so obviously if you're not in the United States but you have a friend that is let's say, have a friend or family member they can textt the word for you and then they can give you a code that way or maybe they don't want the code and they give it to you essentially you text the word Striker to that number you then type the letter Y when it asks you if you want to sign in and then after that it'll give you a code that you can redeem at call of duty.

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