News - The Next Warzone 2 Zombies Update Is Bigger Than You Think. New World Events, Pvp, Act 5

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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the MW3 zombie updates. You didn't expect some different content other than a Dark Eternity Rift, plus even more. Docomo. War Zone mobile bundle loadouts, and even more over on Detonated Twitter, you guys are probably aware as to what is going to be releasing on May 1st with season 3 Reloaded.

The mwz post launch formula

The mwz post launch formula

There's actually a lot of brand new content that also got discovered, which I'm going to assume is partially for season 4 and probably even a bit for season 5, so from our understanding right now, at least in the zombies Community season 4 is going to be taking a bit of a break from the dark ether Rift formula, that formula did get introduced in season 1 then again season 2 reloaded and will again be used for season 3 Reloaded update so that means getting a new act Mission which takes you into a new dark ether space which is a cuto off portion from alaza, the DMZ and waro map last year and then after you beat that act Mission you'll get some hints as to where you can find some relics.

You even have to cleanse those relics over in Ukhan. Or I think in the case of season 2, you had to cleanse them in the actual act of Mission itself, and then that allows you to spawn in a dark ether Rift to go back into that space to complete three different contracts. After doing that, you'll be earning Elder sigils, and as you complete those contracts, you can go back into a harder version of that Rift to complete contracts, which will reward you with some brand new schematics.

now In season one, you got three schematics unlocked for beating the Elder version of the Dark Hether Challenges, and the same deal for season two was reloaded, but it was cool in season 1, where you were able to get three additional new schematics if you went ahead and defeated the red worm, which was a side egg.

Now, you had to repeat that side egg up to three different times to get the three different schematics. But I do think it would be cool if there was an alternate side Easter egg of some sort to get some brand new rewards, and it wasn't just us relying on the Elder Dark Eternal Rift to get some brand new unlocks, but.

Mule kick still coming to mwz??

Mule kick still coming to mwz??

In a phone call back during I Believe season 2, Kevin Drew did go ahead and confirm we weren't going to be seeing any new bosses or perks added to MWZ.

Then, in the brand new creator call for season 3, which happened a good week and a half ago, he also confirmed that he would no longer be attending those creator calls for the remainder of this game's life cycle as he was stepping away to work on an unannounced project that's likely Black Ops 2024.

It was implied that Sledgehammer is going to be taking over development for Modern Warfare 3 zombies to close out the game's life cycle and really wrap up the narrative that has been established. We know that up until this point, both High Mooon Studios and Infinity Ward have also lent a helping hand for MWZ, but it's unclear if Sledgehammer now has a much larger role on the zombie side.

black ops 2024 zombies

We technically did get new bosses with season 2 reloaded zombie updates, considering there were some HVT versions of some familiar bosses. We of course had an electrified Mangler and an electrified mimic; they were technically new bosses, not fully original, but definitely different variants of those bosses that we hadn't seen before, so who's to say they also can't go ahead and introduce some type of new perk, but not in the form of a perk can?

As you guys might remember, it was leaked out many months ago that perks such as Mu Kick, Electric Cherry, and Widow's Wine may be coming to MWZ. Now. I would say Electric Cherry is probably the least likely, and widow's wine was never really fully leaked out, but it was rumored because there was an icon 4 on a collector's box for Modern Warfare 3.

They're released over at Walmart, Muick, which I think is a very likely candidate for a perk that could get reintroduced. Just not through a can now. If it's through a can, so be it, but I do think they could just update the backpack system to some capacity, where maybe you have to do a certain challenge or get a different type of backpack that allows you to hold three weapons.

Maybe that's all to introduce mu kick in a future update, because I'd say that's probably worth having a primary, a secondary, and then a wonder weapon as your third weapon.

New aat, objectives & contracts

New aat, objectives & contracts

I think that's probably how people would want to run mu kick if the perk was added into the game, but there was other leaked content such as a shadow Vortex aat, a holdout objective, and even an objective called the solock, which I believe is a golden version of that purple Sol lock that we saw an outbreak of back in Black Ops Cold War.

There's even a hostage contract, which I know for sure was in DMZ. There's also a cargo helicopter, which may start flying around DMZ, and if you shoot it down, you get a care package full of some goodies. That was also an outbreak of the Black Ops Cold War, but then, of course, a wallet system. Apparently, this feature did get cleaned up a little bit in the recent title update for MWZ.

So this update is just about ready to release, and it's just around the corner. It'll probably just get Shadow patched into the game with season 3 Reloaded, or maybe some point after that similar to the containment levels, which weren't even in any of the marketing or blog posts but just got added into the game and were mentioned pretty briefly in some new patch notes.

That's probably how the wallet will get introduced relatively soon, but apart from all of that, here's what's going on, right? So it does appear season 4 is taking a bit of a break from the formula I mentioned, but in terms of what is going to be released in season 4. I don't think it'll just be a blank season for zombies, and you get nothing on the road map. I think they're going to take a break because there's something else they've been working on for quite a while that's finally going to see the light of day, and that is a map event similar to a story infill, which takes you into a new space for pvpve.

Map event, pvp & new space.

Map event, pvp & new space.

Yes, the ability to fight other real players while dealing with zombies at the same time is essentially a DMZ type of LTM, but for MW3, zombies, now in terms of what space you're going to be going in, that's a great question.

I wonder if it'll just be a repurposed or reimagined öh, or will it be some other dark ether spaces that we've been in before? Will it be like some LTM where it'll randomly throw you into one of the Rifts that we've been in throughout seasons 1 through 3? That's a little bit unknown right now, but obviously.

The NEXT MW3 Zombies Update is BIGGER Than You Think NEW World Events, PVP, ACT 5.
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