News - Try This "tr-76 Geist" Class Now Warzone 2. Best Tr 76 Geist Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So when it comes to building out weapons normally, I'm pretty quick with finding the correct attachments in order to accomplish what I'm looking for with the TR76. The gist was definitely an exception. It took me a long period of time to find the correct attachments and make the weapon feel comfortable, but once I did accomplish that goal.

I found all my attachments kept The recoil is nice and lowers the damage range a little bit. What I could say is that this weapon falls right in the middle of the assault rifle class; it's not by any means the worst assault rifle in the entire game, but it definitely does not fall in the meta category.

But like I said, it was not the easiest weapon to find the right attachments for, so you guys can do your best and try to play around with some of the attachments if you want. But I think you should try my attachments out.

Best class setup

First, we're going to start here with a comb with the FSS hard top comb, giving you sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed.

best class mw3

As you can see, we are not sacrificing recoil control with this attachment, but we are speeding it up a bit, and you'll see why this is necessary later on in the build. The statistics aren't too crazy. 2% for the aimed-out sight speed and 15% for the sprint-to-fire speed, but with this weapon being a medium-range option, it is important to have a fast sprint-to-fire speed for a rear grip.

I'm going with the step 66 grip for recoil control and gun kick control, which is self-explanatory. Attachment that doesn't really need all too much explaining 7%, across the board to the recoil controls along with gun kick control for an underbarrel we have the Brewin heavy support grip for gun kick control aiming outle sway We also got horizontal recoil control and fire-aiming stability.

best class setup mw3

Obviously, certain attachments in this game do a better job than others, but what this one does a fantastic job of is controlling visual recoil, so in this particular case, the horizontal recoil far outweighs the vertical, plus the fire aiming stability makes it much easier for you to hit your shots.

We got 11% for the gun kick and 12% for the horizontal recoil control. For more muscle, we have the Zam 35 compensated flash hider, and I like to choose this one because it's for the same reason as the underrail: you're getting that visual recoil control. AKA fire aiming stability, along with some extra recoil control in general (5% to the horizontal and 15% to the vertical), and our final attachment is the lock.

5 a long barrel for bullet velocity and damage range Normally, I don't like to add barrels to my weapons, especially the MW2 weapons here in Modern Warfare 3. In this particular case, though, I did find that it was necessary because the damage range was very lackluster. It's going to bring up 20% to 29 M, which does fall within that medium range.

add a sacrifice of 18% to the aim down sight speed, which does suck, but like I said, it was a pretty lackluster weapon before the barrel, so if you were to take that off, you could see the damage range is at 24.1 M, which yeah, that's in the medium range, but towards the farther end of the medium range, you're going to be basically turning the weapon into the peashooter, but by increasing that damage range by 20% It definitely shoots itself up the chart just a little bit.

There's all of your attachments, as always, if you guys needed to copy that one down. I'm not going to claim that this thing is super good, but it's definitely a change of pace, and for a weapon that I really enjoyed in Modern Warfare 2, it definitely holds its own here in Modern Warfare 3. Here's also the rest of the load out.

As always, we're going to jump into some gameplay so you guys can see exactly what the tr76 Gist is capable of here in Modern Warfare 3. Let's get into that. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Afghan game 1

Afghan game 1

So I was meant to be showing you guys my new MCW; he saw us on his map, you know, that marinera. But your boy accidentally deleted the class last game because I was getting crapped on, like No Cap was getting crapped on, and I forgot that I needed to put it back. On i did not, so we got the tr76 gist for you, and we're going to just work it up.

best mw3 class

So this weapon took me a damn long time to find a build that I really liked. I just couldn't find a recoil pattern that I really, enjoyed you know what I mean that was like really vibing with me so it took me weeks of playing around with attachments to figure out what I should be, running this is the best one I could come up with now is this weapon bad no for a map like Afghan not the best because this is definitely more of a medium, range, assault rifle, you got to kind of stay aggressive with it and I'm doing a good job so far you just got to stay in the mix if that makes sense like staying in the mix is the only way you're going to find success, working with a weapon like this like that gunfight right there no way I could take that okay so teammates are cleaning up the front but it looks like they're going to be coming from that side as well so we're going to move around the back here make sure we have bullets for no I'm.

Changing, all right, that's the advanced my Chopper shooting right there there; he is Chopper pinged right on top of him. I'm not trying to get caught in my pants down again getting this ammo before I get damn close to this hill before I make any ideas. It's surprising to me that the guy on the hill survived my Chopper for that long.

I mean, I just got insta-killed. That was insane. I don't know; Nuke's not on the table here. Not a chance, but it's not the case. I mean, I have an advantage, so the swarm could still happen here on the ground. Push them back inside. Eliminate this next. Hill's got to be important; we got to go, him.

Why is that dive bombing me? Brother, what the hell? No, I don't actually understand why that dive bombed me. That's kind of bull crap if they're not here. I'm wondering where they are because my teammates are directly behind me. Screw it i don't care. I don't know where they are. I don't care where they are.

We're getting the w we have the lead now we do have the lead. That's unfortunate this game was intense, and I was vibing with it. The fact that they timed out is just unfortunate, man, because now we should win, like there's no reason we shouldn't win. Now it's still a good first game; it's a great first game, but it's just unfortunate how it just kind of went down.

In my opinion, I would have rather it stayed 6v6 and had a nice little intensity. Stand: 88 kills. It's a great first game. Number one, why the hell did the freaking swarm die-bomb me? Number two, I'm satisfied.

Try this "TR-76 GEIST" Class NOW in MW3! Best TR 76 Geist Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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