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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So the RAM 7 has caught quite a few Nerfs here, honestly, because of War Zone, but those Nerfs do apply to multiplayer as well. So, because of the long range capabilities of the ram 7, that is more or less what ended up getting nerfed, so I wanted to take advantage of that a little bit and I wanted to apply kind of a war zone build here to multiplayer, so we're going to be focusing a lot on recoil control and damage range , starting us off here with the hvs 3.4, pad for gun kick control, recoil control, and a lot at that 20%, there to the gun kick and 8% to the horizontal and vertical recoil controls, which will help you significantly at range.

Best class setup

best class mw3

It's going to make it a lot easier to hit your shots down here in a magazine. I am going with the 40-round mag. I tend to always use an extended mag here on the Ram 7, whether I'm going with an aggressive build or a slower-pace build, just because of how fast this weapon fires. At the end of the day, it is a preference, so use whatever you want or an underbarrel.

We have the Brewing heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming out sway, horizontal recoil control, and fire aiming stability, which is going to slow down your weapon significantly. But it is going to control not only the visual shake with the fire aiming stability, but horizontal and gun kick so we got 11% to the gun kick 8% to the horizontal recoil control and of course we got that fire aiming stability which the ram 7 has a lot of visual Shake on it this does a good job of controlling that for a muzzle we have the ZEM compensated flash hider we got recoil control and even more fire aiming stability, not much to talk about here we got 5% there to the horizontal recoil control 15% to the vertical recoil control and in addition a ton of fire aiming stability match that fire aiming stability up with the under Bell and it's got not too much Shake on it whatsoever and our final attachment is the xrk, core Mark 40 that's going to give you even more gun kick control aiming out way bullet velocity and damage range along with a little bit more recoil control so the big one here obviously is the damage range like I said I'm building a somewhat of a war zone build so we're upping the damage range to 37.1.

M and then we also are upping the bullet velocity by 15%. And some smaller values there towards recoil control, which again will help you in the long range. I understand why they nerfed the ram 7 over in War Zone, but I don't really understand it over in multiplayer. But. I'm not a developer, so I don't.

I don't know. If you guys are looking for that aggressive build, do me a favor. Go down to the comment section and just put I want to see an aggressive, build or I want to see an aggressive class set up. I'll get the hint, and I'll get that added to my schedule. Let's jump over into gameplay to feature with the ram 7 here.

Ram 7 gameplay

Ram 7 gameplay

As always, I hope you guys enjoy You know, I don't know if any of you watch the flank, but there's a podcast on the flank; it's a Call of Duty podcast about the CDL. He always says I'm never wrong, just early. And normally that's the case, and I'm starting to think I apply under those same guidelines; you want to know why?

Because I said that I thought Vista would be the perfect CDL map, and guess what? Here we are, and it's now a CDL map. I'm not wrong; I'm just, early now, I'm not necessarily using a CD weapon on the map; I am going with the ram, but at the same time, I think it's rather impressive that I was. Ene, this map is such a chaos-driven map; it's such a what's the word a mix This map is a mix; it's super unpredictable and super fun.

best class setup mw3

You know what I mean. It's just a constant crapshoot of a whole lot going on, and I'm using the ram, which is a good weapon for this map because of the fast fire rate, and it's also got some medium range. Engagements this guy coming back, no, I gu jumped, Off in their spawn apparently didn't know I was there a guy on a five right now, so I got to be ready for Am I going to be in their spawn?

Again, I got a strange feeling that I'm in their spawn right now. I just heard one right, Sketchy. I do just need to lock in the swarm, but things are a little sketchy right now. I could just hit the I'm just going to fly; it's going to be safer than sorry. You know this guy's going to be right.

They have a mosquito, so I'm not moving trying to see it; it's right there; it's coming; it's going to come for me; I don't even know if you can shoot those out of the sky. I have a bigger mosquito drone for him that I could give

NEW RAM-7 Setup is GODLY in MW3! Best Ram 7 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3. Timecodes.
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