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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So I'm going to be covering one of the more underrated weapons here in Modern Warfare 3 today, and that is the jack backsaw kit for the hogar, 556. So it's a very similar conversion kit to, like, the double-barrel AR9. But this one, instead of having two barrels, just shoots two bullets with one pull of the trigger, so theoretically, this thing should be broken.

It's not that they did a good job at balancing it, but I have a ton of fun using the thing. The only downside, of course, is the longer-range fights, but they're still pretty aggressive.

Best class setup

Choice here, so I want to start the build off here with an optic with the Moors Dot site, Honestly, I just wanted to try the optic out.

best class mw3

I still personally think the Jack Glass optic is better, but I just wanted to give this a try. This is how you unlock it: by using the sniper rifle and leveling it up. It's just like, I mean, it's an ELO sight, that's all it is. It's just a straight-up ELO sight, so there's nothing bad about it, but I probably prefer the Jack Glass classic use.

You guys use whatever you want. Of course, for a stock, we have the RB adle salt stock for recoil control and gun kick control, a very necessary attachment. Here, it's going to increase your gun kick by 9% and then your horizontal and vertical recoil control by 14%. As I stated in the intro, it is necessary to have recoil-type attachments for the rear grip.

We have the M-20 grip, which is self-explanatory. Once again, we're getting Flinch resistance recoil control and gun kick control, the big ones being the recoil and gun kick, and it's 10% straight across the board in all of those categories. Now we have the aftermarket part or the conversion kit with the Jack Backs saw kit, as you can see, two bullets per shot.

best class setup mw3

We also get a 100-round drum. And a little bit of aggression with some aim walking speed and sprint to fire speed. Obviously. I said this the same when it was the AMR double barrel, so because it's taking two shots per bullet or pull per pull of the trigger, you need to decrease the damage, which makes a lot of sense, so for example, with the headshot damage, one bullet is worth 41 damage, but if you're hitting two of those bullets, it actually does 81 damage, so it is a high-damage option, but the damage range because of the recoil control is a little lackluster.

I would honestly run around and use this thing like a 100-round drum SMG, and the final attachment I like to use here is the low-grain rounds. I'm not normally a fan of this because you're losing damage range and bullet velocity, but in this particular case, you're not going to be taking long-range fights, so a little bit of recoil control will only help my cause.

it's not much 5% to the gun kick and 8% to the horizontal and vertical recoil control but I did feel like it made a big difference so as I stated one of the more underrated options here in the game and honestly, pretty dang fun you got a fast aim down sight speed you get to run around like a chicken with your head cut off and it has a it deals a ton of damage so if you guys are looking for something a little different to try I highly recommend giving this thing a go and as always there's all my load out, you know, lethal, tactical.

Perks field upgrade Whatever you guys are wanting to run Chuck on, there it is. Let's go into a group.

Jak backsaw kit gameplay

Jak backsaw kit gameplay

Yeah, all right, so just like the AMR double barrel, this one's not necessarily a double barrel, but it shoots two bullets at once. Actually, yeah, there's not two barrels on this, but it performs very similar to the AR9 Conversion Kit in the sense that it shoots, basically, two bullets at.

Once you get lit, up, and holy, that's a start. That's a start, if I have ever freaking seen one. My goodness, we're the lead. This guy keeps popping battle Harden as he or battle rage battle Harden whatever it is as he's spawning in, so I got to be ready for that all right now that we're spawning over here, so they're going to be over here.

Maybe that hits. Go, unless we can get more time out of this. I mean, they might fight back here. They got a guy who joined with a freaking riot shield and trophy systems. Okay, I mean smart, but you're.

the MOST UNDERRATED Weapon in MW3! Best Holger 556 Class Setup JAK Backsaw Kit Modern Warfare 3. Timecodes.
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