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Range & ttk comparisons

Range & ttk comparisons

And diving right in, let's have a look at our range and time to kill comparison with these assault rifles, and we're going to start it off here with the assault rifles that kill in five shots up close. I had to separate this into two separate graphics just because there's so many of these it's too many to put in one image, and I'm not going to pull out every single one of these guns and talk about them in great detail, however, just for ease of viewing if you're looking for like optimal time to kill values.

I wanted to highlight all of the assault rifles that are capable of killing in 300 milliseconds or less within their maximum damage range, and in the case of five-shot assault rifles, these are the M4, the M13 B, the Chimera, the Tempest Razer Back, and the F Advancer, so these ones, at least in terms of kill time, will generally perform average to above average in relation to the Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles in this game, and that's why I wanted to highlight them specifically.

That's not to say that the ones I didn't highlight are completely unusable, or anything it's just they're generally not going to be optimal when you consider the fact that Modern Warfare 2 guns have other downsides, relative to the Modern Warfare 3 guns, but like I said those are the assault rifles that are killing in five shots up close we also have another set of assault rifles that are capable of killing in four shots in the maximum damage range so here's the range comparison of these ones and again I'm just going to highlight the ones that kill in 300 milliseconds or less although the M16 is really close to that Threshold at 302 milliseconds, so basically all of these do quite well in the time to kill Department.

Handling & mobility

And the iso Hemlock, those two I do consider to be standouts in this area although they're not the only ones that can be made to be accurate it is just worth noting with Modern Warfare 2 guns they tend to have a lot more visual recoil and a lot more shake to them as you're firing, and that can often throw you off Target compared to the Modern Warfare 3 guns that just don't have nearly as much of that , and honestly those are the two most important areas that I wanted to point out with this article when it comes to all of the other stats like handling and Mobility, generally speaking the Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles are pretty well in line with the Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles they weren't at launch but a lot of those values have been adjusted since then and therefore I don't think it's really worth showing a full comparison here cuz you can also see those values for yourself when just looking at the advanced stats .

Tips & key attachments for mwii builds

Tips & key attachments for mwii builds

So now let's get into some tips for creating builds with Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles, since I do generally take a very different approach to building my Modern Warfare 3 guns, and the main reason for this and the first thing to be aware of is that Modern Warfare 2 barrels and stocks tend to be horrible attachments that have more downsides than upsides.

As a result, I almost never use barrels or stocks on my Modern Warfare 2 guns. And this is still one of the biggest areas that holds back the Modern Warfare 2 guns relative to the Modern Warfare 3 guns because, often times, the base stats are actually quite comparable between the Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 guns.

cod mwiii

It's the attachments that really separate them now, and speaking of attachments, let's get into a handful of key attachments that I specifically look for when creating Modern Warfare 2 builds. I'm not saying you always need to use these attachments they're just ones that I find pop up more often on my builds, for Modern Warfare 2 Guns because they tend to help with the specific downsides that we're dealing with and the first one is in the under Barrel category this is the breu and heavy support grip and the big reason I like using this one is not only do we get a nice horizontal recoil benefit out of this we also get a great benefit to our recoil gun kick and that's something that these Modern Warfare 2 Guns often need so that's an excellent choice but an alternative, that I also like to keep an eye on is the brew and pivot vertical grip and the reason I like this one is not only does it give you a better gun kick benefit compared to the brew and heavy support grip it also gives you firing aim stability which is a very important stat that isn't Quantified anywhere in the advanced stats.

modern warfare 3

And this is a stat that you can usually improve really drastically for Modern Warfare 3 guns in the stock category atory, but like I said the Modern Warfare 2 stocks tend to suck and they don't give you any improvements here so as a result with many of the Modern Warfare 2 guns at least I like squeezing out firing aim stability, wherever possible, and that leads me to the next attachment that I really like to look out for now with Modern Warfare 2 Guns this is the Recently Added Jack glassless optic and again the reason I like leaning toward this one aside from the fact that it's a nice looking optic it looks pretty good I do like the site picture that you get with it also helps a bit with our firing aim stability, and again I'm often trying to squeeze that in there when it comes to my Modern Warfare 2 builds.

And this just leaves us with one last attachment that I really want you to keep an eye out for when creating Modern Warfare 2 builds, and this one I would actually say is pretty much a must-have on most of my Modern Warfare 2 builds. This is the rear grip that's going to help you with your recoil control.

This will go by a different name depending on the gun that you're using, but just look in that rear grip section for the one that's going to improve all of our recoil stats in the advanced stats by 7%.

Tr-76 geist setup

Tr-76 geist setup

But we are hurting our aim-down sight speed a little bit; it's 3113 milliseconds, which means you generally don't want to be sprinting around like a madman with this gun, but if you play a bit more conservatively, you can actually make this gun work quite effectively.

Modern Warfare II Guns in MWIII launched in a pretty weak state but over time we've seen more and more buffs to bring them in line so today, I wanted to share my top 8 favorite MWII Assault Rifle setups to use in MWIII.
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