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In today's article, I'm going to be showing you guys the best loadouts to use for war zone-ranked emergencies. If you guys are looking for somebody to help rank up your account, I made a Discord where I'm going to be ranking people's accounts on stream. I got all the prices listed in there. I have any questions listed in there, and yes, it works for any platform.

You need to make sure you know what your Call of Duty account is. And now let's jump right into today's classes. All right, guys, so we're going to start this article off by looking at the SM. G meta, and then we're going to be showing the primary ARS metas. There's only a couple of guns that are viable for each.

I'll tell you which guns, when we get to them, I think are the best, so let's go ahead and jump right into these SMGs.

Secondary #1 - ram 9

hrm 9

For our first SMG, we're going to be looking at the Ram 9. The Ram 9 has a pretty competitive time to kill with that HRM; it does kill technically a little bit faster, but if you shoot it at the same time as the HRM 9, this gun will beat the HRM.

hrm 9 ranked

The RAM 9 also feels like it has significantly better movement compared to the HRM 9. Which is something that I think pushes a lot of people towards this over the HRM all class set up we're going to be checking on the 50 round mag we're going to be combining that with the retort 90 rear grip for a little bit extra recoil control cool thing about this grip is you're going to get a ton of extra recoil control, for pretty much no cons you're not going to notice less aim idle sway, it's just not something you're going to pick up on when you're using the gun so you get all that for pretty much nothing we're going to combine that with the Zen compensated, flash hider muszle for a little bit of extra recoil control and help keep us off that mini map nice thing about this is when we stop shooting our pings on the mini map will pretty much go away we also get really good recoil bonuses for you using this for our fourth attachment we're going to be adding a movement based and ads speed based attachment the dr6.

Hand stop some of these recoil boosting attachments do slow down your ad speed, for example, the muzzle we just chucked on, so this is going to help us get some of that ad speed back, and it's also going to help us increase our movement speed, but if you want, like the max movement build, you want to Chuck on that xrk, edge just because it's the best movement boosting under Barrel.

I like the deer six, though I'm going to stick with that, and then lastly, for our fifth attachment, we're going to be chucking on the ULTR light stock. Pad Ultra Light Stock is going to help boost our base sprint speed, allowing us to literally run faster around the map. It is also going to help with our movement speed, and the only con that we get by using this is a little bit less of a stable recoil pattern, which, to be honest, you probably will notice a little bit, but the movement bonuses you get by using this are so worth it now.

If you really struggle with the recoil in this class setup, you can do is you can take off the stock and Chuck on the speedway. The V5 short barrel is going to help with recoil control a lot; however, it's going to torch your damage range and your bullet velocity, and it's going to make you aim a lot slower.

It's really going to SL on the gun, but it's really going to make it a lot easier to use. We start with the recoil, take off the stock, and put on that barrel as the RAM9 is set up through screenshot. Do what you got to do, and let's go ahead and jump right into the next one.

Secondary #2 - hrm 9

Secondary #2 - hrm 9

So for our next sub, we're going to be talking about HRM 9, and in my opinion, this is the most well-rounded. SMG to use for war zone right, the HRM 9 has a very competitive time to kill, and while it may kill technically slower than that Ram 9, if you include things like the Sprint to fire delay open bolt delay things that matter when you're running around the map and have to stop and shoot from that time where you stop sprinting to go to shoot somebody, you can get shots off faster with the HRM, compared to that Ram 9, and in those situations, you will actually kill people using the ram 9, a couple of other things to note here, the movement isn't as good as the ram 9 on this HRM.

mtz 762

However, I think it is a little bit more consistent and a little bit more well-rounded. I think is the good word to put and because of that this is why this SMG, is the most popular gun to use on resurgent ranks to start off building this we're going to be using the exact same 50 round mag you pretty much are going to Max the ammo count on every gun we're using in today's article just because you need all the ammo you can get for our second attachment we're going to be chucking on that same Zen compensated, flash hider muzzle it's very popular for the subs lots of Pros especially in The Recoil category for not many cons especially since the main con with this is a little bit slower of ads speed and since those SMGs aiming so fast anyway those little percents on already small numbers don't really make much of a difference you're getting lots of Pros pretty much no cons for our third attachment we are actually going to be using a barrel on this class we're going to be using the thorn 90 barrel, now a lot of people go back and forth between this and chucking on the high grain ammo type in my testing in my games using the ammo over the barrel I found that the barrel, overall in more situations.

mtz 762 3

The ammo type feels a lot better. You're also going to have more recoil when you use the high-grain ammo type. The high-grain ammo type doesn't really help you too much in those faraway gunfights; it's only going to boost that range at which you get the fastest time to kill by 1.7. M it's honestly not much at all so there's a very select and very few amount of gunfights where this is actually going to benefit you in and because of that I think the benefits we get with the barrel which are things like Sprint speed, ads speed hip fire accuracy stuff like that those are way more noticeable, than that ammo type so I think the barrel is better for our fourth attach or really Shing on that same dr6, hand stop my favorite under Barrel in the entire game it's going to help boost our ads speed Sprint to fire speed and our movement speed just like it did on the ram 9 and before I fit the attachment we're going to be chucking on a stock be folding stock attachment this stock is dope because we're going to get a ton of recoil control just for 4%.

Added to our ads, and quite honestly, the amount of recoil control we get by using this is totally worth slightly slower ads. I mean 4%. On a small number, you're not going to notice it; this is the I'm set; you guys should all be users, and now that it's 100% The Meta, you're going to see most of the pros using this also, and it's for the exact same reasons that.

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