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In today's article, I'm going to show you guys the best loadouts that you could be using right now in Resurgence-ranked play that are currently being used by all of the top 250 players. Most of the people that watch these articles aren't subbed, and I post articles like this every single day. You don't miss the best-class setups.

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Ram 9 setup

So to kick things off, we're going to be talking about the ram 9; the ram 9 is the new SMG that you guys can unlock through the battle pass that was just released with the season 2 update.

amr 9

The Ram 9 is a very fast-firing, very mobile gun. It feels exactly like the Ram 7, except it's basically made for a little bit more speed and, of course, has that SMG kind of feel. The first thing we're going to be adding to this class setup is the Hunker 5 stock pad. This is going to significantly help with our recoil control.

The gun has pretty good movement already, so we don't really need to worry about adding any sort of ultralight or no stock attachment to this, which is why we're using the Hunker stock pad over the HS. Even though they do pretty similar things, the hunker doesn't slow down your movement speed, whereas the hvs does slow down your movement speed and your sprint speed.

For the rear grip, we're going to be using the retort, 90-grip tape. This is also going to help with our recoil control and our overall gun kick control, allowing us to have a very smooth recoil pattern due to the gun kick control and less recoil because of the recoil control. Next off, we are going to need a bigger magazine on this gun just because this gun shoots insanely fast, basically the baby Ram 7 with a bunch of added SMG qualities, so just like we needed it on the Ram 7, we're going to need it also on the Ram 9g.

amr 9 ranked

I don't notice a huge difference when it comes to the movement and ad speed. I know it says it does a lot; it only slows down your movement speed by about 2 to 5%, depending on the stats and that ad speed. I know it looks very daunting at 133%. Slower ads speed that's really not that much it's only like 20 or 30 milliseconds just because this gun AIMS in so quickly already and I promise you guys you really won't notice it our fourth attach I'm going to be chucking on the Z 35, compensated, flash hider the reason we're going to be using this is because this is going to also help keep us off that mini map by significantly reducing the amount of timer on the mini map when we fire this isn't going to completely hide you from the mini map using this because it gives that shorter ping bonus and on top of that a bunch of recoil control we're going to get a lot of vertical recoil control and we're going to get a lot of horizontal recoil control so it's pretty much a recoil muzzle, with like a little bit of like the effects of a suppressor It's pretty dope and then lastly for our under barrel I've seen a lot of people use different under barrels for this but for me personally.

amr 9 ranked class

I find that my favorite under Barrel is the ftac. MSP 98, the reason that I use this as opposed to the Dr. 6 Or the edge which by the way if you a preference for one of those you can 100% use I just like the ftac because it gives the vertical recoil control and it's going to give us a little bit extra movement speed now I know it says it's going to add horizontal recoil to our gun but this gun doesn't have much horizontal recoil anyway and because of the other recoil attachments we added a little bit extra horizontal recoil is literally not going to be noticeable, that's the ram 9 and overall with my experience in the rank play games that I've had I think this is one of the best SMGs if not the best SMG right now let's go ahead and just jump right into the HRM all right so for the HRM, just like that Ram 9 I just kind of spoke about we are going to need extra ammo on this gun because it just shoots insanely, fast I'm going to use again that 50 round mag because the attachments we're going to add to this are going to make up for it you're not going to really notice that huge sod on it says that you get for the rear grip we're going to Chuck on the PCS.

Hrm 9 class

Hrm 9 class

90 assault grip. The reason we're using this is because it's going to give us a little bit extra recoil control, and on top of that, the cons that we get are just a little bit less aiming stability. Something that most people are literally, never going to notice so you're getting basically all of this recoil control for pretty much nothing next off for our third attachment we're going to be using the folding stock I've seen some people use the hatchet light stock and I know that I've personally uploaded the no stock class setup for multiplayer, and pubs on war zone but to be honest with you guys those aren't really practical when it comes to a ranked play setting where literally every single bullet you shoot counts so you want to have the lowest recoil, possible without totally torching the movement so that is why we're going to be chucking on again that folding stock we're getting all of this crazy recoil control just for 4%.

amr 9 setup

Slower ads speed next off, for the muzzle, we're also going to be using that Z muzzle that I was just talking about for the Ram 9, and we're going to again be using this for the exact same reasons. It does the exact same thing on this, so I don't want to spend too much time talking about it, but you get a little bit of extra recoil control, and it's going to help keep you off that mini map, and then lastly, for our fifth attachment.

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