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In today's article, I'm going to show you guys the best loadouts to use after today's balancing update. I'll get back to you guys as soon as possible. I literally read replies to every single one. To start off the article. I'm going to talk about the best SMGs you guys should all be using and kind of where the retti falls in with the HRM and some of the other guns like the Sher Knight, and then after that, we'll revisit the AR meta, where I'll show you guys the best setups for that too.

1st smg

Now for the first SMG we're going to be talking about in this article, we're going to be talking about HRM. Like I kind of hinted at the start of the article, there was a retti Nerf that happened. I think what 10 hours ago now really recently and it basically made the Redi have close to the same time to kill as the hm9, so they're both pretty similar, however the ret has way worse movement a little bit more recoil and it doesn't have that range and smooth feel that the HRM does and so in my honest opinion I think you should switch off the retti to the HRM if you really like using the retti you can definitely still get away with using it, and this is the class setup you should use if you're trying to use the retti; however, the retti doesn't have that super broken 100 plus millisecond, faster than every other gun in the game time to kill anymore; it's still viable; it's still part of the meta, but it's nowhere, near is broken, and you will lose some gunfights to other subs.

3rd smg

3rd smg

Speaking of other SMGs, we're also going to be touching on striker 9. The striker 9 also has a very similar time to kill now to both the HRM and that ret conversion kit after the Nerf, and now the reason people are starting to use this over that HRM. Because the striker 9 has way better movement, the gun still maintains that really low recoil, and it kind of feels like it has pretty good damage range with my class setup now.

To kind of explain this class setup and why I'm using what I'm using, it's kind of a weird one. I know some people like to put on the no-stock attachment for this. I don't think no stock is worth it on this gun, and you can have a class setup that still moves very quickly but doesn't have the no stock attachment, which adds a ton of recoil.

hrm 9 3

I'm going to actually go through and explain the attachments on this a little bit since this is a gun that not a lot of people use the other two. I'd be wasting your time, I think, at that point, so for this first attachment on this, we're going to use the sack and ZX rear grip for a little bit of extra recoil control.

For the gun kit control, we're also getting a lot of firing aim stability, which is a really helpful bonus that we get when we use this that you don't actually see on the stats. The gun already has pretty low recoil, and so this is pretty much the only recoil attached you need on the gun, and it's not going to affect your ads or anything like that at all.

A 50-round mag is needed because of the very fastest fire rate. We're going to use an edge stop for the underbarrel because it's going to help so much with that movement speed and speed spr to fire speed there underbarrel. You guys could potentially be using one of the first three; it kind of depends on your preference.

hrm-9 3

Like I said, the striker has great movement, and so I'm going to use the movement-focused underbarrel as the XRK. If you want a little bit more recoil control, you can use the ftac, and if you want faster ad speed and don't really care as much about the movement speed, use the R6. I'm going to be using the XRC, though, so I can get that crazy movement with the guns.

Just way more fun to use when you have that crazy movement for the modzz. We're going to be talking about the Zen compensative flashhider; it's pretty much the same on every SMG. Great recoil control kind of keeps you off the mini map a little bit because it removes the Ping as soon as you stop shooting; it does all that just for 5% slow of ads, which on this gun because it's so quick is pretty much nothing, and then for the barrel, we're going to be chucking on the striker.

Stubby Barrel. This is going to help boost our Sprint fire time ad speed and our aim walking speed. To kind of help with the general movement qualities, make the gun feel really buttery smooth and really quick. I know it does torch your bull velocity and your damage range on this, but to be honest with you guys, 10 meters of damage range is still very, very good for the subs.

You will notice the will of velocity if you're trying to map people really far away, so if you're trying to find that sniper support sub, it's not this, but in those really up-close gunfights, you probably won't notice 400 m per second full velocity. I mean, just look at those crazy movement bonuses and ad bonuses you get too, which make up for the muzzle that we added anyway.

That's the striker, N9. I'm also boosting the war zone rank account, so if you guys want me to log on to your war zone account on stream show task manager and help boost your war zone rank, make sure you join the rank Discord.

1st ar

1st ar

All right guys, for the ARs, let's just dive right in. I think the best primary is still going to be that SOA subverter.

Now I know that some people do like to use this Brew heavy grip; that's why I have it on here, but I just want to tell you guys and give a quick mention to a different attachment and different setup that I think is more useful here. You know this attachment may have a good amount of recoil control bonuses when you use the rear grip instead.

PCS, 90 assault grip, you're going to not only get better recoil bonuses because it's 7%, but in both the horizontal and vertical directions, you're going to get the same recoil gun kit control. You're also going to get a hidden stat, firing aim stability, so you're going to see a lot more benefits.

ram 7 3

You're going to feel a lot more benefits from using this over that brew and heavy grip, so if you're using that, make sure you switch that out to the rear grip gun, which still has over 100 milliseconds, a faster time to kill in the ram. It's by far the fastest killing primary that has pretty low recoil, and it's usable from far away on the controller.

The gun's even easier to use. I mean, let's be honest, now the assist does definitely help on this gun if you're looking for alternatives. For this gun, though, maybe you don't like the SOA's side-to-side recoil. It definitely takes some time to get used to; it's taking me about a week to get fully used to the gun.

2nd ar

It's very weird , and you can definitely still get away with using the ram 7, even though I've seen a lot of top 250 players, especially in rank play, still using the ram 7, it's still a very good gun despite it having a slower time to kill; it's kind of like that kilo, argument, you know, those of you guys that remember the kilo back in the day; it was such a low recoil.

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