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YouTube In today's article, I'm going to be showing you guys the top five class setups that you can be using in war zone rank to take you from whatever rank you are up to iridescent. These class setups that I'm going to be talking about in today's article have helped me get to Iridescent on two different accounts now.

If you guys don't believe me, I've been streaming on them every single day. You guys can come check out Twitch if you want before I jump into these classes. Stay big on all of your purchases. Now enough for me, Ramble Let's go and just jump right into the first class. The way that I've kind of broken down today's article, I want to talk about the primaries, You can be using them first, and then I'm going to show you guys the best secondary loadouts you can be using.

hrm 9

I'm not going to talk about the snipers. If you guys are looking for a sniper, this is not the article for you. I think sniping is really unrealistic. When it comes to at least a resurgence, kind of mode for the big map, it works, but for ranked resurgence, it just doesn't give anywhere near the amount of Sr that using an AR does, so Let's start this off by talking about the ARs and the best primers you could be using in war zone rank.

Primary #1 - mtz 762

So for the first gun, we're going to be talking about the MTZ 762. The MTZ 762 is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, guns right now. The reason for that is because it has the fastest time to kill out of the most viable ARS or primers you could be using right now, although it does have a pretty good chunk of recoil.

I'm going to kind of go through these classes pretty quickly, so if you guys want to see a full breakdown of every single setup, make sure you check out my individual articles. I've made individual articles on all of this where I talk about the class setup and why I use what I use for several minutes.

hrm 9 ranked

First, we're going to use the Coro Eagle Eye. We're going to combine that with the close-quarter stock. The reason we're using this stock is because it gives the best recoil control compared to the others. We're going to have to use the 30-run mag because this gun doesn't have a whole lot of ammo.

And for the barrel, we're going to shoot on the Precision Blackb Barrel; this is going to boost our bullet velocity and our range the most compared to the other barrels, and the cool thing about this barrel is we're getting all of those bonuses just for a lot less hip fire, which we're never going to use on this gun anyway.

For the fifth attachment, we're going to be using the Cassis break. L muzzle don't use the Jack BFB; they significantly negate this by making it have way less bullet velocity. It also doesn't control recoil as well as it used to before. Nerf, those two things kind of combined make this attachment not worth using if you guys are not a fan of the cass's break or maybe you struggle a little bit with vertical recoil because CIS break only does horizontal recoil.

mtz 762

If you guys struggle a little bit with that, you can chuck on the Zen compensated. Flash hider I have seen some builds with this; I have also used this too, and this attachment is going to help more with the vertical recoil, and it's going to give a little bit for that. On recoil, you are going to lose bullet velocity on your gun by using this, making it a little bit harder to hit people from far away.

It's also going to improve your ad speed, but if you use this attachment, you will have a lot better vertical recoil and control, and then, just as an added bonus, this gun If you guys do like using the iron sights, the best class setup that I've seen with the iron sights is still with that cass as breake muscle, and you either want to Chuck on the brew and heavy under Barrel just for a lot more that horizontal recoil control back, or if you're worried about it slowing down your adsb too much, you can instead opt for using the rear grip, which is going to help you recoil on both the horizontal and vertical directions.

Just nowhere near as much in that horizontal direction. The nice thing about the rear grip is that it doesn't slow down your ad speed at all, so You' be getting recoil control without further slowing down your ad speed. Those are the three most popular MTZ setups to use; make sure you're using the 762, not the 5.56. The 762 is the battle rifle version; I know they just buffed the 556, but it's still not that great.

Primary #2 - ram 7

Primary #2 - ram 7

Next up, we're going to be talking about the Ram 7 for the primaries. I think between the MTZ 762 and the Ram M 7, those are the two main primaries you should be using. I will give a quick mention of a third one that some people really like still; it doesn't kill anywhere near as fast or have the mobility that the MPC and the Ram 7 do.

For this Ram 7 setup, we're going to be chucking on the hvs, 3.4. Pad stock; it's going to help our recoil control the most; it's not going to slow down our ad speed; we do need to be using the 60-round mag on this gun; it doesn't kill as fast as the MTZ, but it also shoots way faster than the MTZ, so we're going to need as much ammo as possible on this setup.

mtz 762 3

The cool thing about this, though, is that being able to have the 60-round drum on it means it's going to allow you to get assists on people you normally wouldn't with that m TC, which is why I like the ram 7 over that MTZ. I finally get way more assists on top of the kills I would already get, and so it actually results in me getting more senior using this over the MTZ.

Despite it killing slower, the third attachment we're going to be using is the Cronin headwind long barrel, the same thing as the MTZ. It's going to give us bull velocity and damage range, but it's going to only torch our hip-fire accuracy, something we're never to use, resulting in us getting these Pros for nothing.

For our fourth attachment, we're going to run the Brewing Heavy under Barrel classes on these ARS, which look super similar, and then you also have that same option as the MTZ: using either the cast as a break muzzle or the Zen compensated flash hider. The cast break is going to speed up your ads a good bit still.

mtz 762 ranked

That's going to remove all horizontal recoil, meaning you just have to pull down your gun a little bit. We can opt for the Zen-compensated flash hider, which is just going to reduce a little bit of the horizontal recoil and almost fully remove the vertical recoil. I opt for the Zen compensated on this and know it slows down your blet velocity a little bit and your ad speed, but it does actually aim in a hinge bit faster than the Cassis break, and the Ram 7's recoil is mainly vertical anyway, so I think using the compensated flash hider is much easier to control, and it just feels overall more consistent than using the cassis.

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