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It is the best 95 War Zone player on your timeline. In today's article, we take a look over the top five loadouts in War Zone and War Zone rank. If you're looking for the best class setups, this is the article to watch. I'm going to be showcasing all of the attachments on these weapons and the benefits of each attachment, so make sure you stick around until the end of the article.

Also, don't forget to drop a big thumbs up. Drop a sub on the channel. Turn on post notifications so you guys don't miss out on the daily war zone content. Let's hop straight into the class setup, starting off with the first weapon and the best weapon for those long-range engagements. And what everyone is really using in these rank game modes is going to be the MTZ 762, and it is a battle rifle.

Hoping into the first attachment for this weapon, we're going to go ahead and toss on a muzzle on it. We're putting on the cus break, all right. This is giving us horizontal recoil control and firing aiming stability while firing this thing, and if you check the stats on this thing, we're going to see that it increases horizontal recoil control by about 18%.


And since it is a battle rifle, we definitely need that recoil control for the barrel of the weapon. We're going to go ahead and toss on the MTZ Precision Blackthorn Barrel. This is increasing our bull velocity range, aiming ideal sway, and aiming stability, so not only is it increasing the range on the weapon, it's increasing The recoil control Checking the stats, we're going to see that the range does actually increase by about 25% for both the effective, maximum, and minimum damage ranges, and about 30% for that bullet velocity for those long range engagements for the magazine you guys want to go ahead and toss on the 30r mag.

I wish this thing had like 50 bullets; we definitely do need it, but the 30-round mag is a must on this thing. Going ahead with the rear grip, we're putting on the MTZ Factory rear grip. This is increasing our gun kit control, recoil control, and firing aiming stability on the weapon, and if we go ahead and check out the stats, we're going to see a recoil control increase for the gun kick control by about 10%.

best class setup

And if you guys don't know what gun kick control is because I will be talking about it throughout the article, it is how predictable your recoil pattern becomes. The more gun-kick control you have on the weapon, the easier and more predictable The recoil is going to be going on, and we're going to see there's an increase of about 7% for both the horizontal and vertical for this rear grip, and lastly, for the final attachment we're putting on the MCW.

Blackjack this is going to increase our firing aiming stability, aiming for ideal sway on the weapon. Checking the stats on this thing, we're going to see that it just takes away from mobility just a little bit, but it does actually help us with the recoil control, even though it doesn't say it does help us, and it does increase the accuracy on the weapon.

best loadouts after update

This is the build for the MTZ. As you guys could see, this thing does have damage and it absolutely fries, but let's hop into the second loadout, moving into my favorite SMG. we're going to go ahead and toss on the HRM 9, this is definitely the best SMG in the game for those close range engagements so let's go ahead and toss on a build for this thing for the muzzle we are going to start off putting on a Zam compensated flash hider this is the best muzzle to use on this weapon because it's going to help with the recoil control, whether that's vertical horizontal and just help us with that firing aiming stability, going ahead and checking the stats on this thing we're going to see that it does increase recoil by about 15% for the vertical and 5% for the horizontal.

And I know a lot of you guys are going to be like, Why do you need recoil control for an SMG? It's a close-range gun. Well, I do enjoy this build because it is very mobile; you can use it for those closer engagements for the underbarrel. I want you guys to go ahead and toss on the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop.

best ranked resurgence loadout

The reason we have this one on is because it is not only going to help us with the movement speed of the weapon, but it's also going to help us with the recoil control, so we're getting the best of both worlds. What a lot of people used to use was the DR6 hand stop, and if you guys see the pros on this thing, you are going to see that it only increases mobility on the weapon, so we're going to go ahead and toss on the FTAC one, and we're going to see an increase in both recoil.

For the gun kit control, vertical recoil control by about 7%, and also that weapon. Mobility, for the magazine. Go ahead and toss the 50-round mag on this thing for the rear grip. Go ahead and toss on the PCS. 90 assault grip is helping us with the gun kick control and recoil control on the weapon.

Checking the stats on this thing, we're going to see about a 10% increase for the gun kit control and 7% for both the horizontal and vertical for the last attachment. Go ahead and toss on the folding stock on this thing, which is helping us with the recoil control. Checking the stats on it, we're going to see that it increases by about 14%.

bp 50 best class

For horizontal and vertical recoil control, gun kick control is about 9%. As I said, this SMG is something special. This thing does do the damage, and this build that I have is This thing has absolutely no recoil; it's so easy to control, so make sure to give it a try. The third loadout we are tossing on the R-7 assault rifle This is definitely the second-best long-range weapon to use in the game, in my opinion, after the MTZ 762 that I showcased.

But this thing has damage; it has mobility, and it has a lot of ammo, so that's what the advantage is. Let's go ahead and toss Hun a build for the muzzle. You could go ahead and use two things here. You could either use the Zam-compensated flash hider or the costus break as the muzzle. It kind of depends on whether you want more horizontal recoil control or more vertical recoil control for the barrel.

We're using the Cronin headwind long barrel, which increases bull velocity damage range, increases aiming idle sway on the weapon, and also increases aiming firing stability. We're going to go ahead and check on the stats to see how much the increase in range is. We see about a 21% increase in both damage ranges for the effective and minimum, and bull velocity is about 26%.

hrm 9

This attachment is right here. The underbarrel is going to be the bread and butter of this weapon. Load out, man. All right, we're putting on the Bruin heavy support grip, which helps us with gun kick control, aiming idle sway, horizontal reco control, and firing aiming stability. This thing, the Ram 7, does have a pretty big kick to it, which is why we're putting a lot of attachments that help with the recoil control on the weapon.

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