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I'm going to be showing you guys the top five loadouts that you should be using right now in Resurgence and War Zone. Kick things off, let's go ahead and show the fastest time to kill ARs and the fastest time to kill SMGs, and now the reason I'm showing you guys these charts is because if you guys just want the fastest time to kill guns, you're going to be able to see at the bottom of the article each gun highlighted in its own section so you can go right to that fast killing gun or whatever gun you want to use.

Bp50 conversion kit (first smg / secondary)

From this chart All right, so to kick these off, we're going to start with the SMGs, and the BP50 normally isn't an SMG. However, this is now the fastest time to kill guns up close with this new conversion kit that they just added for this week's challenges. This conversion turns the BB50 into an actual SMG with a very fast fire rate, very low recoil, great movement, and a very fast ad speed.


If you get chest shots with this gun, the time to kill comes out to around 610 milliseconds, which is 2 milliseconds faster than that HRM and a decent bit faster than that strike grenade. If you guys haven't leveled this out and tried it out yet, I highly recommend you do so because it is currently the fastest game.

Right now, it does use AR armor, though, so that's definitely a reason to want to use one of the other subs.

Striker 9

I'm about to talk about G number two. We're going to be talking about striker 9. Now the striker 9 does kill 30 milliseconds, slower than that BP50. However, the movement on the striker 9, at 100%, makes up for it being a very easy gun to use, and it has very low recoil.

For the class setup, we're going to be using the SAG and grip for recoil and the 50-round jump for the Fast Fire rate because we don't want to run out of bullets in the middle of a gunfight. X Arc is for a little bit extra M speed is then compensated, keeps off the mini map and helps us get a little bit more recoil control, and the barrel is going to help us to have faster ad speed and better fire speed, allowing us to get the first bullet off in gunfights.

Hrm 9

Hrm 9

This is the third fastest kill-kill SMG in the game right now, but it's definitely still part of the meta because of the incredible qualities and how fast the gun is, and then for the third SMG I want to talk about in today's article before I jump into the ARs and the primary guns, this is the best HRM setup to use after the most recent update.

It's still pretty much the exact same HRM that everybody has been using for the last month or so, except for the fact that I take off the ammo type of the HRA ammo and use the thorn 90 barrel. The Thorn 90 barrel is much more beneficial because you're going to notice some of these bonuses you get pretty much every single gunfight.

For example, the Sprint speed you get and the ad speed you get, you're going to notice those in pretty much every single gunfight, whereas that high Grand ammo type only benefits you in like a 1 M range, which is from 11 M to 13 M, so in the grand scheme things, that 2 m distance is the only time you're actually going to be seeing benefit from high grain, so you're going to notice those benefits, way less compared to again that 490.

Barrel, the rest of the class is exactly the same. All right, that's all the subs. I want to talk about the main three meta-SMGs that you guys need to know or be aware of. The best sugar-free energy formula on the market right now. They've got hundreds of different flavors that you can try, so I know they have something that you'll love.

Sva 545 (first ar / primary)

Sva 545 (first ar / primary)

Big, all right. So to kick off the ARs, I want to start by talking about SBA 545. And there are a couple of different classes for this. I'm going to give you guys this class setup: sort of people who prefer to use a 2.5-Zoom to have that kind of longer-range optic on the guns. Long story short, this build maximizes the gun for damage range, and then in tap-fire mode, you get basically zero recoil on the gun.

I do want to talk about one more setup for this because that setup is really good. This setup using a low zoom optic allows you to kind of get away with a little bit more of the recoil, especially with this gun in particular since we're using it in tapire mode. Adding the low Zoom optic really does make this gun feel like it has zero recoil, and it allows us to add attachments that actually hit harder from far away, while the other class setup may be a little bit easier to use at long ranges because of that really big Zoom optic we had on it.

This class setup is actually going to technically kill faster and hit harder again if you do have that preference for that 2.5x. Optic, just go ahead and use the first setup, and I do think that this class setup right here on screen is better. This is also the perfect time to remind you guys of the time to kill charts with the SBA, being pretty much neck and neck with that Ram 7, which actually takes you to the updated class set up for the Ram 7 , in which we're going to be using the Cass as break, the Cronin head long barrel, the Brun heavy sport grip 60 round jump, and the HPS, 3.4.

Ram 7

Ram 7

Pad class setup is maximized for damage range and recoil control; that way, we get that really nice no recoil feel that this gun and the, both have while they've nerfed the ram 7 in the last couple of updates. The gun still remains a meta AR just because of its great easy use in really low recoil it's kind of like the kilo from back in the day has a really fast fire rate really low recoil so it's going to be hard to kind of kick out of that meta because of its incredible consistent deal.

Soa subverter

The ram 7 and the s that I just talked about will lose gunfights to one AR, which actually brings me to the last primary in today's article, the so8 subur, and to be honest with you guys, it's pretty much the exact same idea as the ram 7even except we're not using an underbarrel, we're using the rear grip.

The rear grip controls more recoil than the underbarrel in this gun. Overall, without getting too nerdy into the stats, it's a lot better and a lot more stable, but we basically maximize the damage range, making sure we hit the hardest of our way and having the least recoil. This gun kills significantly.

faster if we look at that chart again for the ARs than all of the other primaries. It's kind of similar to the aax, back in the day, and the sort of sense of it having a very fast time to kill; however, it is definitely a little bit harder to use from far away. This gun has a really annoying side-to-side sway or horizontal recoil, and that's one of the main reasons people don't like using it and opt for something like that sbaa or that RAM 7even.



And that's pretty much everything you guys need to know about the best ARs and SMGs in the war zone right now.

I get back to literally every single comment, as always. I really appreciate it. I'll catch you guys in the next

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