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Range & ttk comparison

Range & ttk comparison

Now it's time to move into the SMG category, and we're going to be doing exactly the same thing, so without further ado, let's just dive right into the breakdown here, and we're going to compare the ranges and time to kill values of the Modern Warfare 2 SMGs. And I know there's a ton of information here.

Feel free to take a screenshot of this just so you can review it a little bit more because you'll probably need more time to look at it if you want to look at all the details, but the first thing I'm going to do here is I'm going to take the average time to kill of Modern Warfare 3 SMG since that's kind of what we're comparing these two, which is sort of the baseline.

Which is 270 milliseconds, and anything better than 270 milliseconds up close. I'm going to highlight it in green here, so this will involve the lockman shroud, the ISO 45, the PDSW 528, and the Vel 46. Those are going to be the Modern Warfare 2 SMGs with what I'd consider to be a standout time to kill, but just because a gun isn't highlighted in green here doesn't mean it's terrible, especially when you start factoring in the range values as well, like the bass P, for instance, 276.

Milliseconds to kill is still a very solid competitive time to kill for an SMG, and that range extends out far better than those four SMGs that are highlighted, as well as something like the Lochman sub. This one recently saw some buffs in its ranges, and while 300 milliseconds to kill is not a great time to kill for an SMG right up close and personal, the fact that stretches out beyond 20 m is pretty impressive, and that actually makes a lockman sub a very viable choice despite the fact that it's not killing very quickly, so there are definitely a lot of things to consider when looking at this, but there's your chart so you guys can compare those.

Recoil comparison

Recoil comparison

Now let's get into our recoil comparison. Of course this is without any attachments, and for any of the SMGs that have a noticeably larger magazine capacity than 30 rounds, so I'm talking 40 rounds, and up what I did here is I only shot 30 rounds per recoil plot, just so it's a bit more of an Apples to Apples comparison, for the SMGs that fire like 32 or 33 rounds.

I just fired the entire magazine for those ones, but with this, you can see many of these SMGs have a lot of bounciness, a lot of side-to-side bounce, and a lot of zigzags as well. Just like with the Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles. I would say you really want to try to focus on getting that firing aim stability under control, so that's often a really good place to be looking for if you're trying to improve your recoil.

But some guns need it a little bit more than others, and again, if you guys want to take a screenshot of this, feel free, because we're just going to be moving right on into my favorite attachment combinations to use with my favorite Modern Warfare 2 SMGs to use.

Mwiii smgs are generally better

and just a quick note on this: generally speaking, you are going to be better off with Modern Warfare 3 SMGs, just like with assault rifles.

honestly, just like with any one of the weapon categories, in general they tried to make the Modern Warfare 3 guns at least a little bit better than the Modern Warfare 2 ones in saying that, though now that we're getting a bit further into the life cycle, many people have Interstellar camo already on all their Modern Warfare 3 guns, and people are just looking to branch into other things that they haven't been using in this game.

That's kind of what this article is designed for, and the guns and class setups that I narrowed down here should be at least pretty competitive with the Modern Warfare 3 SMGs. Not necessarily better, but competitive.

Pdsw 528 setup

Pdsw 528 setup

and let's kick this off with my PDSW class setup. With this one, we're using the shadow strike suppressor since I really like staying off the radar when using this gun. We've got the 1 M Artemis laser, which helps with our aiming stability, which can be nice, especially since there's no downside to using this.

The hollow extended stock, the ftac h86, the Che Crest, and then finally, the stip 40 rear grip, which is going to help with recoil control a bit. Speaking of recoil control, this is definitely not going to be the most accurate gun out there, but it's at least reasonable if you're keeping yourself within close to somewhat medium ranges.

This isn't the type of setup where I'm going to try stretching beyond its effective ranges, though, and with this, our aim-down sight speed is actually exactly the same as the base at 240 milliseconds. Our sprint-out time is very slightly slower than the base, but it's practically negligible. And something I really like about this setup is that my aim walking speed is very solid, at 3.6 m/s, so you can strafe in gunfights really effectively, and that's something you definitely want to try to take advantage of while using the PDSW.

And just a reminder, this is one of the Modern Warfare 2 SMGs that kills faster than average for Modern Warfare 3 SMGs at 264 milliseconds up close, so as long as you keep yourself up close and personal, you should be very competitive with this gun. Just know that it's not really going to be great if you start stretching your ranges out.

Lachmann sub setup

Lachmann sub setup

So that's the first one. Now let's get into the Lockman sub. I did want to share a class setup with this, especially since we saw some recent buffs to our range values, and they were pretty noticeable buffs as well.

So with the setup that I like using. I've got the L4R, a flash hider for recoil control without hurting our aim-down sight speed too much, the FTAC SP10 angled grip for horizontal recoil, and the 1 M quickfire laser for a bit of an improvement to our aim-down sight. Speed without having a visible laser, we have the Lochman TCG1 rear grip, and then finally the 40-round magazine, just because I like having a little bit of extra ammo and the barrels and stocks are just not very good on this.

cod mwiii

I really like the iron sights on these Lockman subs, so I don't want to use an optic, and with this setup, you can see we basically eliminated our horizontal recoil, which is one of the problems with the Lockman sub if you aren't using attachments, so that's great. However, it is worth noting that you still may get a bit of a jump after the first two or three shots that you fire; it will often jump upward pretty drastically.

Modern Warfare II Guns in MWIII launched in a pretty weak state but over time we've seen more and more buffs to bring them in line so today, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite MWII SMGs setups to use in MWIII.
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