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Today we are looking at the best meta loadouts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I'm leading things off today with my personal favorites, the bass B and the wsp Swarm, whether it's long range or short range. This is the loadout that you guys need to take your game to the next level, jumping right into things for the muzzle.

I use the V-7 Spitfire suppressor for its recoil control and extended damage at a distance. It also helps conceal your gunfire. In the heat of the moment and to stay undetected by the radar campers that are just waiting for you to shoot, for the barrel. I like using a brewing and Venom long barrel as it adds in recoil, especially when shooting at long ranges, which helps deliver that extra punch you need when you're shooting your enemies at 30 to 40 M.

Plus, the optics on this gun honestly don't matter. I mean, you guys do what's comfortable for you. I like using a and a half times Eagle Eye because it allows you to see opponents over 100 meters away and still have enough precision and accuracy while maintaining ad speeds up close. Engagements, when it comes to the stock.


I run a ravage 20 heavy stock, and the reason why is because of the aiming stability with this equipped recoil at all, but it also helps with movement, allowing you to escape those sticky situations. If you need to get out and bounce, you know that's no problem. Lastly, for bass B, is the magazine.

I run a 45-round magazine. Why don't you run a 30-round mag for ads and reloading speed? agree with you all, but having those extra bullets and those outnumbered fights when your teammate can't quite get to you or leaves you alone to defend for yourself can really be a game changer for you guys. Now moving into the secondary for this class, this one, folks, is arguably the best SMG to ever be in Call of Duty, and that is the WSPS Swarm.

It's an ultra-light, compact, extremely maneuverable, fast-fire SMG, and it is an absolute beast up close. Engagements start with the barrel. The wsp Reckless 90-long barrel is for added increase in range but also for recoil control, allowing you to hit targets that might not be inside the intended SMG.


With recoil in mind, we move on to the stock, and for this. I use the FSS Fortress head heavy stock as it adds a pretty significant amount of help in the recoil, department, holding the gun almost completely steady while shooting at an enemy is key when you're trying to survive in war, zone, leaving The Recoil control there would do just fine but when you add in the wsp, hark rubber rear grip for Flinch resistance and idle sway, again adding another good chunk to your accuracy are we are not even done there we move on to the under Barrel where I like to use the SLK skeletal vertical grip for its added assistance and keeping this gun zero recoil also adding your movement speed and also ads speed, finishing this class off I use the 100 round Meg for its extended efficiency and action having those 100 bullets makes wiping teams even easier than it's ever been, moving on to Loadout number two we have the poont.


762, let me tell you this thing is unmatched when it comes to damage per bullet and the time it takes to kill an entire Squad I'm telling you sit up there with an lmg, the squads just run all right, for the muzzle again I'm using the vt7 Spitfire for the radar protection and the damage at range, the optic again guys run with you're comfortable with I can't tell you what to run I just tell you what I like running and again I'm running that 2.5 time scope it is perfect for what I need to the underbarrel here I use the Brewing heavy support grip it helps with vertical recoil aim stability but also helps keep the gun kick to a.

Minimum, now to the part that makes this gun so OP, and that is the conversion kit. It adds a massive boost to handling and mobility speed while also increasing the fire rate to help you have the fastest time to kill in all the Once you unlock that conversion kit, you also unlock different stocks that you couldn't see before.

The one I like using is the Commando D15 recoil reduction pad, which adds overall stability to the gun while also making the gun have no recoil even at long ranges. It doesn't matter if you're on PC or console; this gun is an absolute beaming machine to pair up a secondary to the Beast of an LMG that you've created, and in my opinion, the perfect match for this is the WSP 9.

What this gun lacks in fire rate, it definitely makes up for with range and damage, leaving those short- to medium-range fights open for you. Taking for the muzzle, I run the monolithic suppressor; it helps with vertical and horizontal recoil but also keeps you undetected by the radar for under Barrel.

I run the XRK Edge BW4 hand stop; it adds a decent amount of movement speed. Crouch movement speed while also making your ads and sprint to fire speed, Faster for Meg I run a 50-round mag. I'll give it a go and let you guys know what I mean. Think about the rear grip. I run the WSP TAC 20 grip, and while it adds a small amount to recoil, it gives you a 20% increase to your tactical stance spread, making you more accurate in those close engagements.

It also gives you a 12% boost to your sprint-to-fire speed for this SMG. I like running a laser. The VK lzr, 7 mw, laser is exactly what you need; it gives you an increase in ad speed while also giving you an increase in sprint to fire speed, making this class an up-close ad champion. I'm telling you guys, you're going to shred everything you come and counter.

For my final class, this one is more for a build for up-close action and medium-range rooftop fights leading things off. We have the Ram 7. The hype behind this gun is unreal, and I see tons of people pick up this gun and have the best match of their lives for the barrel. I'm running the Cronin headwind long barrel, and with a 21% increase to your damage range and a 25% bullet velocity increase, it makes it really hard to outrun this AR for the muzzle.

I'm running a ctis break; it helps with that horizontal recoil again, trying to get that recoil down to a zero recoil gun, and your kills will just skyrocket through the roof. For under Barrel, I run the brew and heavy support grip; it helps reduce that gun kick and reduces the horizontal recoil, leaving the gun even more steady than you had it.

Before, when you run the stock. I like running an hvs 3.4 PAD as it helps with recoil reduction and gun. Kick, for your Meg I run a 60-round mag; you guys run what you want to run; the 60-round is perfect for me for getting out of being third party if I have to, or if I got to go up against a 1v3, a 1v4, etc.

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