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And buy your squad mates back, which is what I would do, or you can sit here and try your best to loot for not only the reses but also the load out. I don't think they're going to have enough time to get enough money for the loot, so again, I'll just get my teammates back. I'd rather have four people in quads, rocking ground loot, than sit here running around by myself.

Also, we're a little split right now, so we are in a regain again; we're down, and they want to go to the buying station in Oldtown. I don't really know if this is a good idea, but I land there off rip because there is a stash here; there's going to be other players there as well, so let's see what they end up getting into, and they are still trying to get enough money for their loady.

Now, the thing that I'm worried about is that as we're splitting and Green is sitting here looting, there is an actual team here, and if there is. Sami is running into a 1v4 situation, and he could absolutely get blown away, although doors are closed and windows are not broken. All right, yellow did not get the memo; he's landing on the yellow, and blue did not get the memo; it's just a lack of communication, right?


Here, if they had Cal there going, we could have saved our money and gotten a UAV self-recess plate box, and here we are still. This is all right, UAV. Up, we've got green pushing into a building. Remember, this is quad, so when you're fighting in Oldtown or Lowtown, both of these areas are very camp-heavy, meaning not just the team you're fighting against but other teams as well.

See, I hate it all, right? The confusing thing about this is the fact that Pink went down right and we're still in Pursuit, and this is fine, but the problem is we're assuming this is the only player; he might not be the only player; if he had other teammates, and we just left our two squadmates, one to get the res and one that's down, and the other enemies ended up rushing him, they'd be in a real bad position, so sometimes when your teammates are down, guys stop the pursuit, play the situation at hand, and then continue on.

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I think we all get locked in on the kill that we want, and sometimes it costs our team there. I mean, it worked. I would have rather gotten a double kill just by pulling my trigger, but if you want to throw a stun by all means, I guess go ahead and do that. I'm kidding, doesn't that mean that was not the play at all, so Pink's running in after a fight?

Now that Pink's already gone down chasing a player he probably shouldn't have, let's go over there and see if he can win this fight or not, and he already has. Did, all right now, look when it comes to quads, duos, trios, and solos? I'll push in this all day when it comes to quads, though pushing into a building like this is wild.

I hate campers more than anybody on Earth, and I promise you this right now: I will try everything in my power to kill a camping team, but in quads, it's very hard for you guys to push in a building no matter how big or small, no matter the angle or how good you guys are. A four-stack of bots can still take out a four-stack of sweats depending on what corner they're watching, so be very careful when you guys push into buildings like that, especially by yourself.

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Green was absolutely out of pocket for that push. Highly questionable to say the least, and I don't think this team is complete trash; they're not. I just think again that they have a lot of separation in a game mode that requires you to be. You don't have to be stacked, but you have to play together.

You have to at least be picking the same fights. The moment Green pushed that fight, the entire squad should have y'all on the same page. That, man, he just stole the crap out of that kill all right again. This is the point here: We have enough money to buy a UAV. I would have everybody just come down here and throw up a UI one on the edge of circle two.

They have a counter in front of us. We know there's a team there, and again, because of the area we're in, I know there's going to be several teams. I want to get an idea of what the hell's around me before it's too late, so I would tell Blue to get his fat ass over here, drop me his [__] sack, and buy a UAV.

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And this is why as they're fighting one fight we've got people above us footsteps on the bridge, and again we're out of zone so if this guy Peaks Bridge Green's going to die, luckily he doesn't peek the there it is a little too late he got him and again that's why we want to UAV up right now if you guys have enough money you see this little number right here in the bottom left hand corner of the screen that's your overall total cash if you guys have enough for UAV and you're on the edge of the circle and you're in a bad spot you need to buy a UAV it should have been done a long time ago, and now we're being pushed enemies near us can blue hold out we need to get out of here brother.

I'm sick i love jail BRS, all right, so let's talk about rotation too. Because of these guys over here that we're flying to, I want to go observe the team that just killed us. They're going to have a hard rotation. They need to go ahead and zip and pre-rotate the [__] out of the zone. If they don't, they're going to die.

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They're going to die rotating out here in the open with no cover or concealment at all. It's going to be a death trap, especially if they play The Edge the whole time. So let's see if we can catch them. If I were them, I'd be pre-rotating, which is why I'm heading to the zip right now. We have smoke grenades over here.

We might just go see what's popping over here I'm moving on to this squad right here and again we talked about it earlier they're going to need to take the zip to get the hell out of here if you guys are in areas like this and you notice the Zone looks like this try your best to shoot the Zips down make the enemy's jobs a lot a lot harder, it's very rare we're playing a game and the Zips are getting shot down I don't want you shooting my Zips down but you need to be shooting Zips down don't let people like this rotate out because if you are gatekeeping you get some easy claps on players like this that over say they're welcome, but because lobbies don't like shooting Zips down for whatever damn reason they're able to escape, giving them a perfect opportunity again guys up here on this building should have done that is there a guy to our.

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Left i guess I do not know what that was, but honestly, it was good. Job by yellow, he noticed his teammates landing on the far side. We land on a close side, so while the enemies were distracted with him, we were able to basically shoot him in the back all right. The zone rotates away now and again.

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